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February Plan

One word-Divest… Attitude- Procrastination and panic leading to stress. Stuff- that encumbers and inhibits happiness.

Mantra- Rest, Recover, Resolve

Contemplate- “It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves” Carl Gustav Jung

February Plan

Step One- Proactive household maintenance- Hedge cutting, grass reseeding, window cleaning

Step Two- Divesting Stuff- focus on leftover and unwanted craft items, records and kichenalia… And pass it on to others if its of Good quality, or just throw it away.

Step Three – Each week take a 15 minute “Awe Walk”. No talking just let myself be filled with the awesomeness of my surroundings. The idea being that it reduces stress and promotes mental well being.

I had a caffeinated coffee after dinner last night. I didn’t sleep till 2 am. So now I know. Decaff and healthy breakfasts to continue.

So that’s the plan.. I review things every morning , write down actions, thoughts and feelings. I believe I will feel so much better after this year.


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  1. Going Batty in Wales said:

    Gosh you are really going with this ‘one word’ aren’t you! As I was reading about your ‘planned maintenance’ I remembered my Dad had a notebook in which he recorded when any big jobs were done on the house. If it was redecorating he listed how many rolls of wallpaper and how much paint was used plus whne it would probably need to be done again. Oh to be so organised!

  2. Well done. All sounds like an excellent plan.

  3. You’re doing so well.
    Divesting stuff is easy for me now I volunteer in a charity shop – the trouble is I also find it easy to acquire stuff too. The remedy is, every time I buy something new I have to get rid of something similar. For example, bring home a new vase, donate one I’ve not used for a while or fallen out of love with.
    I’ve found one of the infusions specially for restful sleep work quite well for me – not always but often enough for me to keep going with it. Clipper’s Organic Sleep Easy is the one I’ve been trying which contains chamomile, valerian and other such soporific ingredients. It even tastes quite nice.

    • One in one out is a Good idea, but one I rarely manage! I have an excess number of vases too, time for some of them to go too. Maybe I could find some sleep inducing drinks too, but I find most weird teas to be unpleasant. I know talking to people of a certain age that a lot of us find an 8 hour sleep a forgotten luxury.

  4. This sounds like a good and manageable plan. I need to follow your lead and have just a few things on my list at a time.

  5. A sound plan. Ouch, 2am. (Well–that experiment ran! Similarly, I had one with sugar over the weekend. Not a lot–just some sweet cream after a clean few weeks. But, boy, did I end up with a stomach ache! Our bodies–they tell us, don’t they?!)

  6. I like your plan for the Awe Walk. There are many religions that recommend something similar. You ‘walk in beauty’ or ‘take darshan’. I have a place not too far from where I am now where I practice this (https://wp.me/p3Wfbs-ZP). It restores the soul and refreshes you for another bout of grappling with the world and its problems. More strength to you, my friend.

    • Thanks Kate . I like the idea of walking in beauty. How Good to have a special place. I think I might try the Ridgeway First. Or a stone circle.

  7. I like the idea of the ‘Awe Walk’, it sounds quite therapeutic – I may very well ditch the dogs occasionally and try it myself 🙂

  8. Wishing you well with your plans – which are quite inspirational. January has been a long month for me, not only for getting over flu which came on on Christmas Eve but then as I recovered I have done practically nothing or noteworthy to be proud of!

  9. Go Cathy! 🙂 🙂
    I can’t drink caffeine in tea or coffee after 12 noon – if I do I can’t sleep til about 2am or later.

  10. Your Jung quote reminds me of one of my own favourite mantras (not sure where I got it from) ‘Attitude Changes Everything’.

  11. Excellent plan for February, Cathy! I especially love the Awe Walk plan! Oh my yes!

  12. I love all your ideas. Should take them all on board myself. Goo luck to you!

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