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Unraveled Wednesday

Or – Too Many WIPs

When will I learn to avoid starting three things at once. First of all there is the rabbit I mentioned last week- small amount of progress.

But then there was an appeal from the local hospital for fabric bonding squares, and small baby blankets. Oddly I have never knitted a baby blanket, but a bit of googling and I found a pattern and a bit of rummaging, and I found the necessary yarn in my stash for a rainy day- small amount of progress.

Followed by an appeal from church for poppies for remembrance Sunday, so I had to go shopping for red yarn, mine being all gone now after the blanket. I’m doing one a day, except for today when I did two as I was teaching crochet, rather badly I’m afraid… so small amount of progress. There are 11 of us at work and we do have till November- good to be part of another communal project.

Pattern for these from this website- https://www.purfylle.com/2017/09/fast-crochet-poppy.html

So quite a bit of yarny activity, just not much to show for it. These poppies have already gone to the organiser, so…

Meantime I’m still reading this

Nearly reached the half way mark- it’s 800+pages long. I don’t think I knew there was a rebellion in England after the death of Anne Boleyn, when some of the populace wanted to return to Catholicism and the Pope. Living and learning.

Once again I am joining with Kat and others here http://askatknits.com/2023/01/25/unraveled-wednesday-1-25-23/

I try to leave comments on all the blogs who participate, but I find many don’t accept comments from me and give me an error message. So apologies to anyone who thinks I’m ignoring them.

Now what shall I go and work on now I wonder?


Comments on: "Unraveled Wednesday" (29)

  1. I like the furry, fluffy rabbit yarn!

  2. You are so generous to be participating in these projects – the poppies are lovely, and I know the baby blanket will keep a little one warm and cozy 🙂

  3. I currently have three knitting WIP’s, 4 quilting WIP’s and a cross stitch WIP…and I’m not entirely sure how I managed that! Yours are all quite worthy!

    • Kathy you are officially my best friend, you are clearly a kindred spirit, only you finish so many too

      • I will gladly be your kindred spirit and best friend Cathy!!! I do well at finishing the small things, but those epic projects (like Orkney) do stymie me a bit. I am looking forward to having Girl #2’s wedding quilt finished this week. No wedding date in sight, yet I will be so happy to have it ready to go!

  4. The perennial problem of the handcrafter. There’s just too much yarn and fabric in the world to tempt us. Also, too many good books to distract us!

  5. I have all three Hillary Mantel books in the Wolf Hall trilogy sitting on my bookshelf to be read. Will get to them someday and look forward to hear how you like The Mirror & the Light. How wonderful you are to heed to those two calls – I know a baby will really love the baby blanket you are making 🙂

  6. Those poppies are just so cute! Thank you so much for linking to the pattern!

  7. Going Batty in Wales said:

    You are so generous with your time and skill doing all these thongs for other people. A bit of variety can be good – bored with one project you can pick up one of the others. And since they are ‘promised’ they will all get finished sometime soon.

  8. They are all small projects so you can be forgiven. I saw a funny saying once about finishing one of the wips before starting another- said no knitter ever😊

  9. ‘Too many wips’ – it could be a good epitaph for you, me and probably a lot of your other readers. We just can’t help ourselves 😉

  10. How kind of you to participate in these projects. The poppies are very sweet. My grandfather fought in World War One so poppies and the November 7 Armistice Day are near and dear to my heart. And who knows about the blog comments. Sometimes cyberspace is a mystery.

  11. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    How good you are to be doing blankets for babies. And i love the poppies

  12. Any progress, however small, is still progress. I like those poppies, they look lovely 🙂

  13. I find myself having more and more projects on the go! Those poppy flowers are so cute!

  14. claire93 said:

    I try to limit myself to one WIP per needlecraft, but your two knitting projects are totally different, so I’d say you’re allowed 2 knitting WIPs ^^

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