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Divest- The January Plan.

The aim- divest myself of negative thoughts and behaviours which cause stress- procrastination, over reaction and the ownership of excess stuff.

Objectives- Feel more confident and unencumbered.

Plan for January-

Aided by an excellent book called How to Stress Less, by Benjamin Bonetti, but with my own take on it, I hope to improve my reaction to unexpected events.

Step one – I will draw up a list of household maintenance for Winter/Spring , and contact relevant tradespeople. Before there is an emergency. My son who knows I am prone to what he calls catastrophising, even gave me a DIY book for Christmas. I may well not use it to Do It Myself, but I’ll be a better customer with it. So hopefully there will be fewer unexpected things.

Step two-, try to improve my mental health and well being, so that I am better able to deal with stressful things, and recover faster from them. Needless to say, this involves food, exercise and finding a happy place in my mind to go too to calm down.

I started to read this book in what to my mind, is an odd time between Christmas and New Year. I borrowed the book shortly after the soggy porch incident. It occured to me after some thought that I perceive December as being a difficult month. August is another one. Both have the extremes of weather and due to holidays an absence of tradespeople and family to call upon for help. Added to which we did once have an electrical problem on Christmas Day approximately 25 years ago which took out a major part of the houses wiring, and proved hard to get help for!

So I was already primed for panic and overreaction. Add to that dire warnings of power cuts ,expensive fuel, bad weather and flu and I was dunfor. Already somewhat over tired from too much fun and activity in the Autumn I hunkered down and hoped I could avoid spoiling Christmas with illness. I’ll be totally honest the boiler situation frightened me, and five days later having a wet porch pushed me into realising I had to do better. So to the library and this book.

And a little snippet on the radio about seasonal affective disorder. Now I don’t think for one minute I have this, but for certain sure hunkering down does include not going outside. So second step, which was actually the first step since I have already started is to include going for a daily walk and just get fresh air, and the feel of the elements on my face. After just three days I found myself working out when I could fit in going for a walk, looking at the forecast, because after the cold it ain’t half rained a lot. Not only that but feeling a bit twitchy until I went.

Step three- give up caffeine for a week and see if it improves sleep etc. Now I maintain that coffee doesn’t effect me, so this will be interesting.

Step four- Choose something to give to a charity shop, or craft destash table, or book free-library, or all three!

Step five- probably the most important one of all. Reflect on how I feel day by day, note if something happens how I cope, and have fun, enjoy using the things I keep, and show up here at the end of the month.

I think this is going to be interesting….


Comments on: "Divest- The January Plan." (38)

  1. Good luck with your challenge Cathy. I had not heard of the word divest until your posts. X

  2. What a wonderful way of looking at things you have.
    I face very similar issues and making lists helps, but then I have to have conversations with my inner rebellious child who just wants to go out and play!

  3. All sounds good and eminently sensible.

  4. I think you have a good plan. I find that getting outside for a walk is the best for my sense of well being. I am also returning to a bit of hand stitching every day to help slow my breath and my mind.

    • Hand stitching and walking are great ways to keep life in perspective. I am wondering if I should set myself to write lines like one did at school. I must not catastrophise!

  5. I think I have got laying awake at night going over and over problems down to a fine art! In my case it is not caffeine induced as I don’t drink coffee and only have decaff tea. I am lookng forward to your posts and hoping to learn some calming techniques!

    • I’m not expecting much to come from caffeine reduction as I used to stop drinking it when we went abroad and never noticed the lack.I really want to stop ignoring things which then resurface at bedtime!

  6. You have a great plan set out! Thinking about issues that might come up and putting a plan into motion to avoid them or deal with them if they do happen is just such a great way to stay ahead of things. I find I have much less stress when I plan ahead like that 🙂

  7. A soundly thought through and well constructed plan that references real life is much better than the platitudes of new years resolutions… which i’ve never been inclined to, however you have inspired me to give some thought to the tone of my upcoming year.

    • Thank you Dale. I was never good with resolutions. I know in my case that something is broken which only I can fix. Sink or swim!

  8. Catastrophising isn’t confined to your age or gender, sadly…. But I do think a well-equipped tool kit and some basic knowledge is something every woman should maintain. If you can use a hand mixer, you can use an electric screwdriver or drill. If you can handle an iron without injuring yourself, you can be trusted with power tools. This is basic logic. Just because you haven’t, doesn’t mean you can’t. Look back over the past couple of years. Are you not now taking on things you never dreamed you could, are you not turning your face to the rain, instead of cowering indoors? You have steel at your core. Let it show. We are all proud of you.

  9. I like your word for this year and I hope you succeed in your goals. A Happy New Year to you Cathy, I hope it’s a good one for you 🙂

  10. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Excellent plan..

  11. You got some excellent and inspirational goals there! Yes it is always us that is the one holding us back! Darn stress! I know you will be very successful with the steps you got planned to meet your goals! 🙂

  12. It sounds like this is a well-thought out plan, Cathy! House issues are such a sticky wicket, aren’t they? Our water heater began acting up last week and so tomorrow it is on my list to call the plumber. It’s always something, isn’t it?

    I will be interested in seeing how you do with your divestiture from caffeine… insomnia is such a rotten partner.

    • I have nights when I take ages to go to sleep and nights when I wake up and can’t get back to sleep, the very occasional night when I get six hours straight, I would love to sleep for 8 hours.
      Good luck with the plumber. I think tradespeople will be very busy tomorrow.

  13. Going Batty in Wales said:

    That’s a brilliant start Cathy. Someone pointed out to me recently that if I could use a sewing machine I was perfectly capable of learning to use power tools for DIY. I’m working on it! It does help to have someone to show you so get your son to follow up on the book with some practical instruction. And there are YouTube videos of how to do just about anything! I have made some complete botches of several things I have tried but found that tradespeople were more impressed by my having a go than annoyed at having to sort out the mess. And going for a walk every day certainly helps me cope even though it takes up time and sometimes I don’t feel like it. Good wet weather gear helps.

    • Since my last dog died in 2008 my wet weather clothes have perished. Time to visit Go Outdoors perhaps. Power tools scare me even more than the scary sewing machine does! Oh my I am in for a roller coaster of a year.

  14. It sounds like you have much clarity and objectivity as you begin Divest! I just read an article in the paper, minutes before reading your post, by an Audubon volunteer. She talked about ‘loving the cold’. Not loving BEING cold…bundling up so her body is warm but her face can feel the fresh cold of wintertime.
    What an energizing start to your year. (And I’ll be curious to hear how your sleep is impacted by giving up caffeine. Sleep issues can be such a conundrum. So many parts of your cunning plan sound like they could be conducive to more restful sleep, though–even if over time.)

    • On one of my earliest walks it started to drizzle and for once I didn’t have an umbrella. I was surprised to find myself turning my face upwards as I do when the sun comes out, and enjoying the sensation of rain on my face. I shall start my caffeine free week gradually, rather than launching into it in one go. I am a four cups a day person!

  15. Good luck with reducing coffee intake, keep well hydrated to prevent the caffeine withdrawal headache

    • I don’t expect to notice a thing. When we used to go to Greece I’d stop drinking coffee with no noticeable effect. But yes, thanks for the advice, I will drink water.

  16. That’s an interesting word to guide your year. I’m curious to see how you progress in your aim as I too am battling with these challenges. I hope it goes well for you!

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