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Needlefelting a hare

Under my own steam I had tried needlefelting a hare, with pretty disastrous results, in that I produced a shape that looked well pretty gross. So I went to a needlefelting workshop to learn to do it properly. Instead of trying to mold a suitable body shape, we began with a wire frame, which we did have to create from scratch.We had a very good and talented teacher , just three in her studio, and we worked solidly for six hours. Result… Much Better.

Yes or No? I don’t think 3D needlefelting is for me, but never say never. I’ll stick with landscapes, this one created in a couple of hours at yet another worksop.

Not keen on the sky, but I do like the sparkly sea and the beach.

It’s just over a week since I felted the hare. My hands have nearly recovered, it was hard going. Six hours is sadly too long for me in a workshop. The little grey cells can’t cope.

What next I wonder?


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  1. Your hare is adorable – full of personality! But yes, that is a really long class. And your landscape is so pretty!

  2. Super cute hare but the main thing is you got out there and enjoyed yourself.

  3. Your hare is utterly delightful! But yikes… I hear you on a six hour class. That is a long time to be stabbing at something! Although, maybe subsequent other hares might go quicker?

  4. Going Batty in Wales said:

    I think your hare is great! Studio 3 in cardigan run 3D needlefelting workshops from time to time and I have thought about doing one but I really, really don’t need another crafting hobby! I shall look forward to reading about ‘what next’ whatever it is.

  5. A very creditable hare. He looks quite big; no wonder he took 6 hours. I couldn’t manage six hours for a workshop. I imagine making the sea scape is much more relaxing.

    • Thank you. He’s 10 inches or 26cm. So I guess quite big. The seascape only took 2 hours, and was relaxing. But the group was about a dozen or so.

  6. That hare is amazing. I am so impressed! And your seascape is also lovely. I love how many workshops you manage to do… I am way too shy and don’t have enough self confidence to attend even one!

    • The secret is that everyone else feels that too. I introduce myself to my neighbours, and ask them something like have you done this before. From then on people just chat. I also need to concentrate on what I have to do, so not talking is good too. Plus all crafters are lovely. Try a short session First

  7. Very good effort!
    Six hours?! That’s way too much in one sitting. I couldn’t do that. Actually with my hands I think an hour would push it now. Probably 30 minutes with an interval in the middle?!
    I love the sparkly sand too.

    • Thanks Rachel. My little finger left hand is still complaining!

      • My hand specialist therapist would have something to say about that length of time.
        The surgeon consultant felt that building back up to ten minutes crochet would be plenty and “You’ll be fed up by then of it anyway.” Little did he know! I used to sit for an afternoon, while the rugby was on, and zip along making blankets.

  8. Yes, I was wondering what next too – your hare is brilliant, a real character, looking like he/she has a tale to tell – does he/she have a name?
    Absolutely love your felted landscape. 🙂

  9. It’s a little like bear making….you wonder ‘is this all worth it’ then look at the finished item and think….we’ll that’s not too bad. The landscapes are interesting but your hare is something different- big and bold and unique to you.

  10. Your hare is delightful! Six hours is a long time to be creating and learning as you go. It’s so nice to try new things though.

  11. Well, I think your hare is charming, but I do like the seascape better. They both look like interesting projects to try.

  12. well Cathy! I say, you’ve got a hidden talent there, and you really ought to exploit it more. Your hare is absolutely adorable!!!!! A bit quirky, I’ll admit, but absolutely fabulous!!!!

  13. If that’s only your second attempt, I’d say you maybe should persist? Possibly not for 6 hours at a time, but the improvement from ‘gross’ to cute is very rapid. That little shell corner on your seascape is adorable.

    • Ah thank you for the encouragement. I was like a wet rag after six hours, rather like how I felt after the six hour quilt workshops a few years ago. What it has encouraged me over is the quilting.. Not that I can’t quilt rather that six hours straight in a workshop is too much for me. Yes I loved the beaded corner too. Learning all the time.

  14. Bless him. I’ve never felted over a wire frame before but I would imagine it helps with the shape of a 3D model. I also prefer 2D needle felting – at least for the moment – but agree the stabbing can be hard on the hands and, if you don’t consciously relax, the shoulders.

    • It was much easier to get the shape with the wire. It’s only ordinary garden wire too. It’s my little finger on my left hand that really hurts, I think quite simply I must have been gripping too hard.

  15. The hare came out great. Love him.

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