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Scrap Happy- Nov. 22

I belong to an embroidery group with the U3A ( University of the Third Age). Apparently back in the days when I didn’t live here, the group decided to stitch individual pieces to display on occasions such as the Open Day when they seek to attract new members. Several hints were dropped that new members , like me, should stitch something too. We were shown the previous contributions and I realised I could do this. There was cross stitch, free stitch, machine embroidery, patchwork, but no appliqué or beading, and it occured to me that I had previously made a cushion for Miss F and the centre panel of that was perfect. Out came my scraps of pink fabric, colourful yarn and threads and beads, all leftover from previous projects.

Pink unicorn bondawebed to background.

Adding the frou frou! Design taken from the book shown.

Taking it to our leader this afternoon and hoping it meets the brief.

Joining with Kate and other bloggers to share their projects made from scraps, do pop over and have a look and maybe join us. Link here with all the details. https://talltalesfromchiconia.wordpress.com/

Happy scrappy crafting,

Cathy xx


Comments on: "Scrap Happy- Nov. 22" (28)

  1. Going Batty in Wales said:

    That is so pretty! And a lovely example of a different type of embroidery.

  2. That is just adorable! Love how your embellishments really brought it to life 🙂

  3. Cute unicorn!

  4. I’m sure your leader will be delighted – if not you can always ride off into the sunset on your pink unicorn.

  5. Very very cute and innovative! The idea of “taking it to your leader” is hilarious!!!

  6. Every Unicorn is cheered up by a little bling! I am amazed at the transformation!

  7. Well, if your glorious leader doesn’t approve, then return home with it… it’s lovely.

  8. Soooo sweet! Lots of admiring squeaks here! Love the tail ornament especially 🦄

  9. That is adorable! Love the ribbon embellishments!

  10. A gorgeous pink unicorn. I love the way you have finished it. But even better the design is flexible, an attractive idea for each to make it their own.

  11. That is so effective I am sure your leader will be impressed! I would be making it into a card already for my granddaughter’s birthday!!

  12. everyone loves a unicorn, especially bright pink ^^

  13. Delighful!
    ‘taking it to our leader’ Ha! That made me smile – well you nearly always make me smile – and often chuckle!

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