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Donkey Love.

Many moons ago when I was tooing froing to Leeds, I kept driving past a sign that said donkey sanctuary. I meant to go, but they didn’t open every day and I never got there. The main sanctuary was miles away in the West Country, and I started to support them, through donations, purchases of diaries and Christmas cards. At the end of October I went to stay for a couple of days with family in Cornwall, and realised with a short detour I could finally visit the donkey sanctuary at Sidmouth. Stand by for some aah pictures.

Most of them are rescue donkeys. Some go onto new homes, and some stay here.

All looking beautiful, clean and content. The occasional rescue donkey is already pregnant and gives birth safely in the sanctuary.They have fields to run in, and cuddles from the visitors if they choose to come to you. They have toys to play with and veterinary care. The charity also supports donkeys and mules around the world.

I just love them. Find them at https://thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk

I wondered what animals never fail to melt your heart.


Comments on: "Donkey Love." (28)

  1. We had donkeys when I was little. One of them could be quite unpredictable, and would put her head down when we were riding her, so we slid off over the head and down to the ground.

  2. Going Batty in Wales said:

    Ahhh! I wish I could keep one here.

  3. Oh my goodness – they are beautiful!! So lovely to hear about this wonderful place that takes such good care of them 🙂 Pretty much most animals melt my heart.

  4. They look so happy 🙂 We visited the donkey sanctuary in McGregor a few months ago (about 2 hours from Cape Town), it’s so wonderful that people do this kind of work.

  5. What sweet donkey pictures! They look very contented there at the sanctuary. Pray tell, what kind of toys do donkeys play with?

  6. Donkeys are so cute, actually I don’t know that much about them. I must remedy that. X

  7. Thank you for the aww photos. I also havr an affection for donkeys, most all animals and of the wild ones foxes especially come to mind. There’s a fox rescue organisation in NSW that posts lots of cute social media pics. We get the occasional fox irl here usually scouting for dinner!

  8. I’ve often wondered if our enduring affection for donkeys is because of Eyore. ☺️ It looks like they’re all enjoying a safe and happy second chance. ❤️

  9. Ah, cute! We drove past the sign for the same sanctuary on Thursday last week! We were holidaying in the area but didn’t stop. Maybe we should have done! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  10. I love donkeys, they can be real characters. A couple of years ago I adopted one at the local sanctuary I support for my son as a Christmas present, we have been to visit him a few times since then.

  11. awww indeed! always lovely to see animals being so well-looked after!

  12. ThingsHelenLoves said:

    They are lovely, I’m glad they find a good home with the sanctuary. And I did ‘aaah’!

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