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Blenheim Palace- a new walk

It’s raining and a bit chilly here today, the leaves are turning from green to yellow and I see some have fallen in the wind. I can’t pretend it’s late Summer anymore, but I can revisit some photos of a walk I took with my son Mr J and the family last month- August, and enjoy the warmth…

It’s a new to me route along this side of the lake, I usually go round the farside. This takes you down to the boathouse.

There is something a bit romantic I feel to boathouses, although I seem to recall Agatha Christie used one for a murder scene.

Then up the hill slightly to

Apparently Winston Churchill who was born in the Palace, chose this spot to propose to his wife.
And on past the rose garden, no longer at it’s best after a very hot spell of weather. See how brown the grass became.

Be worth a visit next year before it gets too hot. And then to

The cascade

Odd that in the ten years I lived close by and fully intended to come to this spot I never did. Again be worth returning too next year when the waterfall is in the full spate.

Looking down to the lake from the cascade.

There were a lot of dragonflies about which was rather lovely. After this we went to the playground and maze for Master J to run of excess energy and for a refuel on icecream.

Our final visit here this year will be to enjoy the Christmas decorations. Sorry I wrote the C word.

Meantime if you’d like to see more of Blenheim Palace, here’s the link to their webpage. https://www.blenheimpalace.com/

Hope you enjoyed my reminder of Summer. This weekend I shall be joining a new to me knitting group, and going to Miss F’s 9th birthday. Love to know your weekend plans, do tell.


Comments on: "Blenheim Palace- a new walk" (18)

  1. The C word – oh my Christmas will be here before I know it (panic, panic). Lovely photos and sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  2. That looks like a lovely and interesting place to walk! Hope the new knitting group is congenial and the birthday party is wonderful 🙂

  3. That really looks like a great place for walking. Beautiful and serene grounds. Are you we’ll set for winter? The news about energy in the UK is scary!

    • No idea if the country will run out of energy. I fixed my bills for two years in September 2021. Meantime there are loads of organisations providing warm spots for people to use, such as libraries, community centres etc.

  4. Going Batty in Wales said:

    I like the boathouse too. Boathouses seem to come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – some just a hut to keep dinghy in up to somewhere you could live with a pontoon and mooring for a quite large yacht! Are they really Wendy houses for grown ups? Going out with family or friends and making memories are such great things to do and you seem to have plenty of places to choose from.

    • Very lucky here on the place where three counties meet, giving me the Cotswolds and the wilds of Wiltshire. Boat houses are rather romantic, always somewhere remote and pretty.

      • Going Batty in Wales said:

        Enjoy your days out and please keep sharing them – I am unlikely to have chance to go to them so hearing about them is lovely

  5. Blenheim Palace looks like somewhere that is interesting to walk around all through the year. I love seeing dragonflies, I’m a bit rubbish at identifying them. Planned an afternoon out with some friends today. X

    • Now an afternoon with friends sounds marvellous. Does it involve champagne and scones by any chance?

      • Aw that would be nice. I think though it just involves a few drinks today in the neighboring village. A couple of new bars have opened there recently. X

  6. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Love the boathouse

  7. It looks like a nice place to visit and I like the boathouse. The Agatha Christie story using a boathouse was Dead Man’s Folly, one of my favourites.

  8. It is some 50 years since I last visited Blenheim – at the time I lived in Oxford and it was convenient for an afternoon visit. My preference was for the lake and bridge, although I can still recall the wonder of my first sight of the house and courtyard.
    Incidentally, the Inspector Morse book “The Way Through The Woods” is partly set in the park at Blenheim (and Whytham Wood, another place well worth a visit).

  9. Looks like a great place to keep visiting. And visiting with family, what could be better.

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