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Balance- September

The month began with the whole country being knocked off balance as the UK gained a new Prime minister and a new Monarch, with the passing of the Queen. Do you recall my knitting her?

Well in the course of accurate construction I spent quite a while looking at recent pictures and realised just how very frail she was, and that generally speaking people were behaving as if she was immortal and when she died they would be deeply shocked and moved. They were. For my part I was unsurprised yet was still very moved and watched a great deal of TV coverage.

Picture straight off the TV, from the BBC.

Realised that people were taking selfies etc as part of the crowd for posterity and their descendents, so that it would be entirely appropriate for me to take my view from the comfort of my sofa. Got a lot of knitting done too.

September has been a good month for me, not withstanding the above. The weather has been just right , sunshine and a lovely temperature. I have loved being outside, and that did me a lot of good. As did the visit I made to my cousin and Aunt (95years old), still living at home and mentally very alert. I showed her Mum’s photo albums from when they first met at teacher training college in Hereford. My Aunt married my Uncle Jim, Mum’s older brother. We both enjoyed that chat.

My Uncle also died in his 60’s , and my Aunt was able to talk to me about how I was feeling. I told her of the struggles I’d had with getting to grips with things, and how I was now one year on and rather surprised how well I’d coped. I also told her I felt guilty sometimes that Dad, Mum, my brother Pip and Mr E had all gone , and I was still well. Aunty Joy understood those feelings, yet explained how being well I should enjoy myself and live.

I have taken her wise words to heart. Now don’t go thinking that I have gone OTT this month, not after a Toyboy or behaving excessively inappropriately but I have made a big effort to get out and about and enjoy life to the full. So I have been to the theatre in Bath, to see Noises Off (the production is West End bound), and very funny it was too.

Finally got myself to the PYO farm

Some of the raspberries and runner beans are in the freezer for the dark Winter days.

I have gone out at weekends . Weekends are quite hard as people tend to do couply stuff, but its just plain daft to stop at home, because it’s just me. And truth be told I can’t help noticing that some couples when out together don’t actually look together, one looks anxious and one bored. Anxious one wondering if she/he wouldn’t have been enjoying things more if other half wasn’t there. No longer will I stay at home just because there’s only me to consider. So for the last two weekends I have been to Open Studios . Like the one here in an old barn

Stanton House Barn

I had a lovely walk after too.

I have joined a lot of groups, several things happening every week, with weekend activities to look forward as well.

Slowly realising the ways in which I have changed and become stronger. Changed one of the formally scary light bulbs yesterday with barely a second’s thought. Stopped feeling bad with completely altering the garden. Throwing away things that I haven’t needed all year and have no idea what they are for- three boxes of cables which my neighbour took to the tip when he went which he assured me were easily replaced should I need them , for pence! Written like this they sound silly, but are pretty big steps for me.

So September has been a really good month. I have been happy, and not felt too guilty about it. October is shaping up nicely, and November plans are underway. This coming week is a bit quieter, some dusting and hoovering may occur, time at home will keep me in Balance.

Thank you so much for reading, and for all the wonderful comments you have made on these posts. Thanks also to Carolyn for hosting One Word, link here https://youronewordblog.wordpress.com/2022/09/25/one-word-checking-in-september-

Emails on my tablet have stopped working, don’t ask me why, so I only get notifications of your posts on my laptop which I tend to read daily, and some of the comments I leave on blogs seem to disappear into the ether, hopefully it’s only a temporary blip, I will push the like button to let you know I have at least read a post even if my comment had vanished.

Be back next month to see how I’m doing. And once again, thanks for being here. You really have a difference. Xx


Comments on: "Balance- September" (38)

  1. I am glad to hear that you had a good month of September and hope that your future months just get better and better as you get continue to get out and live. What a wonderful visit you must have had with your Aunt.
    I am in the US and I cried and cried when the Queen passed. I thought she was a remarkable woman and probably felt that she would live forever. I knew that she wouldn’t, but it just seems that there is an emptiness now that she is gone. I couldn’t bear to watch all the news about her. I do hope that the Royal family is able to grieve in private. They surely held it together while in public. Your knitted doll of the Queen is so adorable.

  2. Wonderful you were able to have a chat with your aunt… it’s amazing what wisdom comes from relaxed conversation over a cuppa.

  3. What a wonderful post! I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better and making progress! Good for you for taking on those decisions and working through those tasks that were daunting before. It is so wonderful that you have your Aunty Joy, who has been through a similar situation, to talk to. You are having some amazing adventures, but good idea to balance them with some quiet times as well. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures and your crafting šŸ™‚

  4. How fortunate to have your Aunty Joy in your life. To connect with someone who’s walked a similar path…someone you love and who knows you quite well!…that’s a real gift of compassion and perspective. You share such rich experience and wisdom with your readers; I’m happy to see you get your own well filled, too!

    • She was lovely to be with. As a child I was quite shy which she found hard going, but who knew we would be just right now. She phoned me up afterwards to say how much she liked the visit too. I am truly lucky to have her now.

  5. Loved this post Cathy. Positive all through. Sending hugs. X

  6. What a super Queen you’d made – how lovely to see her brought out to show again. Yes, Her Majesty was frail and elderly in person but friends and I were chatting the other day and said in recent years in the media she had been seen in a more kind and gentle light than she had for years. Perhaps that endeared her further to many. I did love the pomp and ceremony surrounding her funeral, I too sat on my sofa and watched – however the knitting to hand went to pot as I shed tears and went wrong!
    On another note, it was great to read you are getting out and about and finding new things to keep busy. It is difficult enough for me when my husband is away with work at the weekends, it’s rare, but it is happening again this weekend. I see couples doing their own thing often – but twice in the last year I mentioned I’d been on my own to friends and they had been too – we just hadn’t contacted each other. You may find you are more than welcome when you feel you aren’t. I hope you enjoy your pick your own treats – look at those fruit! Yum!

    • Thank you for your amazing comment. Yes the Queen did seem to be more mellow recently. I think we started to see how like our own elderly relatives she became. I have now started to plan for weekends rather than keep them empty for family, seems to be working.

  7. I am so glad that you included the image of the knitted queen – it’s such a sweet project! And what a lovely visit with your aunt – I am glad to hear that she was able to help you in so many ways. This has been Quite A Year and I’m happy that we’ve connected through our blogs. Here’s to finishing the year with even more balance!

    • It has been indeed been quite a year, and you have been a real inspiration. Couldn’t start the day now without morning pages, so thank you.

      • Cathy – thank you for your kind words. I’m so pleased that morning pages have been such an anchor for you through this time in your life. Take good care!

  8. You took the view from your sofa – that gave me a good chuckle! That was a sweet Queen doll you knitted. Yes she had quite the life and lived through so much history, it was her time. Glad you are enjoying Sept and that is wonderful your Aunt could share some insights. You deserve to enjoy life!

    • Deserving to enjoy life is the thing that is currently hard to feel OK with. I shall print off my photos from the sofa and put in the album, because that’s where I was on that historic day!

  9. I admire your attitude and I also applaud you for getting out into the world and doing the things you enjoy. Making decisions, as you have, both big and small, help us grow and strengthen as well. Good for you all around.

    • Thank you so much for these really encouraging words. I have realised that I am alright and it’s ok to be alright, if that makes sense.

      • It does make sense. I’ve read that we sometimes get stuck in grief because it feels like a betrayal to our loved ones to move on. In reality, they would want us to continue with life. Life is meant to be lived, and I believe you can honor the memory and enjoy yourself simultaneously.

  10. It is good to hear how positive you are feeling, I think you are brilliant. Keep living life to the full, you deserve it. xx

    • Thank you, it’s almost like needing to give myself permission to be alright. October is pretty full on nice things to do, started filling in the diary for November now.

  11. Everyone to their own about the Royal Funeral and Family. I cried when the coffin passed Buckingham Palace and all the staff were there and knowing Her Majesty would never appear on the balcony or travel that road again. Anyhow I like your knitted image. I’m glad you are moving onwards and upwards, change is always hard but you have your memories. Good Luck with your life!

  12. Sounds as if you are creating a full life for yourself. Good on you! I have never done pick your own though I have sometimes wanted to. Living in a city there is nowhere really near to do it. Except my garden. My apple tree is full of apples and I am having one every day. Mostly windfalls as a couple drop off most days.

    • I love pick your own farms, you choose just how many of anything you want. Plus there is something wonderful about being out in a field with others all picking together. How lovely to pick your own apples, wonder how long I will have to wait for mine.

  13. I love that image you captured of the Queen’s funeral…those sailors arm in arm pulling her coffin was one of the most moving things I saw. Thank you for sharing the image.

    I love that you are seeing balance in your life! Yay for all the hard work you have done this year! XO

    • The bands always choke me up, no idea why, and it’s all bands every time. Listening on TV to the funeral I found I was swaying from side to side in time with the marching! Over identifying?

  14. I think you’ve coped remarkably well with a really sad and difficult life change. When my granddad died, my nanna didn’t cope at all and buried her head in the sand planning holidays while the rest of the family had to sort out her bills and banking, reprogramming the TV and everything else. I’m no royalist, but the Queen was just someone that was always in the background, an ever present figure so I did find her passing sad (though not surprising at her age, she was born the same year as my late nanna), strange thinking there’s unlikely to be another Queen (as opposed to consort) in my lifetime too. Hope you enjoy all your groups and plans for the autumn. X

  15. You are sounding so much more hopeful, and I applaud you. I spent quite a while watching the state funeral too, which happened at weird times here. I thought it went very well, no visible hiccups, which is quite an achievement given the scale of the event.

  16. ThingsHelenLoves said:

    A lovely, positive month for you. The PYO looks delicious, I’ve been out foraging a bit this month and you really can’t beat freshly picked.

    • I was planning on going in the Summer but between the heat and the fact that I felt ropey a lot of the time meant I didn’t go. So so glad I went this month. I really enjoyed myself.

  17. Going Batty in Wales said:

    I am so glad that you are giving yourself permission to live life to the full and well done to your Aunt for her encouragement. I’m sure that Mr E would not only approve but will be egging you on.

  18. nothing like picking your own !!! will you be planting raspberry bushes & beans in your own garden next year?
    I watched part of the Queen’s funeral on TV – and couldn’t help admiring how the Royals “kept it all together”. Yes, Elizabeth was old, and no, she wasn’t immortel, but it must have been hard for family to have cameras on them so often and no time to really grieve in private. Couldn’t help but applaud the 4 “children” with Charles & Anne, who must be in their 70s, stoicly doing the walk in full military get-up behind the coffin.
    I hear lots of negative comments about the Royal family but I personally think they sacrifice more than the general public realises.

    • I was left thinking about the old adage re bread and circuses. The family needed to be seen to be believed in, as the Queen used to say. Having to go through the rigmarole they did was their choice, they could just quit! I am sure they had private time to grieve too. I am very much on the fence when it comes to having a head if state who has been bred to the role as opposed to one who is voted for.

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