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Unraveled Wednesday

Some Progress

I didn’t share my knitting and reading last week as I had barely knitted a stitch and was still reading The Shell Seekers. The Bank Holiday for the Queen’s funeral with wall to wall coverage on the TV gave me lots of knitting time. So I have now completed the back and left front of my newest creation for Little Miss P.

Shetland, the TV series having just finished with Jimmy Perez bowing out, seemed to be the right time for a re-read of the first book in which he made an appearance. I find I have forgotten a lot of his personal circumstances when we were first introduced to him in 2006. I know the TV series is set to continue, and I can’t help wondering which actor will take the lead, and will we like him/her?

Joining with Kat and other Unravelers sharing their books and knits here http://askatknits.com/2022/09/21/unraveled-wednesday-9-21-22/


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  1. I didn’t know it was continuing until the end when it announced by the continuity woman. It was a nice surprise. I hope it’s Tosh who leads. She’s a great character. But I don’t think it will be in the same town, I think the locals might have had enough. We’ll see!

  2. Going Batty in Wales said:

    I have enjoyed the Shetland books and I think I have now read the whole series – but not in the right order!. With no TV I have watched one old series on catch-up but most are on a paid provider so no way will I be watching them. The jumper for Miss P is beautiful.

  3. Miss P’s sweater is adorable! Beautiful yarn colors and stitch pattern 🙂 That sounds like an interesting book – I haven’t watched Shetland or read the books yet, but they are on my list for sure 🙂

  4. I have just finished Shetland too. My favourite character ( apart from Perez) is Tosh, is she in the books? X

  5. Carol in Texas said:

    I read but I don’t knit….I stitch! I read Raven Black several years ago and followed it up with another or two in that series. I have not seen Shetland. I’ll look for it. We have Prime and Acorn. I am almost finished with another book you mentioned in an earlier post….The Ruin. I am reading it slowly and enjoying it very much. Thanks for the recommendation. I would otherwise never have chosen that book.

  6. I enjoyed all the Shetland books and the TV series, though I think I prefer the books. Took a while to unhitch them in my mind since Jimmy Perez looks so different in the books and other plot lines don’t match.

  7. What a sweet little sweater. I have never tried the Vera Stanhope books but many seem to enjoy them. I have them on my list for someday.

  8. That sweater is going to be so sweet, I love blue and white, and especially that blue!

  9. We just finished watching Shetland and are also wondering who will take the lead. Having visited Shetland I love to watch and see places I have been. I am working hard to finish a color work yoke so I can get to the round and round of the body.

  10. I love Cleeve’s writing… and especially Jimmy Perez. He is such a well drawn character! (Though dear Vera is my absolute favorite) I, too, did some knitting watching bits of the Queen’s day of services (thanks to Britbox, I could watch them on my time schedule!) I managed to finish the body of a sweater – including a bind off that was just right on stretchy-ness – and I set off for Sleeve Island!

  11. The most recent season of Shetland is finally in the States and we started watching it last week (will see the 2nd episode this evening). I can’t imagine the show without Jimmy Perez/Daniel Henshall!

  12. ThingsHelenLoves said:

    I haven’t read the books or seen the show, although it’s been on my list for ages! Think I’ll start with the books, I like to imagine my own characters rather than be led by the show. Love the colours in the knit, I’d love to be able to knit so I could recreate some vintage knitwear but I’ve never progressed beyond a wonky scarf!

    • The books are better than the TV show in my opinion. Hope you enjoy them, and I bet you end up wanting to go to the Shetland Isles. It’s on my bucket list.

      • ThingsHelenLoves said:

        I’ve been encouraging (nagging?) my husband about a trip back up to do the Shetland Isles for a while. We loved Orkney and I love being out in the open so it’s forever on the list. Just a long drive from Wiltshire!

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