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Unraveled Wednesday#4

And I have new piece of knitting and a new book this week.

The blue is a light blue denim shade.

And that rib pattern is a swine, really hurt my fingers, purl three tog, leave sts on needle , wrap yarn round needle, purl three tog. Ouch ,but very effective, and not a big garment being another one for Baby P.

Lots of bloggers have been reading The Shell Seekers and loving it, and since it’s yet another one that past me by when it was published, -my third son, and hands full of children limited my reading at that time,- I felt it was time. Only 1/6th of the way through at present, 500 + pages to go. Reserving judgement.

So if I have a new project started it means I have finished the turquoise cardigan, in time to gift it this weekend.

And the 170 stitches for the border I had to pick up from fluffy yarn was really really really hard. Sore thumb was the result. Anyway I’m happy with the result.
Close up of buttons, I mean how cute are they?

Matching outfit from Next, I got pink leggings as well but couldn’t figure how to photo them.

Once again linking with Kat and other knitter readers here-http://askatknits.com/2022/09/07/unraveled-wednesday-9-7-22/ Do join them. Have your read The Shell Seekers?


Comments on: "Unraveled Wednesday#4" (26)

  1. Those buttons! Darling! But yikes… sorry about that sore thumb!

  2. Button selection and sore fingers. If only they knew the pains we go through 😄

  3. It must be fun knitting for a little one. That cardigan looks cozy and soft. Nicely done!

  4. Sorry to read your current project is rough on your fingers!
    That cardigan you finished is absolutely darling! Love the buttons!

  5. Such a cute cardigan, worth the aching fingers, I feel! And yes, I’ve read The Shell Seekers, and its sort-of sequel, September. An enjoyable escape, clearly not intended to be real life, and has some entertaining twists and turns. Lots of people are dismissive, saying it’s romantic fiction and doesn’t represent how life really was at the time, but it’s not formulaic and is well written.

  6. that’s a lovely cuddly, snuggly cardigan ^^

  7. I wonder why it’s come back into popularity? I read it years and years ago probably around the time it was published in 1987, as a young one. I remember it being a nice book, but I don’t think I want to re-read it. Perhaps the TV series is being re-shown on BritBox etc? Or it’s blogger word of mouth…

  8. You are the Queen at button selection! Lovely little dress to go with the cardigan. The ribbing is gorgeous, but ouch!

  9. I love buttons… and these are extra cute. I read The Shell Seekers years ago, remember it being very long distracting from real life, and enjoyable.

    • It was written in the late 80s and says much about what was deemed desirable then as was actually around the earlier time in which it’s set.

  10. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Oh those elephant buttons are so cute

  11. That cardi looks so cosy and the buttons are very cute. 😊 I always loved getting cosy cardigans from my nanna when I was little. X

  12. Those buttons are PERFECT for that sweater! Love it. And the dress and I can see the pink tights in my mind. I enjoyed The Shell Seekers when I read it a few years back.

  13. Pretty rib pattern, I have never come across it before. Will have a go later.
    Yes, cute buttons! What a lovely outfit all together.
    I remember enjoying The Shell Seekers, but can’t remember a thing about it.
    I am without my computer atm – very frustrating! Hence no blog posts.

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