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Scrap Happy August22

Linking again with Kate for projects made using mostly scraps from other things, here-https://talltalesfromchiconia.wordpress.com/2022/08/15/scraphappy-august-6/

Do check out her page for hints on what can be made from a high vis jacket, and for links to other blogger’s ideas.

I have been away on a holiday during which time I did nothing but have a big nice time. On returning home Britain had another very hot spell, for which neither the populace , our homes or are infrastructure is ready. As always when it gets hot I sleep, but Kate’s prompt on the 12 th galvanised me to pick up my embroidery needles to finish a slow stitching stitchbook. Your read that right…finish! So here in pictures is the finished book, it folds like a concertina and can also be opened out flat to give two sides, thus:-

Not sure how I was supposed to fit the ring for the fastening so I just stitched it on. Dorset buttons on the left hand page.
Suffolk puffs
Tea dyed suffolk puffs because they looked too white
Added gold beads
Opened flat one way
And the other way
Folding back up.

Each double sided page has a pocket between it in which we have labels to add mini stitching too. I am at the stage with this project where it has taken me so long I have gone off it. I’ll find it in a few years time at the back of a drawer and think Oh I like it. Does that happen to others? Projects you don’t like grow on you with time?

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  1. These are so cute, slow stitching, creativity plus

  2. I do find that, quite often, but also sometimes I come across something I started yonks back and wonder what on earth I was thinking! Your stitchbook is beautiful, I can see the attraction of making one of those. Your Suffolk puffs are particularly delightful 🙂

  3. It is a beautiful exploration of techniques and uses for your scraps. What a great project! I have projects like that too – they just take too long and I stop caring. But eventually I get back to them 🙂 Stay cool and take care!

  4. Wonderful slow stitching book! I have several projects that I started on and I hope that some day I´ll like them so much so I can finish them 🙂

  5. Wonderful use of scraps the slow stitching book; and stay cool during the heat wave!

  6. it’s a wonderful collection of bits and pieces and techniques. It has so much colour and texture I’m sure it is delightful to hold and run your hand over. Don’t put it away, put it on the coffee (or kitchen) table so visitors can enjoy it and hopefully you will come to love it again.

  7. I love these kinds of art pieces. I was wondering if you used a wool or felt for the base of the book? I look at these on Pinterest a lot and think about them but already have more to do that a life allows. I was taking to a neighbor about these kinds of book to stitch her small embroideries into rather than have them languish is a smelly old suitcase getting dirtier by the year. I hate to see beautiful work languish and decay. I’ll show my neighbor these photos. Maybe it will inspire her as well.

    • The book was calico, the construction of which nearly defeated me! Each piece was stitched separately usually with a backing fabric. If I ever do something again I would use a piece of batting and then a backing fabric to give more texture, but I didn’t come across that idea till I had gone too far into the project.

  8. It’s lovely but rather difficult to display since you’d really want to show off both sides!

  9. Lovely! I like all the variety and bits and pieces, it is like a sampler.

  10. I think it is just gorgeous, Cathy! The variety of fabrics, stitches, and bits make it so interesting!

  11. You’ve put so much work and ‘love’ into this beautiful and interesting work Cathy you must surely like it to have carried on and finished it. I like it very much – it reminds me of fiddlemuffs for people with dementia – as Kate mentioned, something for a partially sighted person to explore.

  12. Going Batty in Wales said:

    It s a lovely piece of work Cathy. Yes, I sometimes put things away because I have got bored with them and find them eventually and wonder why hat was.

  13. I like the textural variety across the pages. It would be fun for someone partially sighted to experience it, I think.

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