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The Lavender Farm

I was doing well with my list of things to do. I’d laid flowers on my Dad’s grave, visited three churches with family connections and lit candles, honoured Gt Gt Grandparents in different churchyards and cemeteries, and spent a wonderful day with my old school friends. Between us gals , we racked up one golden wedding anniversary, three divorces, one re marriage, two to four children each , as many as five grandchildren apiece, and most fun of all one whose son was a very gorgeous drag queen.

Now the original plan for the school meet up was just for coffee. I realised the night before I would need something to do with the afternoon, and decided to visit my favourite lavender farm. In the event coffee became lunch… after which I was tired.

The following morning I woke still feeling tired. I had by then covered a lot of miles , so decided that the Yorkshire Lavender farm at Terrington was the perfect place to go. I parked the car under a shady tree and opened the car door. The fragrance from the fields was simply wonderful.

The bees were loving it.
Harvesting the lavender.

Only one way to finish my morning here.


Comments on: "The Lavender Farm" (24)

  1. What fun to visit your school friends, and how amazing that so many of you could be there! The lavender farm must have been fabulous. It smells so divine, how cool to see the actual fields.

  2. Oh I can imagine the amazing smell of the fields! What a delicious looking treat you had to finish your morning!

  3. So gorgeous, Cathy! What a lovely time with friends as well! XO

  4. Such a beautiful nostalgic smell. And the colour – only English lavender is that beautiful blueish shade.

  5. What a fabulous place to visit. So pretty and I can imagine how gorgeous the scent was. I have been to a lavender farm in Norfolk, but it was too early in the season for many flowers to be out unfortunately. X

  6. claire93 said:

    two more lovely outings!

  7. What a wonderful visit with your old friends! And that lavender – yum. I hope your cake was as delicious as it looks 🙂

  8. Oh my goodness! I loved reading this. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during your conversation with your friends. I was missing my lavender plant so much that I bought one at the farmers market this very morning! How coincidental that I see this. Then I was telling my sister about the lavender farms they have up here. Oddly, it does grow at this altitude. I keep it in sachets in every drawer and closet. I love lavender. Glad you got to go and hope you’ve had a good rest now.

  9. How great to get together with your old friends! The lavender farm looks amazing 🙂

  10. ThingsHelenLoves said:

    The lavender farm is beautiful, if only blog posts could come with scratch and sniff!

  11. Isn’t it just the best when you meet up with old pals who have known you forever and have a good old catch-up!
    Gosh that lavender farm looks like a balm for the soul, I could almost smell it from your photos. Just wonderful.

  12. Going Batty in Wales said:

    That sounds a lovely day out and perfect for when you needed to relax.

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