Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Ryedale Folk Museum

I’d drawn up a long list of places I’d like to visit during my sojourn Up North. To be honest I’d have needed a least two weeks to fit in everywhere I’d thought of. The week before I went there’d been a heatwave. The week I was there, normal British Summer had arrived. Grey skies and the threat of rain. My First morning, drizzle. Humph. The nearest place on my list was the village of Hutton le Hole, chosen for being very pretty, beck running through the middle, with Heather all round.

And as it happens home of the Ryedale Folk Museum. Solution for my First day out, go there, and when the drizzle stops as it was forecast to do after lunch, enjoy the moors.

I know the museum pretty well from taking family there, I think I even heard a talk about it once at the family history group I belonged too. The cost was reasonable, gives me access for a whole year plus discount at two nearby cafes.

So you get the idea. Rescued old buildings and reconstructed interiors.

Oh my. I had never visited here by myself before, and I really loved walking round at my own pace.

First stop, a grocers shop. I am old enough to remember shops just like this.
Looks familiar.
So much to take in
Post office.
Post Master’s office, but why an axe?
I was first person in too, makes a difference.
Love those hollyhocks, next year…
Carved mark guaranteed to keep away witches. Seemed to be working. I didn’t spot any.
Cosy, but I preferred my holiday cottage.
The Harrison collection on temporary loan to the museum includes a lifetimes work of two brothers who are positive magpies for old country items. Love the hexie pincushion.
That gorgeous chatelaine.
Given my ongoing dental appointments, glad things have improved.
Oh my goodness.

There were two gorgeous Tamworth pigs that I fed too, but the picture I took just shows a pigs backside so I’ll spare you that.

There was also an exhibition showcasing local artists , but more on that later. My next stop was the Barn Tea rooms, where I had a tasty bowl of roasted red pepper and tomato soup. I ate that , so no picture and I did get the promised discount. Bargain.

Comments on: "Ryedale Folk Museum" (30)

  1. What a lovely place. That Grocer’s Shop – I remember them like that as well. 🙂

  2. Looks nice at to have it to yourself, bonus! Is the Best Mourning Pins? For widow’s weeds and veils perhaps? They had to have a thing for everything and then some didn’t they.

  3. What an interesting place, I love the grocer’s shop. I’m not quite old enough to remember them like that but I do remember something similar near where we lived when I was a child.

  4. I would enjoy that museum as well. You see things so differently when you are on your own. I’m with you, I’d like a bit more balance in how the world works. I’m tired of self scanning machines to buy groceries with no customer service or human contact. All the fun of going out is going away. I’m so glad you got to see this with new perspective.

    • Such a wise observation. I don’t mind the self service machines for just a basket, but for more shopping I want a person. Sometimes I see how old I am when the new stuff befuddles my brain.

      • I can figure it all out easy enough. I just don’t want to use self check out. I didn’t hire on to do that work. That’s why we pay those prices. I guarantee you can figure out anything as well. You are one smart woman and keep challenging your brain.

  5. What a great museum, Cathy. I’m going to enjoy your holiday!

  6. Going Batty in Wales said:

    What a lovely day out! Thank you for bringing back memories of shops when I was little.

  7. Really interesting. I remember grocers shops more like that too. And sacks of stuff on the floor.

    • Sugar bought loose in blue bags. Large tins of biscuits from which you bought a bag. I was always excited to be given a broken one by the grocer.

  8. What a great museum! Sometimes it is just wonderful going through places like that at your own speed 🙂 Thanks for sharing your adventure!

    • I had a thoroughly enjoyable morning. I also had happy memories to sustain me, for example grandchildren trying out the stocks.

  9. Oh wow. What a treasure. And what a lot of treasures. I’m pleased the history is being treasured and shared.

  10. Oh my goodness, what an interesting place. It makes me happy that I live in this century, but I am charmed by the grocery shop, that thatched roof, and yes, the gorgeous flowers. I’m sorry you missed the heat.

  11. Lovely day out you had there Cathy…it’s a bit confronting when things you remembered are considered museum worthy. Now we are the ones exclaiming ‘I/we had one of those’ not just the party of oldies wandering around in front of us.

    • It’s very hard not to keep saying one remembered things. Interestingly I’ve started to tackle the garage, I found a Walkman there! Who uses a Walkman now?

  12. I love museums with old stores preserved so you can see what people would have been shopping for long time ago. I actually like wandering museums alone at my own pace. When you go with others you can either feel pressured to move along or get pulled into what they are looking at. I seem to have the best and deepest discoveries/wanders alone at museums!

  13. ThingsHelenLoves said:

    A charming place, I love the old grocery shop and the apothecary jars and bottles. I wish we could move back a little bit, from superstores and hypermarkets. Just step back a little bit and bring back a bit of what we’ve left behind. Although, with that said, I’m glad we have more scientific methods of confirming death now!

    • Life was slower for sure, and there was more personal contact with shop workers. I much prefer to do things in person rather than online. I worry about the morticians’ equipment too.

  14. claire93 said:

    oooh a mortician’s trembler! what a great gadget ^^

  15. This is exactly the kind of place I try and find when we go on vacation. A picture of what was… and how little things have changed. Thank you so much for taking us along! (Although, I don’t think I have ever seen an axe in a Post Office either!)

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