Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

First Solo Holiday

Now whilst I have visited and stayed with friends by myself over the years, and even the odd hotel for the occasional night, I had never taken a holiday on my own. Until last week that is. I am so glad I chose somewhere familiar with happy memories, home but not home. When I lived in North Yorkshire it was in a small town and a village, so for my holiday I selected a farm way up in Farndale.

I made lots of preparations for my journey, having the car checked out and topped up with everything it could possibly need. I wrote a packing list. And a shopping list for things like bread and milk to buy when I was nearly there .

I was off by 8.30am and the journey not only went smoothly, it turned out to be a trip down memory lane, less than 5 miles from home. The Greggs I’d stopped at for breakfast once after visiting my oldest. The road that intersected the journey from our home in Oxfordshire to my Mum’s home in Wales. Birmingham where we’d gone to a Gardener’s World show many moons ago. All the towns I’d taken my youngest to, to watch his football team, Mansfield, Nottingham…The greasy spoon Cafe Mr E and I went to once whilst hitching from Cambridge to my Dad’s and how good egg and chips and a mug of tea could be…

I was in York by 12.30, where I did my food shop. Then I was on the final leg of my journey, noting changes since we moved two years ago. Nothing drastic. Trees seemed bigger, some shops had closed , the old police houses had received a makeover, and then I was there.

Norah’s Nook.. a converted piggery.

I was glad it was a converted redundant farm building rather than a cottage which was once home to a family.

Not going to starve
Somewhere to eat
Comfy bed with a friend waiting for me.
Eggs for breakfast
The neighbours, Bill, Ben and Bob
Security in the owners home next door
Scenery to die for. The Heather came out fully during my week, as you’ll see from later pictures.
And proper walls.

This was without doubt the best place I could have chosen for my first solo holiday.

I wonder, if you have taken holidays by yourself? What does or would make the best place for you?

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  1. ThingsHelenLoves said:

    That cottage is lovely- a real escape! I toy with the idea of solo travel. Apart from a few work trips here and there I’ve always travelled with kids and/or husband. It’s daunting to do it alone! I really don’t know where I’d go- maybe somewhere with lots of history so I could bimble about.

  2. Congratulations on making the leap to solo traveler. You planned well and it paid off. I traveled alone to Europe and the British Aisles the year I turned 30. I spent two months traveling by rail and using a youth hostel pass. It was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Your post here brought a lot of that back, so thank you.

  3. That was brave and awesome to go on a solo holiday! I enjoyed your photos πŸ™‚

  4. I have been thinking g about this idea. I would love to be near a place to take long walks or maybe the sea.

  5. I have indeed taken holidays on my own, having been single most of my adult life. One of the best that I can remember was staying in a cottage with a wood stove in Daylesford and booking myself at least half a dozen spa treatments, massages and soaks in hot mineral springs. I slept like the dead, read half a dozen books, ate beautiful local foods and was entirely isolated from the outside world (except for the treatments, which were mostly silent). It was marvellous…

    • Oh my that sounds blissful, and probably well deserved and much needed . I wondered how I would sleep , answer was, very well indeed.

  6. Incredible, Cathy! Gorgeous pictures…and what a cozy place to stay!

  7. Hurrah! What a lovely holiday! Thank you for sharing all of these pictures – so perfect!

  8. Well done! I have never been on a solo holiday. I do know someone who has a big family and she goes away on mini city breaks now and again solo, to get some time to herself. Nora’s nook looks lovely and always nice to have cute animal neighbors. X

  9. What a lovely holiday!! So glad all is going well so far and your journey was smooth and pleasant! Looking forward to hearing more about the neighbors πŸ™‚

  10. Norah’s Nook looks delightful. I imagine your first will not be your last visit. Off and on over the years I’ve enjoyed solo holidays. Company is nice but sometimes a few days R&R in a familiar and favourite place like the beach is restorative, and others I’ve enjoyed wandering around a city at my own pace and style.

  11. I love your cottage and your very cute neighbors! Did you have a lovely time relaxing?

  12. Going Batty in Wales said:

    That sounds a perfect introduction to holidayng alone!

  13. Well done, that’s a big step and you chose the perfect place, familiar with happy memories. I remember the holiday my mum and I first took after my dad died many years ago, we went to Scotland as we felt the lakes had too many memories, hated Scotland and driving back through the lakes was like coming home. It took 20 years of me saying I hate Scotland to realise that I’d only gone there at bad times of my life!

    • Oh I can see that your holiday to Scotland under those circumstances would have been very hard. I didn’t want to attempt too much too soon. It must have been hard for you and your Mum.

  14. Well done on your first solo ‘proper’ holiday, the cottage looks like the perfect place to be and Bill, Ben and Bob look adorable. I love alpacas and think they look so cute and funny with their mop top hair at the front πŸ™‚

  15. Looks absolutely idyllic. And following the 6Ps (Perfect Planning Prevents a P*** Poor Performance) you looked after yourself well.
    As you know, I have been mainly on my own for many years and have had lots of solo holidays – I have come to love it! My favourite was definitely the month I spent in a treehouse on the coast of Pembrokeshire, but a month island-hopping in Fench Polynesia comes a close second.
    I now have a wonderful image of you and Mr E hitch-hiking – in my mind’s eye it is in the 70s and Mr E has long hair, side burns and bell-bottomed trousers, you in a floral flowing midi dress. ❀ ❀

  16. claire93 said:

    what a perfect cottage for your first solo holiday! I do hope you had long chats with the chooks and became best friends with Bill, Ben & Bob!

    • There was one little red hen who became quite attached to me. Thought she would get in the car when I packed to come home.

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