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Balance- July22

I knew July and August would be tough months for various reasons. Firstly, hot weather and me don’t go together well. Secondly, July is Mr E’s birthday and August would have seen our wedding anniversary and the anniversary of Mr E’s death last year. Thirdly, usual every day groups and social activities grind to a halt for long summer holidays. So with this mind , I laid down some plans.

Humph! Things went really well for a few days. I watched and enjoyed Wimbledon -the tennis, and knitted, and the chaps came back and repaired the Summer House roof. I went to a school concert and cheered on Master T playing his drums (already studying Grade 5), and Miss F on the piano (Grade2). Then, the following day I heard that the two people I had sat between had tested positive for Covid, caught from independent sources. The following day I had a sore throat and fatigue set in. I got progressively worse, yet returned a run of negative Covid tests. Eventually I was persuaded to go the doctor, and was prescribed antibiotics and drops. It was all I could do to work out a timetable for taking my meds. It’s taken two weeks to get better, during which we endured the hottest temperatures in the UK on record, and all I have managed to do each day is the bare minimum of chores, and sleep. It has been a struggle to get through each day, emerging now and extremely grateful to family who told me to seek medical advice.

Things like concern for the food I ate and exercise just went out of the window.

I cancelled most of the things I’d had in mind to do this month. What is it they say about best laid plans? I missed a walk, the last poetry session, a church meeting and a family picnic. Instead I slept. The knitting is in my bag in exactly the same state it was on Gentleman’s Final Day at Wimbledon. The sewing project I planned on making for Baby P is lying just as I left it on the dining room table.

But it was only a throat infection, and I have now managed to get through (covid in January) two spells of minor ill health without the comfort of a partner. It is an achievement of sorts.

I was well enough and lucky enough to go to the cemetery with two of my Boys on Mr E’s birthday, and we did go for a family meal afterwards. We talked of happier times.

I was well enough on Saturday to go to a half day workshop at the Arts Centre. My plans were not all in vein after all.

Unexpected illness of a very minor nature only threw me off balance for a relatively short time, it just wasn’t nice.

Meantime, I’m in the market for a new tumble dryer, some light bulbs for the lounge and the kitchen clock needs new batteries. I want to tackle the garage next month for which I need a skip. The boiler is due a service in August. Tessa is coming to help again with the garden, which currently looks very brown but did provide the slugs with a Good feed, and I have a wonderful week in Yorkshire to look forward too.

I will survive!

Joining with Carolyn for one word monthly review. Link here..https://youronewordblog.wordpress.com/2022/07/24/

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  1. I am playing catch-up with reading blog posts. So sorry to hear you were feeling poorly. On the whole, I enjoy living on my own but the only time I ever feel lonely is if I am ill. As always, you inspire me with your positive approach – you got through it, another milestone. Much love Cathy. xx

  2. Oh dear, so we were unwell at exactly the same time. I’m still getting back to full strength. Covid finally got me! It sounds like you’re on the mend and well again, I’m glad to read that.

  3. Well there’s nothing I can actually do to help but know my thoughts and virtual hugs are coming your way.

  4. I’m so pleased it wasn’t COVID but no lurgy is pleasant, and makes it all the more difficult to get on with what has to be done. The practical requires my attention minutiae of every day, week, month never ceases to amaze me. I do my very best to keep to a schedule where I devote mornings to it and keep the afternoons to myself, and thus my equilibrium. Hah, the balance you speak of!

  5. Sorry you had those significant dates back to back, Anniversaries and key dates are always so difficult. Glad you had family to share memories and a meal on his birthday.
    Oh no – feeling sick during hot weather – that is unpleasant and I hate summer colds. Hope you are on the mend.

  6. You have had quite a month and balance seems like a good word for this time. And that heat wave you all are having is terrible. Here is hoping for some cooler, calmer days ahead

  7. Bravo on emerging on the other side with your head held high. You made it! It sounds pretty yucky, and I well remember the utter misery of being very poorly all alone with no help. Dragging an aching body from bed to kitchen to bathroom and back sometimes seemed more than I could bear. And then it was over. You have been tested, and proved to be solid gold, my dear. I’m glad you’re back on your feet.

    • Thanks Kate. It was a minor problem quickly over, just not nice! I’m at an age where things take longer to get over, and being alone imagination is a bad thing! I’m going to do some serious thinking about how I reacted to this. Your kind words help a lot. Your words are greatly appreciated.

  8. Karen Dodgson said:

    Bless you, I think you are doing really well and you are an inspiration. I’m so glad you have family near you, it must have been horrible being poorly and on your own. Now you can emerge stronger and continue with your brilliant balancing act….never forget you are stronger and braver than you think.

  9. So sorry your month was so difficult! Being ill really is does throw everything off – plans, equilibrium, balance. So glad you are feeling a bit better and have been able to do some of your planned activities. Thinking of you and sending you virtual hugs!

  10. I’m so sorry you spent so much time unwell. I’m so glad you sought medical help. I know I would even if I thought it was covid. My kids had it the last 2 weeks so I’ve seen no one for 3 weeks. It seems that when we are at our lowest is when illness can sneak in the door more easily. You have done so much to get ahead of that, I’m surprised it caught you. Keep resting when you can and shore up your reserves. It’s good you are taking advantage of a few things to keep you distracted from the missing of Mr. E. It’s very hard to keep carrying on like everything is normal when it’s not. You do have a good support system though.

    • I am exceedingly lucky that we moved when we did, so that I do have family support. The nurse practitioner that I saw ran through the various causes to explain why I had become unwell and wasn’t picking up. Top of the list came stress and strain. It’s much harder than I thought it would be. Time to count my blessings.

      • Counting blessings is good but so is being gentle with yourself. It’s why I wrote the blog on birthing. We are building whole new lives and it’s just not as easy as it looks. I’m in the catching my breath stage.

  11. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Sorry to hear you have been unwell, but glad you are recovering well. Time has gone very quick. I know with your family around you will get through the next month, but it is not easy. Thinking of you

  12. Today, I would be happy to put Bandit on a plane to visit you…on a serious note, I am glad you weathered a tough month and have come out the other side able to see some sunshine. Glad plans are still in play for the weeks ahead, 🙏 for those tough days coming up. 😘

    • Just a question of constant adjustment. I wonder is anything ever just settled? I will enjoy a virtual cuddle with Bandit across the ether.Thank you.

  13. I can’t help but wander into the weeds here and wonder…the universe had you in a seriously vulnerable spot. This time of year would have been hard enough as-is, and then to be down with illness. A triple whammy. But, wow–your perspective and your ability to move *through*…you did it. Hope you go gentle on yourself as you get back to 100%. And I’m so happy to hear you have Yorkshire to look forward to!

  14. I am sorry you were sick, but I am glad it was not COVID and that you saw a doctor. Being alone sick… is well, more lonely. But you did it! I think that balance is the most challenging word… perhaps because I often feel so unbalanced. I applaud your efforts this month!

  15. Going Batty in Wales said:

    I am so sorry to hear about your throat infection – being unwell when you live alone is not nice – no-one to bring you drinks or snacks, to keep things going, and the worry about how to get help if things suddenly get worse. Those anniversaries are tricky too but believe me it does get easier as you learn startegies for getting through them. It will be my birthday this week and our wedding anniversary a fortnight later then I am safe until Christmas and January when John died. You have done so much work to make the house and harden work for you as a single person and I hope the garage is the last big clear-out for now. get help with it if you can – it sounds like there is a lot to sort through. Big hugs coming your way.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. Your experience and encouragement mean a great deal to me. I had no idea how hard it was going to be. On a positive note I put on my big girl pants, kitchen clock has a new battery and I got it rehung. I’ve been to the electrical supplier the electrician told me about last month, bought the light bulb and got it in. Never contended with screw fittings and uplighters before, and I have ordered a skip for the final decluttering push. Not such a wimp after all!

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