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Lavender Bags

I have really enjoyed my first full term at the U3A embroidery group. Everyone has been incredibly friendly and welcoming. My biggest challenge was finding portable projects which don’t take up much space in a group. I do tend to spread a lot! I also wanted things that didn’t challenge me too much so I could stitch and talk at the same time, the japanese rice bag and felted landscape fitted the bill well.

I enjoyed looking round the internet for suitable projects and imagine my delight when I found a company I thought had vanished. Do you recall or know Cloth Kits. They were based in Lewes in Sussex. A few years ago we were near there and I thought to visit the shop, but they were gone. Well turns out the company is alive and well, and is now in Chichester, Sussex. I popped in an order, including this lavender bag kit, perfect for my group.

Felt Lavender Houses by Corinne Lapierre

I really enjoyed stitching these, and there is felt, stuffing, threads and lavender leftover to make more…

I hope to start a more complicated project in September.

Comments on: "Lavender Bags" (33)

  1. My primary school teacher used to complain about one of my Cloth Kits dresses; it had cloth covered buttons and was a devil to do up after PE classes!

  2. Oh my goodness those little houses are adorable!
    Glad you are enjoying your embroidery group so much!

  3. They are very sweet. 🙂 X

  4. They’re so sweet!

  5. Those are adorable and that they hold lavender is an added bonus. I love anything that holds lavender. They would be so cute on an inside spring tree. Like an Easter tree. Such fun.

  6. I like these they look so cute – and we really need smellyvision 🙂

  7. The most gorgeous lavender bags I’ve ever seen!

  8. I love those!

  9. Going Batty in Wales said:

    Those are so pretty and much more interesting than the usual ‘heart or other shape with lace’ type. I am glad you have found a group of friendly locals who share your interest in stitching and crafting – an excellent way to make friends.

  10. They are very pretty bags! Love the stitched embellishment 🙂

  11. These are very cute. I remember Cloth Kits…

  12. hawthorn said:

    Those are super sweet 😀

  13. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    So cute

  14. ThingsHelenLoves said:

    Very pretty. Nice to hear Cloth Kits are still going, I thought they’d disappeared. I did one of their skirts years ago, felt very accomplished!

  15. claire93 said:

    ever so pretty ^^

  16. Beautiful, Cathy! Oh my… I am wishing for aroma-vision! 🙂

  17. U3A is great, ours are always booked up. Love your lavendar bags

  18. Such pretty little houses. Sounds like a good place to shop if you like sewing.

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