Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Day Five

Busy,busy, busy

All that rubbish!
New cladding going , new hand rail going in, ignore the weed corner at the back, no mow May was not a good idea
The end is actually in sight!

The bike belongs to the youngest member of the three man team, the other two come in vans, yes plural vans, so much stuff needed!

Nearly done.

Comments on: "Day Five" (20)

  1. It is looking fantastic Cathy! You must be thrilled!

  2. It looks wonderful so far!!

  3. Great progress! Weeds are needed by some wonderful creatures so don’t be bothered.

  4. Love!! (and yay for your bees for No Mow May… I think they look perfect!)

  5. Heartily approve! Love the handrail & wooden poles! All will be well shortly… 💕

  6. Wow! Looking so good. You are creating a lovely space to be in.

  7. It’s all coming together nicely, I’m looking forward to seeing it once it’s completely finished 🙂

  8. New handrail delivered and installed ✔️
    New frontage poles on garden bank ✔️
    Garden plans being reassessed – maybe 😊

  9. Going Batty in Wales said:

    The weedy grass will die back soon and order will be restored. The work is coming on well and I approve very much of the handrail – maybe not needed yet but future- proofing is a good idea while you are having all the work done.

  10. I was amused by the idea that no mow May was not good idea. It sounds so ecological. 🤣

  11. claire93 said:

    looks like workmen are doing a stirling job!

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