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Scrap Happy Feb 22

Delighted to say that I finished my scrappy fabric box.

made from scraps of fabric slow stitched together with plastic canvas to provide the sides, then blanket stitched to make a box with a lid.
Lid detail , with butterfly button to open.

Now winging it’s way to the https://thesnailofhappiness.com to go in her shop as an example of fabric scrap usage.

Meantime Jean from https://onesmallstitch.wordpress.com/2022/02/03/signs-of-spring-2/ kindly sent me some leftover squares

to embroider on, which I have just started to do using of course scraps of yarn etc.

Now what do you do with left over pastry if you make a pie?

Just had to use some with leftover fruit mincemeat, and they were yummy.

Linking slightly earlier than usual with Kate for scrappy happy day, because I am going on adventure and I need to set an alarm..



Comments on: "Scrap Happy Feb 22" (38)

  1. […] includes several creations from other ScrapHappy participants: a box from Cathy, scarves from Jenny, a blanket from Sue. Also in there, there are many things that have featured in […]

  2. I tried to grab a pastry off the screen and it did not work, alas…
    Nice little scrap box!

  3. Those boxes are so sweet.

  4. Yummy & beautiful projects here, Cathy – thanks for sharing! Am intrigued by your mention of “an adventure.” Wonder what could it be . . . . . šŸ˜˜

  5. This is a great way to use scraps! Your box is great!

  6. the box is so scrappy and wonderful, I have some plastic canvas left from my Mom, maybe i should give it a try. Can’t wait to see the embroidered squares and what you do with them. Thanks for the link. the tarts do look yummy!

    • Your squares are so lovely. I have started one but didn’t want to share yet. Plastic canvas is great for guiding those slow stitches, so you don’t sit there worrying about straight lines which I would.

  7. Your little box is lovely, a friend and I were only chatting about these recently and through – might give these slow stitch projects more attention

  8. The box is so pretty – it makes me feel like summer is possible, while the mince pies are looking back to nice things in winter – we must be in February!

  9. Mrs Snail will be thrilled to bits to have that lovely box on display! Is her new shop close enough for you to be able to visit?

    • I could just about do it as a day trip because she is near where my son was at university,but more likely to stay in North Wales for a couple of days and relive some of my childhood holidays.

  10. Just love your box, and it deserves pride of place in Jan’s shop. Can’t wait to see her display xxx

  11. Going Batty in Wales said:

    I was going to make one of those boxes ages ago. I must find it! Yours is so pretty!

  12. When I bought some plastic canvas, I bought enough to make one of those boxes from my scrap fabric. Have yet to get down to it though.

  13. The box is just beautiful!! When I have pastry left over I just cut it in strips and bake it. Then we eat it šŸ™‚

  14. Oh, fruit mince tarts…. My mouth is watering! I love your little box, and the lovely Snail will undoubtedly have a lot of interest expressed in that. I’m really sad that I’m so far away and can’t participate in all the fun over there in the west. Do let us know about the adventure once you’ve recovered from it!

  15. The box is wonderful as are those little tarts! Have fun on your adventure, looking forward to hearing all about it!

  16. I love the tartlettes! They are so cute. What a great way to use plastic canvas. I’ve never seen that before. It turned out very cute. Enjoy the adventure.

  17. I love it šŸ˜
    And interested to know what adventure is up ahead for you šŸ¤©

  18. Oh I love your scrappy produce…

  19. Your boxes are so inspiring and I love the colours of this one. I also popped over to the Snail of happiness – what a brilliant idea her shop is, I am sure it wil do well.

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