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#12 Wild Days of Christmas

Getting Covid was certainly not on the agenda, nor on my list of good ideas for participation in 12 Days Wild at Christmas. But you can’t put a good woman down and I was blowed if this was going to stop me doing something.

So after all that thinking we had done on bug hotels, compost bins and electric car chargers, something practical was in order, and outside.

First of all I cleaned out, and even threw away some garden pots. Then I planted up some violas in one I freed from weeds, and the urn at the top of the garden.

Next I thought about my ideas of planting an orchard, and many thanks to everyone who had commented on that post last year. I then got in touch with Tessa who helped Mr E in 2020, and we have planned my fruit tree grove, which will also provide me with shade. Hoping to place an order for them soon.

I firmly believe that planting trees will help the environment.The National Trust offers the chance to buy a sapling and dedicate it as a memorial or as a celebration. Something I could do without going out, so I have done just that as a memorial to Mr E. Five in fact.

I have been really upset not to be able to use my bird table here, because of pesky rodents. However I am able to watch the birds in the trees that I can see from the house, as at this time of year they are really searching everywhere for food. I have seen a Robin, blackbirds, blue tits, great tits, pigeons, magpies and I think this is a wren visiting my containers on the steps.

To the left of the second pot and about to jump right in.

My sleep pattern has gone out if the window. I have been waking early before the traffic gets going, and I can hear bird song. I have been shocked to hear it at 4.15am, I assume the effect of light pollution.

I talked to Tessa about not being able to feed the birds and how I would like to get rid of the artificial grass in front of the house, and plant flowers and shrubs for the bees and butterflies. She thinks it is doable , I am so excited.

She has suggested I plant a crab apple tree especially for the birds.

I was upset last year not to participate in the British Bird Count at the end of January. I noticed that for people without gardens they suggest counting in a park. I thought of Moulden Hill near me, and the lovely Lake with swans, ducks , geese, coots and moorhens. I will be out of isolation by then. I have ordered some special duck food, can’t wait for it to come.

Finally last night, there were clear skies and I did some star gazing from my porch, delighted that Orion was overhead.

So without leaving my house, I have done some planting, planned an orchard, enabled five saplings to be planted, planned a flower bed for bees and butterflies, watched birds, heard bird song, looked at night skies, signed up for the Bird count and ordered some duck food.Not done too badly after all. Still giving serious thought to Green Johannas too.

Links here, if you are interested. https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/plant-a-tree


I don’t get sponsorship from any of this in case you are wondering.

Finally , I have my first negative Covid test today, beyond excited, the big wide world beckons. I still feel as if a ten ton truck hit me, Monday afternoon was horrible, but maybe the vaccines work!!

From the forlorn patch soon to be an apple grove come nature reserve,

With love, and thanks for being out there in bloggers world,


Comments on: "#12 Wild Days of Christmas" (32)

  1. Going Batty in Wales said:

    WOW! You really are bouncing back. I think the idea of an orchard at the back and a wild things area at the front is brilliant – low maintenance but very attractive for people too. You seem to have found a really helpful ‘expert’ to help which is great. Trees make a fantastic memorial – When I started planting odd saplings that self seeded into my veg beds into the abandoned field over the stream I called it ‘John’s wood’ in his memory.

  2. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    So glad you are on the mend. And you have done so much. Have you every thought of using one of those window bird feeder. They use suction to attach themselves to the window and because they are on windows rats and mice can’t climb up them

  3. Oh what a wonderful memorial idea, congrats on that tree planting! I love that you are moving forward with your garden, I remember when you moved to the new house and it looked like you had a huge project ahead of you. You are amazing!

  4. “Can’t put a good woman down” is sooo right!
    WONDERFUL progress!!!
    With you all the way & will help however we can. 💕💕

  5. Fantastic positive mental attitude you have there.

    Well done on all you have planned, it’s very exciting.

    I keep seeing a wren around the garden here, they’re so sweet aren’t they?

  6. Glad you have gotten to experience so much of the natural world from your home 🙂 I’m excited to see your plans for your garden develop 🙂

  7. This has to be the most ambitious covid bout I have seen! You are a woman to be reckoned with! Glad to hear you are on the back side and soon out of “jail.” Don’t push too hard!

  8. I am impressed that Covid has given you such fighting spirit. Stay well and keep planning!

  9. Golly, you are very efficient doing all those lovely jobs from your abode – well done. And great news re negative test now! That wren in the photo was a good snap – I bet many people see them but never have a camera to hand. She/he reminds me of a china ornament by Nan had, I covetted it and was allowed to pick it up under supervision. May your garden/trees keep growing and giving you pleasure

    • I was lucky to spot the wren as I was doing the washing up, even luckier that it stayed put whilst I fought with my marigolds and got my camera. I think my biggest thrill was seeing Orion, such a lot of light pollution here.

  10. Wow! you have been busy. Glad you are on the mend but do be careful not to do too much too soon.

  11. I love the idea of having an orchard in the back garden. I have 3 apple trees and a plum tree, but none of them have fruited yet. It’s a great idea to count birds at a local park, otherwise results are skewed towards urban and garden birds, you’ll probably appreciate getting out after your isolation. X

  12. Wow, Cathy you’ve certainly been busy. I can’t wait for the Birdwatch too. I usually do one for my back yard and one with my sister and family who live in a more rural area. Sorry you have covid but glad your over the worst. My other half has just tested positive, so I will probably catch it soon. Hoping not! X

  13. What a wonderful post. And cheers to you for finding ways to be outside while in quarantine. We have had a bout of snow and ice that has sidetracked my brain but I think I will do a bit of garden dreaming while I wait for the thaw.

  14. Cathy! You are so inspiring! My goodness Covid seems to have given you a burst of rebellious, determined energy to ‘get-things-done’.
    Loving your ideas and I am definitely going to follow your links.
    How about a bird bath of two. I do not put birdfeeders out either, for the same reason, but I love to see the robins, sparrows ans blackbirds having a bath.

    • I had a bird bath in Pickering, but it was a bit ramshackled to bring. I shall look into finding a rodent proof one.
      No covid was getting the better of me, thanks to Pfizer and the good administrators of the vaccine centre I was going to beat this thing.

  15. claire93 said:

    so pleased to read you’ve got so much planned for the garden! and yoo hoo on being over your bout of Covid! Heard this morning that 2 close neighbours have tested positive (one actually had Covid last year followed by vaccines, and the other had vaccines) but symptoms are mild.

    • I only had one scary hard time which was Monday afternoon, when my eyes decided to join in. I went back to bed, took a lemsip and then Mr Covid decided it was getting nowhere with me and looked for somewhere else to go, but there was nowhere. Can’t really believe that was only two days ago.

  16. I hope you’re fully on the mend and feeling much better very soon. I love the idea of an apple grove, what a wonderful idea. How about a quince and a pear, while you’re at it?

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