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Lydiard Park

Lydiard Park

This has become one of my favourite places to walk in Swindon,not hard to find should you ever be near Junction 16 on The M4. I took an Autumn walk recently.

Loving the sunlight through the trees.
Busy, busy, busy.

He had found the only conker I saw all day.

Ice house

Back in the day before fridges and freezers, just what could you do for ice in your gin and tonic, or even to keep your Ben and Jerry’s frozen? Why build an ice house deep in the grounds so you didn’t have to see it, then get your minions to hack your frozen lake, and lug hunks of ice back to your ice house, and store it safely. Then send more minions to hack off a piece and fetch it back for cook.

I usually walk around the lake, but on this occasion set off to explore the parkland.

The fields on either side are accessible, full of dogs doing their zoomies. Apparently used for events too.

The property actually belongs to the council for the benefit of the populace. The house has a museum , only open at weekends, still not been. It is also a hotel and conference centre. We did actually stay there once, can’t really recommend it. We were in a small room, down a long corridor, and there was a wedding reception going on, need I say more. The following day we were woken by the church bells, from here,

St Mary’s.

Which was right by our window. Humph. We did however enjoy our walk round the grounds later on, full of crocus and snowdrops. Happy days.

Enough reflections, more walk..

Absolutely stunning.

Time for a sit down, and a nice mug of hot chocolate.

Guess which nitwit spilt some and had to do a mop up?

After this I went to wander around the walled garden. Now 99% of walled gardens were for the growing of vegetables. Not this one( that 99% isn’t fact, but a literary device, don’t want to be fact checked and in trouble). No, the veggies were apparently grown elsewhere, near the lake I think, also might not be true but an inaccurate recollection. There used to be a formal flower garden in front of the house. Back in day of Capabilty Brown it was fashionable to call in the landscape gardener, rip out your flower beds and create an unnatural “natural” landscape, with lakes , and like Marie Antoinette pretend you were a shepherdess. So the formal garden went, and the stones from that were used to build a walled garden. It’s much smaller than your average walled garden and certainly wouldn’t have grown enough food for the owners and staff. Normally there’s a charge for entering , but on this occasion was free because it was being used as a communal remembrance garden.

Seemed that some were for individuals, and some for generic gratitude. It was moving to see so many crosses, like this.

There was the odd splash of colour too.

I do like Chinese lanterns, not to self and forlorn patch.

But this lady fascinated me.

Just love this picture. Not sure where the original is kept. Wonder how well these remedies worked?

I was a bit footsore by now, so headed back to the car, hope you enjoyed my walk.

Those trees will have shed their leaves now I reckon , the ones at home have for sure. Already filled my wheelie bin twice, and there are still more!

Be happy,


Comments on: "Lydiard Park" (41)

  1. Oh I so enjoyed your images and I had a lovely vicarious outing looking at them. Now I have to go make a cup of hot chocolate!

  2. Came through a link on Wild Daffodils’s blog. Nice to read and see some scenes from Lydiard park. I used to live not far, and used to cycle across from the other side of Swindon before West Swindon was built, and there were just fields. Lydiard was my place to go to enjoy all the snowdrops in February.

  3. Looks like a wonderful walk in nature 🙂

  4. Thanks for the great walk, Cathy, I love these posts!

  5. Very interesting, nice to see a photograph of a few pages of the book. I wonder if it’s held in the museum? Time to visit perhaps?

  6. What a fab place for a wander and a good mug of hot chocolate too. I have actually stopped in a converted Ice House which was turned into a holiday cottage. X

  7. Looks like a lovely place for a walk. Ice houses are a fascinating idea. Our ancestors obviously knew a thing or two.

  8. Going Batty in Wales said:

    How lovely to have a stately home and its land given to the public. It reminds me of Heaton Park Near Manchester which was just round the corner when I was growing up.

  9. Wonderful walk, those trees – gorgeous colours.
    You always find intriguing things when you are out and about.

  10. caroline reay said:

    Beautiful, and anyone can spill a coffee! You might be interested in this about ice https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_trade

  11. What a lovely and interesting place! Beautiful scenery – thank you for sharing!

  12. That photo of the front of the house looks like the perfect set for a Jane Austen movie, doesn’t it?

  13. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Looks like a lovely place to visit, and lovely Autumn colours

  14. When on holiday in the UK I was based in Swindon for a week as it was ideal for train travel. If I had the use of a car I would certainly have visited here. Thank you for the virtual tour.

  15. I like the pic of the path between the fields, it looks like a great place for a dog walk. I had to smile at the idea of remedies for dog mange and toad poisonings, I wonder if they worked? 🙂

  16. I enjoyed your walk from the comfort of my chair now I must go and make sure the minions are preparing my dinner.

  17. It’s so fascinating to see something written so long ago, also that she had to figure out how to put the book itself together. And on top of having 13 children (although I imagine she would hardly have had to make their own suppers and put them to bed herself every night!)

  18. rather like the look of that ice house – wouldn’t it be fun it was actually a hobbit house though ^^

  19. What a lovely day out I felt I had reading that. Thank you! It looks a great place to stroll and the weather looked fabulous. So far the autumn has been lovely to enjoy, though I read from this week we get ‘real’ November weather, brrr. That ice house looked in good condition, at least from the outside. We have part of one in a local country park (used to be a house on the grounds but it was burnt down in the 1960’s) – ours isn’t nearly as nice looking from the outside. Must have been a different way of life eh! Now people just pop their glass onto a gadget on their fridge an hey presto! there’s ice plopped into the drinks!
    One more thing, forgive me for being ignorant, but what plant is the ‘pineapple with a purple hairdo’?

  20. Thank you for this great post, Cathy, and all the excellent photos! Love the thought of Chinese lanterns in the forlorn patch! Can you buy seeds or are they difficult plants to grow? I’ve not seen them over here much at all, in any form. I associate Swindon with a police academy. Is there really one there, or was that a figment of a writer’s imagination? Whichever, the area is lovely!

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