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A bit of stitching.

Sandra from Wild Daffodil organised some of us who had participated in the Untangled Threads Stitchbook project { soon to be exhibited at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching show} into an offshoot group to raise money for charity. The latest collaboration suggested was to create a woodland inspired wall hanging. She very kindly sent me a piece of hessian on which to stitch my contribution.

I knew I had suitable threads/yarn, what I hadn’t appreciated was just how much I had. Anyway I started to play.

I began with stitching down two pieces of fabric, and then commenced slow stitching.
Just enjoying the process
And stop

I really enjoyed this and have sent it back to Sandra to join the work of others. Wonder how it will turn out?

I wondered if anyone had joined in with a group project and how you found the experience. I just love the thrill of being part of something with others, and the enjoyment of seeing the final piece. If it can give pleasure to others and raise some money, well so much the better.

Comments on: "A bit of stitching." (38)

  1. That was very creative indeed. I loved how it turned out. Just beautiful.

  2. This is lovely, Cathy!

  3. This is really beautiful! You should definitely do more! I’m off to the Harrogate show next weekend and will look out for the stall.

  4. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    It is really lovely – love the colours and textures

  5. That looks amazing, it’s beautiful!

  6. Wow look at the evolution of that piece! It was fun to see where it started and where it ended- nice work!

  7. Going Batty in Wales said:

    Love it!

  8. It looks great Cathy – I’ll bet you really enjoyed yourself doing it.

  9. That is really beautiful! Love the colors and the stitches – really lovely and evocative.

  10. This looks amazing to me, Cathy, and I can definitely sense the woodlands. What fun to be a part of a group project!

  11. It’s an inspired piece, Cathy & I can’t wait to see what you do with your second piece!

  12. Karen Dodgson said:

    Oh Cathy that is absolutely beautiful, it made me want to step into the woodland scene you’ve created.

  13. That’s gorgeous! You should do more of these, you’ve got a definite talent for it. I thought at first it was going to be a topographic map, which would also be fun…

    • I really enjoyed this. I had no idea I had collected so many packs of threads, and to use them finally was great. I found it really relaxing.

  14. This is so beautiful.

  15. absolutely beautiful Cathy ^^

  16. I can see you enjoyed doing that. Maybe you’re ready to tackle another one?

  17. I love your woodland piece Cathy, your enjoyment in the stitching shines through.
    It is fun to see the steps you took.
    I feel very lucky to have the real thing, which is a textural delight. It is worthy as a stand alone piece, and I know it will look splendid when put with the others – if you would like me to send you another piece of hessian to make one for yourself to keep, let me know. 🙂 ❤

    • Oh thank you for this. I took your advice and went to Hobbycraft and now have two metres of hessian to play with. Happy to send you a piece now, if you would like it.

      • Great – you found some – brilliant – Thank you for the offer, but you won’t be surprised to hear that I still have masses of hessian left. It’s my new found mini-obsession. It goes so well with rust! ❤

  18. Wow! That is really amazing and beautiful.

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