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Scrap Happy-October 2021

I was having a sort out and tidy up this week (quite a lot of that going on these day) when tucked under a pile of sunlounger cushions in the guest bedroom I unearthed a pillowcase standing to attention. It was a scrap happy project begun in January 2020, packed away ready for the house move, unpacked at this end and promptly disappeared.


Contents of pillowcase- picture frame not present.

The picture frame is what made the contents stand upright. Inside I have a load of scrappy fabrics busy auditioning for my version of the picture you can see. I had actually managed to sew the sky fabric to the ground floral fabric, before it became a UFO.

Time I think to turn the UFO into a WIP. Which is my way of saying that I haven’t a complete thing for a tahdah moment yet.

Magazine picture minus my clutter

Now for an even more shameful thing. The magazine is a Crafts Special by a UK magazine called Woman’s Weekly, dated May 2012. Humph.

So yesterday I put the fabric through it’s paces and here is the final cast, ready to have a dose of fabric spray and my attention on the sewing machine. It says machine embroidery, don’t know that I am that brave at the moment.

Anyway there it is. I have washed the pilow case and that’s now in the ironing pile so I can’t hide this away again.

Please pop over to Kate’s to see her Scrap Happy project and for the up to date links for everyone else-here-https://talltalesfromchiconia.wordpress.com/

Thanks for coming here today.

Comments on: "Scrap Happy-October 2021" (48)

  1. It’s such a sweet make! What does the fabric spray do? Is it adhesive, keeping things in place until you sew them? You could easily do M.E I feel. You don’t need a fancy foot for it, can just hold the piece in place with an embroidery hoop and go for it – I had a go a while back. You’re a much better sewer / sewist than me already anyway… x

    • Yes it stops it sliding around, especially Good for small bits and unlike bondaweb it doesn’t make the fabric stiff. I shall get some spare fabric and have a practice.

  2. Enjoy finishing your project off, Cathy. What will you do with the picture when you’ve finished?

  3. Love the fabrics you chose – that will be adorable!

  4. Oh my word! I prefer your version to the one in the magazine, it has more character! You never cease to surprise me with your cleverness. xx

  5. claire93 said:

    this is adorable Cathy ^^ You’ve done a great job so far – look forward to seeing the hand embroidery/appliqué as you add details.

  6. This is looking lovely Cathy – it will look great with some raw edge or free motion embroidery when you feel up to it.
    I daren’t even think about how many and how old some of my UFOs are so you are not alone.

  7. So glad you found it and start working on it, because it´s very cute!

  8. Things appear to us at just the right time. Looks like it was time for this cute little applique project. I love it and may one day think about doing my own. I’ll have to save the photo just in case I run out of things to do. You can start laughing now. You will have it done quite soon I believe as it’s just adorable.

  9. I’m sure we all have more than one UFO tucked away, This one will be well worth the long wait.

  10. That’s quite a UFO you have there. I wonder what aliens live in the house… or maybe the chickens ARE the aliens. Love it! I find UFO’s all the time these days too as I had everything packed for a move that didn’t happen this time last year (didn’t happen due to covid and not being able to locate housing so had to turn down job.). Anyway, can’t wait to see it finished. My sew machine is still in the box…LOL!

    • You understand events perfectly, with things packed away for moves. So sorry you couldn’t take the job though.

      • I am, too. It would have put us back in our hometown area and close to family and friends. That said, we have moved 15 times in 25 years, so in a way, I have it down to an art form… or should have.

  11. A lovely tah-dah moment! Glad you are exploring your creativity! I want to make something like that someday, I love house related vignettes with fabric.

  12. Going Batty in Wales said:

    Shall we have a competition to see who has the longest standing UFO? You are not alone Cathy! And you have some rather good excuses for letting things rest a while. It will be lovely when it is done – some very nice fabric patterns in there.

    • I have at least one I can think of that is at least 20 years old.

      • Going Batty in Wales said:

        That certainly makes you a front runner! There used to be a family joke that there were clothes awaiting finishing which had been there so long they were waiting for the grandchildren to come along!

  13. I hide lots of things in my ironing pile — no one will ever think to look there for them! There could well be things in there from 2012 as well…. 🙂

  14. It will be cute! Worth saving the pattern for 9 years…sometimes it takes that long!

  15. I love house blocks and this one is really lovely.

  16. How delightful this looks! Wishing you much enjoyment with the sewing down.

  17. Incredibly gorgeous. Raw edge embroidery is very effective

  18. How clever to attempt this. Your sky has proper clouds too. Sure it will be wonderful when you have finished it.

    • The clouds are part of the fabric. I was thinking as I added bits to the picture that the sky didn’t look realistic and then I looked out of the window to a sky that looked just like this fabric.

  19. It’s very sweet, so I quite see why it’s still a viable project for you. I have complete faith in your ability to get it put together. And may I just say, I have a quilt disaster in a box waiting for me to rectify it… it has been there since probably 2009… I can’t bear to throw it out because the fabrics are beautiful, and besides, I know I have the skills now that I didn’t then, and can fix it.

  20. This will be so cute! Congratulations on getting it re-started. I have so many projects waiting for that to happen- maybe this weekend…

  21. A charming picture, will it go in a frame when done?
    There is no shame, as far as I am concerned, in a project in waiting since 2012 – I have some much older than that! 😉

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