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Introducing Baby P

No two ways about this, proud Nana pictures coming up, and a big dose of cuteness.

And finally making her modelling debut, pictured by her Dad, we have Baby P wearing a purple Nana knit.

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  1. Congrats, lovely news xx

  2. A precious little bundle – love all that hair! And she models her cardi so well. xxx

  3. She is adorable! Congratulations to your family!

  4. Congratulations, she’s gorgeous 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the new grand-baby, and that delightful Nana knit!

  6. Congratulations to you all. Xx

  7. What a Precious gift for all of you, just what you needed!

  8. There is nothing more precious than a newborn child. Congratulations, Nana, and mum and dad too. The tiny purple sweater is so precious. I’m happy for all of you.

  9. She’s adorable, and her hair gives her a real look of her daddy. I can see why you’re such a proud nana!

  10. Aww, what a cutie. 😍 Congratulations. X

  11. Congratulations on that awesome new person! I am glad you have new life and positive things like that going on in your family! She’s going to get so much love from her Nana!

  12. What a sweet baby. I love all that hair and a babe in arms is just what you need.

  13. Nothing more beautiful in the world than a brand new baby and you get to hold that baby. Love the purple sweater. Those cuddles should help hold you together for a while.

  14. My heartfelt congratulations!! She is absolutely adorable, and the sweater looks so great on her! (Also she has so much hair already! Wow!!) That is just wonderful news. 🙂

  15. A beautiful child. You must be so happy with her. Parents look so happy too. Won’t be long before she grows into that cardigan though. They change so quickly at this age. 🙂

    • Thank you, that’s lovely thing to say. They do grow fast, it will be agallop for a couple if years to keep her in Nana knits.

  16. Well, as Stevie Wonder sang ‘isn’t she lovely!’.
    All that hair! Did Mum have indigestion while pregnant? I’m pretty sure that’s an old wives’ tale because I swigged regularly from a bottle of Gaviscon when I was carrying my firstborn and she was as bald as a coot until she was 3.
    A lovely purple nana knit for her to grow into – which won’t be long.
    Congratulations to you all xx

  17. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh she is gorgeous! And I love how tiny she is in her new cardi – but it won’t be long before she’s filling it out 🙂 xxxx

    • I know its swamping her but it is first size, plenty of wear to be had! And you said just the right thing about her gorgeousness.

  18. claire93 said:

    congrats to all the family ^^ What a lovely head of hair Baby P has.

    • Mr E and I were both born with mops like this, so inevitably our boys were too, and all grandchildren, we all look like peas in a pod at this age.

      • claire93 said:

        it does seem to run in families. I also had a full head of hair at birth, and our 3 children were all born with plenty of hair, plus Baby Viking.

  19. So cute and so small, she looks really tiny in the picture with her mum and dad 🙂

  20. Oh so VERY cute! It is such a nerve-wracking time waiting for a new little one to enter the world. So glad to see her and her happy, proud parents and Nana.
    Her modelling career if off to a brilliant start, in her gorgeous Pooh Bear outfit.
    3 cheers for Nana Knits!
    Gorgeous all round and many congratulations to all the family. ❤

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