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Scrap Happy- August 2021

I needed to go to the town centre this month on various errands, so I took the opportunity to visit the main library and browse the bookshelves that have been in lockdown, namely the cookery and craft ones. I came away with two craft ones. One was on recyling things to make new things, only you seemed to have to buy more new stuff for each project than do any recycling , so that book has departed. I was inspired by the other for a nice scrappy project for this month.

A foxy brooch .

The felt is not quite the right colour but I used what I had. Here he is by himself.

He is rather sweet.

There are some other lovely felt projects I would like to try, and I do have rather a lot of felt scraps to go at. For more scrappy projects please pop over to Kate’s for the full list of current participants.

here https://talltalesfromchiconia.wordpress.com

Comments on: "Scrap Happy- August 2021" (29)

  1. I’ve got a few of Corinne’s kits, I must get one out to complete. They’re really cute!
    Like your foxie.

  2. I have been thinking of you for days and finally got back to my email that showed this post. I’m so glad you took time to go out and do something for yourself. Buying any book is always a good think and one that helps you find a bit of creativity is even better. I’ve never worked with felt but it looks so sweet. Keeping good thoughts for you both.

  3. I was laughing when you mentioned that the book on recycling made you have to buy new things in order to make the projects! Your fox os adorable!

  4. The fox is so cute!

  5. What a sweet little fox!

  6. Little brown fox is the right colour to be herself! Buying more stuff to recycle things seems to miss the point slightly…

  7. Love your cute foxy brooch! My favourite way to use felt scraps is to make egg cosies as gifts, as shown here (https://talltalesfromchiconia.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/screen-shot-2014-05-25-at-10-07-59-pm.png)

  8. Cute! a fox I presume. Needing more new stuff to use up old stuff is a problem I have. I want to use up the yarn left over from the blanket for my granddaughter and have a great idea but it would mean buying three more balls of yarn when I am trying to only use what I have already.

    • I think I would just buy the extra yarn. I had my jar of small balls of yarn on the coffee table, my son and DIL, wondered why I had them. I was a bit surprised, details on toys of course!

  9. It makes me so cross when recycling requires buying new… there seem to be lots of people who think that using something new for a purpose other than it was intended for is recycling. Grr. Still, at least the felt book has inspired your scrappy makes.

    • It’s like books that call themselves things to make from fat quarters and then tell you to get four fat quarters of one fabric. That’s a metre not a fat quarter. The book I borrowed needed a lot of extras to make really simple things, none of which were readily available or likely to be something one would have in the average home.

  10. claire93 said:

    simple maybe, but no mistaking who he is ^^

  11. Very sweet and, guess what?, I have lots of felt leftovers that survived the move. I like your little brooch and the fox I can see half hidden on the book cover.

  12. To cute, and perfect use of the little felt left overs

  13. Love your cute little sleepy fox 🙂

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