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Catching up, and some WIPs

First of all, thank you everyone who left such kind comments on my last post. They meant a great deal ,and helped enormously. Mr E is pretty much the same as last month and we have been helped not only by family but also by some super people from the local hospice. The house is filling up with all kinds of aids and adaptations to help us. We are in more of a routine now which helps and pace ourselves better, and are trying to be patient with each other.

My skill set continues to expand, this months joys have been a rat who took a yen to my bulbs and the smoke alarm beeping. A battery change could have been ok but who knew in 1992 all houses in the UK have to have a hard wired smoke alarm with battery backup, which of course beeps when it needs changing. Both issues are on going.

I have tried all sorts of thing to keep me in the present, and find that sewing is possibly the best. Crochet needs concentration which is in short supply. Knitting can send me to sleep, I think it’s the needles hypnotising me! Nevertheless I have managed to finish the back of the tank top for Master J.

The colour is tomato ketchup. Apparently.

I try to do a few rows every night, don’t always manage it, but sometimes I do.

The best thing I have found to relax me is cross stitch. You have to keep your mind on the chart, but if you make a mistake it’s easily remedied.

I am doing a book mark kit which has been in the to do pile for quite a while. It’s the perfect project to do whilst Mr E takes a nap.

Bookmark in the making.

I’ve had to take over the garden. I planted some leeks and they apear to be growing, amazing. Mr E had planted some runner beans just before he got really poorly. I was then left in charge and so pleased with myself when I harvested the first of them.

Two dinners in these for me.

I recalled the advice to go for a walk and realised it had been a very long time since I had. So on Mnday I set off to the nearby lake and wood.

This pair of swans have raised 8 signets.
Really beautiful birds.
Ragged Robin?
A bench in the woods gave me time and space for quiet contemplation.
The ripening brambles tell me the season is progressing.

The view from my kitchen and dining room where I am writing this cheers me up.

Magpie alert
And the grass needs cutting- know what I will be doing this weekend.

But finally some really good news. Youngest son Mr B and Mrs G

have had their own project going this year.

I am delighted to finish with the news that we have a new grand daughter Baby P. Can’t wait to see her, and that’s who all the baby clothes and toys that I have been making this year are for. Pictures to follow.

Once again thank you for your very kind comments, they really mean a lot.

Comments on: "Catching up, and some WIPs" (33)

  1. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Yes I think a walk each day will be good for routine as it sounds like you and Mr E are having a difficult time. But such lovely news about your new grandchild.

    Your pink flower is I think knapweed.

  2. Lovely news! A new baby to make for (and to meet on Sunday – exciting!)

    Leeks! Now that seems a level up from beans, well done you.

    Our thoughts are with you both, very best wishes to Mr E.

    • Thanks so much for all your support. My sister in law is coming to visit soon, our First overnight guest. I shall have to clear the bed from sewing paraphernalia !

  3. Normality is made up of such little nuggets of pleasure and joy amidst all the other crap stuff. I’m so glad you’re allowing your eyes to rest on beauty from time to time, whether it’s ripe runner beans, or ‘tomato ketchup’ or swans doing the swan thing. You are a woman of grit and fortitude, and you have my respect and admiration. Hugs, and congratulations on the new arrival.

    • Thanks Kate for these words. I am over the shock last month of the sudden dip in his health, the realisation that there was little more to be done apart from easing things, and the loss of his company and knowledge. The list of things I don’t know grows daily.
      Baby P is the best thing, well her arrival is, to have happened. Knowing she was on her way kept us going.
      Mr E has been through so much health wise that I do have the mental tools to cope, it’s just utilising them and not tizzing! I am aware that my naturally optimistic view on life is mostly a positive, but when the worst does happen, it takes a while to reassert itself.
      Enough…things to fettle!
      PS, your drive renovation is also very inspirational.

  4. New babies are always a joy! Nice to be having the produce from the garden now too. Just make sure you keep up with the walk thing!

    • I am trying to see when next week with all the medical stuff going on I can fit in another walk. Currently awaiting the delivery of more stuff and a phone call from the doctor. But on Sunday I shall have my first cuddle. Two sleeps,

  5. Welcome Miss P! Just the ray of sunshine to cheer you both. I am so glad that you are close to family now, and also have hospice to help you. I too, had to start the garden this year, and it was an overwhelming task at times. I am still trying to figure out what happened to all the broccoli I planted, it seems to have all become cauliflower!

    • Oh Kathy you have given me a chuckle today. I asked Mr E last night when I should bank up the leeks, he looked at me in astonishment, and said he never did. I think the hardest thing to bear in all this is the loss of his company and the suddenness of things.

  6. Cathy, you certainly have a full plate, but you seem to be managing things quite well. Congratulations on the new grandbaby!! I love that you are surrounding yourself with things that build up your spirit. This will be what gets you through.

    • Thank you so much. Knowing what one should do and actually doing it I have discovered are two different things, panic is not a suitable option. Our big aim this year has been to get my husband to see our new grandchild, so Good that we have a big positive as well as his health.

  7. Glad you are getting support for Mr E. Hospices are such a good idea. Your bookmark looks similar to mine (must do some more!) Yours is looking good. Runner beans from the garden sound wonderful, my dad used to grow them. And lastly how marvellous to have another grandchild, lots of reasons for more making.

    • We visited the hospice today, they were kind, just for treatment, Mr E wants to stay at home so I will do my best to manage.
      I recognised your book mark, I live that we tackled it completely differently with you doing the outside stitches First.
      Very excited to have another girl in the family. Seeing her on Sunday. Three sleeps.

  8. I’ve had the same issue with hard-wired smoke alarms – grr! The issue seems to have been solved by disabling them at the fuse box.

    Congratulations to your son and daughter.

    And congratulations to you on the runner beans. You’ve certainly got your work cut out but I am glad you have the support of the hospice etc.

    • Thanks Helen, I am sure I will get it sorted somehow. I was reading more about leeks today, seems I should be banking them up? All very new to me.
      We went to the hospice today rather than them coming to us this time, a very tranquil place with kind people who spend the time you need.
      Seeing Baby P on Sunday, very excited, it’s better than Christmas, just three sleeps!

      • Yes, very exciting to see Baby P.

        I’m afraid I don’t know anything about growing leeks but banking them up does seem logical.

  9. I’m so glad hospice is there to help you. They were a Godsend when it was my mother’s time to transition. I can’t say enough good things about them. Glad you are taking time for walks and quiet in a peaceful setting. So very important. Any way you look at this, it’s going to be hard.

    Congrats on being a grandmother again and another granddaughter will keep your hands and heart busy. Love the tomato colored jumper. Those designs are beautiful. I don’t knit obviously but love knitted things.

    I’m so glad you have harvested loveliness from your garden. Why does that fill us with such pleasure? 😉 I’ve harvested a bit of my own and know the sheer joy of it. Mowing the grass can be meditative as well. I’d rather meditate indoors so I took my lawn out and planted ground cover. I’ve become quite frugal with my energy in my old age. Did you like how I didn’t use the word ‘lazy’. 😉 Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers

    • Must admit I have been thinking about alternatives to grass! It’s hard work! Yes the hospice staff are amazing, unlike our General Practioners who are simply appalling in the UK at the moment. They seem to employ more back office staff than actual doctors. It’s odd one adapts to some new issue, then all of a sudden the implication of what we are now doing hits me. Having to go and pick up something called Just in time medication for me to administer is scary, then I asked do I phone for an ambulance if the meds are needed, to be told, no, there would be no point , is horrible. My brain can’t quite take it in board.

      • Wow!!! I can’t imagine that lack of care and concern or maybe I can. After a terminal diagnosis, no one bothers with me for any reason. Even the eye doctor only took 15 min to do my exam. I just don’t get it anymore. This is quite the challenge for those left behind. We laugh here that if I sell my house we will travel the world and I will just drop somewhere and call it done. No fuss no muss. A little scary though. I’m so glad you have hospice though. This is an arduous road you are traveling. Be kind to yourself.

  10. A new baby is a welcome diversion. And those hospice people are amazing. Will be thinking of you all.

  11. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother again, lovely for Mr E as well.
    I’m always impressed when people manage to grow edible things in their own gardens. I tried once – tomatoes and green peppers – and spent what felt like half of my life rushing outside to check they weren’t being guzzled by caterpillars or infected by various veggie disease. Just wasn’t worth the stress, but now that I have a smaller garden and more time, maybe I should give one thing a shot.

    • Thank you, yes we are very happy with Baby P. They are first time parents, so giving them a bit of space before we descend. Marks and Spencer’s are very happy too after I went shopping! If one of those leeksvarevedible I will be thrilled. I even read husband’s gardening book before I started!

  12. So glad to see you are settling into a routine and there are so many people who can help. That walk looks beautiful as does your stitching projects. Much love!

  13. Many congratulations on becoming a grandparent again – I think it’s wonderful that your family are trying so hard to keep you busy with knitting baby clothes and toy making 😉
    Also, congratulations on the beans and the leeks.
    I’m glad you found cross stitch a useful craft to do while Mr. E. is napping – it wouldn’t be my choice as it drives me crazy but whatever works for you is a good thing,
    Take care and I hope you get the rat and the beep under control soon I’m sure our smoke alarm isn’t hard wired – I must take a look. I know it works though as I burnt the toast a couple of weeks ago and was almost deafened.

    • I find sausages are the perfect test for smoke alarms! All our other houses were pre 1980, so finding this alarm wired in was a big surprise. Thank good news for Google and sons who know what’s what!

  14. claire93 said:

    I didn’t read to the end of your July books post, Cathy, so I missed the news about Mr E.
    So relieved you were able to move closer to family so that you can both rely on them for support.

  15. So much love coming your way Cathy.
    What wonderfully joyful news – welcome to the world Miss P. ❤
    The 'forlorn patch' really is a thing of the past – well done with the veggie growing.
    I love the Cross Stitch project, I used to make things on that fabric with my Grandmother, brings back such happy nostalgic memories.
    Sending hugs. ❤

    • Thank you so much. I’m trying hard with the forlorn patch and trying hard not to think about the half reconstructed greenhouse! Cross stitch is proving excellent to keep me in the moment.

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