Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

When we moved here last year to be close to family, one of the things we dreamed of was seeing more of them! With Lockdown easing finally we managed a family day out on Father’s Day to the Weald and Downland mseum in Sussex. It didn’t rain. Well maybe a drizzle, but mostly it was ok and the sun shone enough for an icecream and a picnic.

We have all been before and the wisest of us recalled that wellies and a coat would be a good idea. The W&D is a living history museum, full of houses and buildings rescued from demolition, road widenings etc and reconstructed piece by piece. Normally the buildings are full of volunteers putting on demos, but these days normality has not returned to that degree- but many of the buildings were manned by volunteers, outside, making sure it was one family group at at time inside, and many were doing something- there was one lady with her blackwork embroidery , and a chap making arrows. We were happy just being out again as a family.

Motley crew- picture by Mr E!

Great excitement though was provided by the building of a TV set for a comedy to be called The Witchfinder with Steve Coogan. You saw it here first… I’ll stop rabbiting on now.

Clearly there is going to be a market scene

Those are not real, but they really do look it.

There are ducks to be fed

Serious business duck dinner time.

And a lake not to fall into

Visitor centre over the way.

Old houses and gardens to explore- the gardens looked a bit sad, missing the volunteers.

Idyllic in many ways, but no hot and cold running water. Who’s old enough to recall hotels/ B&Bs that boasted hot and cold water to basins in all rooms?

And a new building since we were last here- a dairy

Fascinating to see the state it was in.

Love the blacksmiths which came from a Sussex village we used to live in

Can’t beat a good bit of rust.

And finally these flowers.

No-one could identify them, and I mean no-one.. and ideas?

If you’d like to see more this is the link to their webpage https://www.wealddown.co.uk/plan-your-visit/things-to-see-do/

Comments on: "The Weald and Downland Museum" (22)

  1. Beautiful photos. How wonderful to have a family visit.

  2. Fantastic to see a television program set for an upcoming show. Even more fantastic is your family being able to be together! I enjoyed the photos (which are in the UK, right? That was a joke as you recently discovered I am geography impaired – ha!) 🙂

  3. What a treat to be able to get together. The Museum looks fab and I am sure ‘one day’ things will be back to the usual extra specialness. A friend near me said to remember perhaps when you visit somewhere these days with outside space the planting and maintenance might not quite be what it was. During Covid many volunteers weren’t and still aren’t able to do everything they usually do and indeed some new planting might have been missed this year. Roll out getting out of the pandemic!

  4. Hoorah for family days out and that looks like a good one.
    Isn’t that where ‘The Repair Shop’ is filmed?

    • Yes, just down from the blacksmith pictures. No filming today, all closed off and up, not even the sign was there, unlike our previous visit when they were filming.

  5. Karen Dodgson said:

    The plant finder app on my phone says your flower is ‘Phlomoides umbrosa’
    I’ve no idea if it’s right as it can be a bit hit and miss!
    I love the dairy building in your pictures, haven’t they done a marvellous job of renovating it?

  6. Lovely visit & very different from what we’d have over here – thank you!

  7. Love all those beautiful old buildings jumbled together. Bit like the ultimate ‘assorted’ English village…

  8. What a fun family day!

  9. Just discovered your mystery flower is Turkish Sage 🙂

  10. Looks a lovely place, and always nice to get out with family x

  11. a lovely family day out!

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