Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Friday Finish.

I just love finishing a project .

Matching Matinée Jacket and hat with

Flowers and buttons.

Few  more Broad beans and the First cucumber.

Have you finished something recently, and what are you currently working on? I am doing a tank top for Toddler J, the yarn colour is called Tomato Ketchup!! Also started a cross stitch book mark when we were away last weekend…..

Comments on: "Friday Finish." (28)

  1. Lovely outfit. I must confess to always sitting and munching the first cucumber in the greenhouse all by myself. I will do the same with the tomatoes. My little luxury 😄

  2. The Matinée Jacket is magical and marvelous! Enjoy your harvest. Looking forward to seeing what Tomato Ketchup colored yarn looks like!

  3. Cute outfit and I adore the little flowers to finish – makes the outfit pop

  4. Seriously cute outfit for some lucky baby! I don’t have any recent finishes to show, but at least I’ve started something 🙂

  5. Lovely cardigan and hat!

    I’ve just finished crocheting a bath towel for my daughter and nearly done an accompanying hand towel.

    • Oh my I have never heard of a crocheted towel, are they good?

      • I would say they are as effective a woven towel. The main thing is making sure they are 100% cotton (ie no man-made fibres) for absorbency. They were the first item I ever crocheted in order to get used to the stitches and turns 😊

  6. That jacket and hat are SOOO cute!! Who wouldn’t love it. Finished is my favorite word anymore. I have one more cushion to make and then I’m finished. 🙂 So much left to “finish”. You made me laugh at the comment – “! I like the idea that he could eat ketchup but it won’t show if he spills some down his front! Entirely possible since he is related to me.” Thanks for the giggle. You are way ahead on the veggie growing thing and I agree, home grown tastes so much better. I have a couple of tomatoes set but no cucumbers yet. The peas look luscious.

  7. Such a pretty cardigan. I do like these faux-fairisle yarns. Must be wonderful to grow your own veg. Trouble is I want lots of flowers and my garden is mostly partial shade.

    • The yarn gives a wonderful effect. Our garden gets full sun all day in Spring and Summer. I garden on cool days , first and last thing.

  8. Love the little jacket and hat! And the veggies look so good 🙂 I’m currently working on a big shawl (Bonbori), socks, and a scarf. Hopefully finished with the shawl soon!

  9. That’s an excellent finish, the colours are really gorgeous. And how satisfying it is!

  10. claire93 said:

    what a lovely little outfit!
    I’ve been crocheting & sewing for 23cm doll lol. Very fiddly!

  11. That is just adorable and so sweet! The first cucumber is always such a treat! I got four pea pods yesterday, and there are more filling, so I am hoping for one bag to freeze this summer, and maybe more in the fall.

  12. Lovely work! Though I cannot begin to imagine knitting that pattern. It would totally incapacitate me. 🤪 Will we get a taste of your tomato ketchup yarn when the Mister’s 🍅🍅 get ripening?!

  13. Adorable babywear – as ever. I love the little flower buttons. Are these for somebody in the family or do you just like making marvelous mini clothing?
    We have cucumbers in the greenhouse but a fraction of the size of yours. However, they are galloping along now and almost visibly growing.
    I started – and finished – a very nice shower cap this morning. I might do a craft fair in September – arranged by my new crafting group – so I’m trying to get some stock together. They want me to do my sewing boxes but I only have three in stock and I’m sort of over making them myself any more. I am thinking about putting together some kits to sell instead.

    • I think little kits would be wonderful. I know I would be parted from my cash for one. I love the little project bag that I am currently using for some cross stitch from a rather nice Secret Santa I once had. The cardy is for a specific baby, more next month!

  14. Delightful cardi and hat.
    I have far too many works-in-progress, it really would be good to get some finished.
    Very impressed with your veggie growing.

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