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Damselfly Paradise

Several bloggers have written about the damselflies they have spotted this month in England as they get out and about again. I’m pleased to say that I too have noticed them even though I now live in rather a big town. We enjoyed a very pleasant walk to Moulden Hill Lake last week.

Canadian Geese in Motion!

One would never guess you were in a town.

I think these are called Flag Irises. They were certainly popular with the damselflies.

Not sure if this is merely a good place for them or if the weather has been just right for them. They are pretty for sure.

It was a weekday so no fishing today.

We crossed over this bridge and finished our walk with a stroll through the woods. Hope you enjoyed my wander, have you noticed that any particular insect is “doing well” this year?

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  1. Love damselflies. We have so many bumblebees visiting the yarden this year. They love the campanulla that has sprouted all over the place. šŸ™‚

  2. Lovely walk. The golf course may be manicured but the huge ponds are full of life. Iā€™m often buzzed by damsel and dragon flies and rescuing beetles from the greens. Special havens in an otherwise dry, chalk landscape.

  3. Looks a lovely spot for a walk, you’re certainly finding nice places to explore.

  4. *irises not orchids.šŸ˜—

  5. It is only in the last couple of weeks that I have noticed both damsel flies and Yellow Flag orchids too. Must be the right weather/time of year for them. There’s s lot of Butterfly species that I haven’t seen yet this summer though. X

  6. Beautiful photos. Looks so peaceful. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I managed to miss this post until now – and it had damselflies too!

  8. Beautiful scenery! Dragonflies are so lovely – we get them here too at one of the lakes we walk at pretty frequently.

  9. We’re topsy turvy, and because it’s now colder, the insects have all retreated. On the upside, it means our walks can be longer, because no risk of heat exhaustion šŸ™‚

    • Sounds much nicer and I guess you are along way away from the mouse plague I have read about.

      • Yes, thank goodness. The mice tend to be more of a problem for farming communities for two reasons: 1) drought means less for them to eat 2) Farms tend to have more edible stuff stored.

  10. You have found some really lovely walks in your new town. The only insects that seemed over the top this year were the box elder bugs….they seemed to have survived the winter, and were out very early this spring.

  11. claire93 said:

    we have a stream running only a few feet from the house so regularly see dragonflies & damselflies. Obviously, bees (because of the husband’s hives), mason bees, quite a lot of butterflies this year and of course the ones we don’t like: wasps, hornets, and mosquitoes.

  12. I would love to have damselflies visit my pond! However, there are clearly insects feeding certain birds who visit the trees.

    Anyway, the views in your photos do not suggest you live in a town. The ponds remind me of the University of York campus.

    • The lake is in the loop of a dual carriageway. I am staggered at how many green spaces there are in the town. The campus at York uni is lovely.When I worked for York Housing Association we had a tenant event at the uni and did a balloon release near the lake. An activity that’s frowned upon nowadays.

  13. OH what beautiful pictures! You have moved to such a picturesque spot, honestly. Thank you so much for sharing them!
    I saw a melolontha a few weeks ago, the first one in YEARS. I’m happy that I did – and Philipp and I met a stag beetle last Friday! I really like to think that the last year did nature some good because everything slowed down.

    • That’s a really positive thought about Lockdown. Stag beetles are a bit special these days.

      • To be honest it was what I thought when you saw the pictures of Venice in the media, that the water was so clear and that they had dolphins swimming in the canals again. But you are doing so much for the insects with your garden too!! I hope your vegetables have sprouted already!

  14. Damsel and dragonflies do like being near the water. The blue damselfly is my favorite.

  15. I was at a stream/creek the other day and saw dozens of baby dragonflies. I have not seen them so small before so that was fun. There were also baby salmon in the water. Might try to return today because we had a lot of rain yesterday and the tadpoles are often easier to see the day after a big rain.

  16. What a very beautiful walk. I wish I could do it with you next time, it looks glorious.

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