Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!


I have been driving to Oxford quite frequently this year, taking Mr E for hospital appointments , and noticing a signpost to Buckland and Tadpole Bridge. Place names that sound like somewhere straight from Lord of the Rings. I needed to explore, which we did on Saturday. A bit of internet research revealed that Buckland was a village built to house the workers on a nearby Manor House. Need the staff nearby! The village was indeed very pretty, but I doubt that many could afford to live there now.

The roses on the cottage to the right had a wonderful heady perfume. The church at the end of the lane was amazing.

We sat a while on the bench and soaked up the sunshine before venturing inside for a quiet moment, and an explore. Oh my , this was not your average musty fusty smelling village church. State of the art alarm system on the roof apparently to deter lead theives. And…well have a look.

Note the size of the screen for zoom services. My local church use the vicar’s mobile phone.

The ceiling was blue with stars. My photo was too fuzzy to share. I think you can agree not your average village church. My favourite find was this Crusader’s Chest circa the 1200s.

We slowly walked back to the car which we’d left in the carpark by the village/ memorial hall. Joy of joy there was a phone box now used as a book exchange and a plant stall with honesty box. Not a Tupperware one but a metal job in the bus shelter firmly fixed to the wall. There is serious money in this bit of Middle Earth.

I bought the mint plant, and Mr E, not me, bought two books.

So glad we went. Drove then to the aforementioned Tadpole Bridge which crosses the Thames. Sadly the only place to stop was the pub the Trout, for which of course one needs to pre-book at the moment. Duly noted for another day.

I had packed a picnic. Where to go? I drove to the White Horse.

I find it hard to get a decent photo, but you can just about see it. We were very lucky to get the one and only picnic bench, and the views were wonderful.

I hope you enjoyed our little exploration. I wonder has anyone else visited somewhere just because they liked the place name?

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  1. What a sweet little village. And that church! I could see myself sitting there for a while. Sounds like a wonderful day, Thanks for bringing me along 😉

  2. Looks like you had a lovely day indeed. I would love to see one of those white horses. And thatched cottages are so photogenic. X

  3. When I saw your post title, I first thought you had gone to North America. Of course, I doubt they have villages quite like the Buckland near you.

    The paintings in the church are amazing. I’m mentally noting Oxfordshire as a place to explore in future travels.

  4. What a lovely place! The village is charming, and that church is just amazing! Nice place for a picnic too 🙂

  5. I’m so glad you were able to find something enjoyable out of a trip to the doctors. I hope things take a turn for the better. It’s hard when someone we love is in failing health. I would love to visit that village. It’s just adorable. I have never gone anywhere because of the name. Wish I had a story to share.

  6. Picturesque countryside, lovely to see bloggers homeland

  7. Sounds and looks a beautiful day out 🙂 x

  8. So, so nice to come across churches that still have wooden pews. It’s been a while since I saw any. I do understand why they’ve been removed from churches and cathedrals; to make them more multi-purpose and adaptable for the community, but I always notice their loss.

    • I sat on one of the pews. When my friends and I were little , we went to church in Yorkshire regularly, and on occasion stuck chewing gum under the pews. Was somewhat gratified that this church also had similarly naughty children. Thank goodness for hand gel!

  9. A splendid tour, Cathy, thanks for taking us exploring too! A picnic was the perfect thing for this visit.

  10. What a fantastic visit!! I hope Mr. E is well again soon, honestly.
    Than you so much for your wonderful pictures, especially the ones inside the church! That stained glass window is absolutely incredibly. WOW.

  11. What a beautiful town. It is like out of one of my dream worlds.

  12. Love that church, the murals are very fine indeed. I have visited numerous places Down Under just because of their names, and continue to work my way through the list of outrageous, rude and completely unlikely place names on offer. Do take a look: (https://blog.yellowoctopus.com.au/funny-australian-town-names) or (https://www.list-directory.info/lists/place-names.html). My personal favourites are Pensioners Bush and Dismal Swamp. Oh, and of course, Delicate Nobby…. Hours of naughty fun!

  13. Sounds & looks like a marvellous time! Delighted that you thought to pack a picnic, and had such a lovely place to enjoy it.

  14. Very lovely scenery and the village church looks gorgeous.
    I am waiting to meet one of the denizens of our village to ask about converting our unused phone box into a book exchange – I must do it soon.f
    Like Sandra (Wild Daffodil) I now live in the land of Piddles and, apparently, a ‘Scratchy Bottom’.

    • We missed scratchy bottom when we visited the Piddles… Mr E’s family came from there, and seem to have moved regularly as farm labourers.

  15. Really enjoyed your visit to ‘Middle Earth’. Fascinating church. Love the stained glass and the wall paintings. In the days when there were so many more buses and my children were younger we did visit places just for the name. My younger daughter and I took a trip to Canada on the bus. (No ocean to cross of course.) Another day all of us walked along the Smuggler’s Road that is across quite a high part of the Forest and later arrived at Lucy Hill (my younger daughter is called Lucy.

  16. claire93 said:

    what gorgeous scnery indeed – haven’t seen a thatched roof in decades!

  17. So much to love about this post.
    The Zoom screen versus your Vicar’s mobile phone made me laugh.
    What an incredible church – the sunny yellow, the history the art!
    I live in the land of the Piddles and the Puddles, so it is hard not to visit a place with funny names around here – but I love your reference to Middle Earth – just crying out for a fairytale to be written.
    Do you know the book ‘The Meaning of Liff” ?
    I think you’d like it.

    • Oh I know your Piddles and Puddles, Mr E’s family hail from there, if there was a piddling village they lived there, till finally they upped sticks to that there London.No I don’t know the book, but I shall certainly look for it.

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