Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

We did No Mow May for the bees, well I did!

Buttercups and daisies mostly, but some little purple flowers too, you can’t really see them.

I cut the grass this week, but you can’t keep a daisy down and I left some of the poppies.

Lurking amongst dock in the shelter of rhubarb.
Not quite sure what these are.An
Obligatory dandelion clock.
Remember the tiny twig I uncovered in last years forlorn patch and I identified as honeysuckle ? Isn’t it doing well?
Snap dragon, loved by bees.
Mr E has got the runner beans in.

And we now have food from the garden previously known as the forlorn patch. Not only rhubarb which we inherited but also herbs and drum roll

Broad beans.

If you have never eaten Broad beans in their pods then try them, in a vegetable stew. – onions, garlic, herbs , carrots, potatoes, tin of tomatoes, courgette and celery if you have them, peppers etc. Grated cheese to serve yum yum yum.

This was just a taster, I have since picked more. They need to be this small. Later on you can let the pods grow and have the beans from inside.

How is everyone’s garden growing at the moment?

Comments on: "The bit productive patch!" (33)

  1. My yarden is going well at present. I bought an apple tree for the patio and my hawthorn looks so bushy. I grew an acorn the other year and that too is getting bigger by the year 🙂 x

  2. Your field looks beautiful. I had something similar next to my childhood home. I spent hours studying butterflies and insects. I am wondering if that unidentified flower is a forget-me-not.

  3. Looks a lovely garden Cathy. Enjoy those beans. 🙂

  4. Looks like it is getting on very well. Mine seem to have filled out a lot lately – so not much room for weeds!

  5. I knew it wouldn’t stay ‘forlorn’ for too long. Enjoy your mini, tender beans.

  6. You already have beans?!! Wowser, they look yummy! When did you plant them?

  7. Wow – your garden is going really well! Mine is off to a mixed start 🙂

  8. I like broad beans better in their pods than when they’re eaten as beans; if you miss their peak, when the beans are the size of your thumbnail, the skins get tough and the beans get hard. As someone else has said, it’s woodruff. In Elizabethan times, they used to strew it on the wooden floors as an insecticide, along with other herbs.

    • Well how clever were they in the past to figure out natural insecticides. Wonder if it works on tiles against pesky ants?

      • They used to use artemisia as well, and that’s even more effective – lots of people still use it in their chicken runs to keep lice at bay. I think you’d find dried herbs on the floor annoying, but maybe spraying a tea/infusion of the dried herb…?

  9. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Looking good – so impressed you have beans already. Mine only flowering

  10. Did you have a little check to see if you liked butter before mowing the buttercups down?

    They say the slower you go the faster you’ll get there……which means your garden is doing well. Not saying you haven’t done a lot of work in it – just taking it easy and not going at like a bull at a gate has been quite productive- if you see what I mean 😊

  11. “you can’t keep a daisy down” — the quote of the year! I love it.

    Cathy – your garden has come a LONG way! Congrats… all that hard work has really paid off. Enjoy!

  12. Drum roll and huge round of applause! A truly productive patch.
    No mow May here too, and now that my grandchildren are all 8 and over I’m wondering whether I need a lawn at all – I might just strim a couple of paths through it and let it go wild.

  13. Looking much, much better!

    I use a really good free app for plant ID, message me if you’d like the details.

    • It does look better, the bit I have shown, more still to do, plus the artificial grass is still in the front.

      • Rip that up ASAP! Awful for wildlife. Apparently it’s become a big problem.

        • That is the intention, as soon as Mr E finishes his fight with reconstructing an ancient greenhouse and we’ve had a skip in, which will go on said grass, then it will go. Although we do have moss and weeds growing on it!

  14. Looks lovely. We only put our beans in two weeks ago. 🙄 Will be more organised next year. The little white flower is Woodruff. A lovely, if sometimes bossy, little thing.

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