Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Friday Finish

I am on a bit of a roll with knitting at the moment. Loving it though.

Pretty in pink!
And here are the buttons!

Doing quite well with the next piece of knitting, and there maybe more ready in time for the next Scrap Happy day.

Love to know what everyone is near to completing at the moment.

Comments on: "Friday Finish" (20)

  1. Lovely and the flower embellishment is a nice add!

  2. That is so adorable! Love that it is pink and that flower is so sweet! I am itching to knit baby clothes. So tiny and cute.

  3. There’s nothing like baby clothes to bring out the maternal in me – probably more than the babies themselves 🤣
    I’ve got a blanket and an oversized cardigan on the go at the moment but shuddered to a halt due to a back problem that has stopped me in my tracks for the past week.
    I think I’d always recognise your baby/tot’s knitting projects because of the buttons.

  4. That is just adorable! I’m not near to finishing anything at the moment, sadly 🙂

  5. Just so sweet! I love the cord? flower!

  6. I am making a stuffed toy which is a version of Skywhale Mamma, a hot air balloon which has become a bit of an icon. Almost finished it.

  7. Really pretty and more flower!

  8. Lovely work, Cathy! I spent last evening watching old episodes of All Creatures (the original) and tussling with my latest crochet scarf. Managed to get several inches done, now I ‘ve sort of gotten used to the slubbed yarn. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  9. Awww it’s so pretty! Feminine but not over-the-top girly. I love the flower you made! And your stitches are all so clean, it’s really really cute.

  10. claire93 said:

    oh wow – so pretty in baby pink! love the flower ^^

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