Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Royal Wootton Bassett

The latest lockdown which lasted weeks and weeks and weeks , or so it seemed to me, left me feeling quite jaded with life in general, really really stale. All I have wanted to do since it lifted a tad was to go out. I don’t mean out out as in pub, cafe, restaurant, swimming pool, cinema, theatre, I just mean anywhere that’s just not actually home, my own four walls. Much as I like the said four walls, I was stale………… yawn

So time to get out and about to nearby towns.

Market Hall at Royal Wootton Bassett.

There’s a museum up there now, not yet open.

And a bonny church

Not yet open during the week with its cafe and craft shop….

But very pretty cherry blossom.

And Shops which were open. Just who decides DIY shops are essential but fabric shops aren’t? Thank goodness they are now open again.

Pretty fabric for an elephant.

Lots and lots of yarn for lots and lots of new projects.

And charity shops are open again too, which means

Oooh , books and more books, can’t have enough books!

On the way home Mr E decided we just had to go a DIY shop, which just so happens to be next to Hobbycraft, now also open again. Oh JOY.

Happy Bunny.

More on Royal Wootton Bassett can be found here, should you be interested-


I wonder did you feel stale after the latest restrictions on movement? Did you need to just go OUT?

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  1. I’m glad you were able to go out! It sounds like places are slowly opening there. My husband and I finally made it to a restaurant and ate indoor for the first time in 15 months! (We’ve both recovered from the virus and are vaccinated). It felt really strange but was a delightful taste of normalcy!

  2. Glad the shops you enjoy are reopened! Looks like you found some fun stuff on your excursion and those books look like good reads from the Charity shop.

  3. I’m still feeling stale, not been out in such a long time and now we can, I think David has gotten used to not going out and it’s going to take me a while to get him to go on adventures again. Glad you are getting out and about xx

  4. I sometimes wonder if it will ever end. I’m tired of not being able to sit in a restaurant or go shop and wonder if it’s safe. I do not want to eat outside in the cold and wind with car fumes blowing by. I am tried of take out boxes that can’t be recycled. I’m not only getting stale, I’m getting a bit cranky. You did so well in your expedition out into the world. What fun!

    • I totally agree with everything you say. In my case we have been here and opportunity to meet new people has been zero.

      • I am so sorry it worked out that way. I think we may be turning a corner here. I got my vaccine yesterday. Daughter tomorrow. Hang in there. We are all feeling this way.

  5. Bless you Cathy! I wish you could pop over here for a visit. We have had no forced restrictions here, with most shops open since last May. Sometimes I feel guilty for being able to do whatever I like when I think of so many being locked up. I believe that the forced lock downs have more to do with the flood of currency than the actual health of residents, so it is frustrating to see.

  6. I was more stale the first one as it was a bit like floundering around. This time I felt, stupidly, happier! Probably because I knew the routine.
    As for Royal Wooten Bassett, such a pretty place but I alway shudder when I remember they did the repatriations there when my daughter was in Afghanistan and I really never wanted to have to go there.

  7. Our restrictions have been different with many shops open but not the restaurants or coffee houses. What I want very much is a chance to get a cup of coffee and visit with a friend at the shop but it doesn’t look like that will happen quite yet. I am happy you were able to get out for a bit.

  8. I do know how you are feeling.Try not to be discouraged. Many of our states are opening up. It’s about time!

  9. I know just what you mean, on tghe Monday the shopos opened my daughter and I went fabric shopping, nothing else, we just wanted to touch and buy fabric πŸ™‚ Royal Wooton Basset looks lovely, I only saw it when they lined the streets for the soldiers coming back, it was wonderful what they did then.

    • It was terrific and for that the town received its Royal name. I just stood nearly in tears in my First fabric shop, in the second where I choose the floral fabric I thanked them for lively visit.

  10. Royal Wootton Bassett sounds and interesting place to visit at any time. In fact, so does Wiltshire in general. How far are you now from this county?

    As for feeling stale, I was up tte wall with days during the last lockdown. I always find Christmas/New Year a lonely time and comfort myself that at least January will be better. Except of course this year it was worse.

    Needless to say, the easing of lockdown has been wonderful. Coupled with spring, it has been great to get out and about now in a less restricted way!

    • Swindon is in the top bit of Wiltshire with Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire really closeby. Dorset, Somerset, Berkshire and Hampshire aren’t far either. Takes getting used to after Pickering and North Yorkshire.

      • Yes, different terrain! I didn’t realise Swindon was in Wiltshire – until this post I had thought it was in Gloucestershire. And I tend to forget that Oxfordshire really is quite far south.

  11. I have a very small inkling about that sensation of cabin fever, even without lockdown, having been stuck in the house with a wonky ankle, unable to hobble around or drive. Yesterday, I drove for the first time in a couple of months, and my word, it felt so good! We’ve been so lucky here, with almost no lockdown and everything open again.

    • So glad to read that you can get out again and less hobbling. I had no idea what was wrong with me until restrictions lifted a bit, then we really had itchy feet. We went to Marlborough last week but it was a bit grey and drizzly so no photos yet.

  12. What a lovely trip out! I can totally identify with getting fed up and wanting to go out. It’s such a buzz to finally do it, isn’t it?!

  13. It is so nice to just get out after being locked down pretty strictly! You had some great finds in the shops πŸ™‚

    • For the First week after things were eased a bit I woke every morning thinking about where and what I could do.

  14. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Oh lots of lovely purchases there to keep you busy.

  15. You treated yourself – that will work to lift your spirits.
    An odd assortment of books there.I must say. Are you planning on getting a dog? I love the author’s name 🀣

    • No dog, but an excellent book of new walks. Jamie Oliver because I am bored of my cookery books and can’t wait to cook for my family. Book of Cotswold images for days out. To the lighthouse because I haven’t read it and the Fannie Flagg book because I loved her Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop cafe! And just because they are books and I have so missed book shops.

  16. Glad to know you found the antidote to stale.
    What a lovely lot of goodies you found.
    I am having the opposite reaction, I am feeling very reluctant to go anywhere near a town – I am out of the habit and I am feeling a resistance to driving on crowded roads and being on crowded pavements – it is all filling up down here with holiday makers.
    I don’t seem to be ready to come out of hibernation yet.

    • I am feeling exactly the same Sandra. I had forgotten how densely populated it is everywhere in England and how I hate going somewhere by car and having to worry about where to park and whether you’ll even be able to.

      • Yes it must be very different here. Especially since there are so many more people holidaying in UK because of travel restrictions.
        Glad to know I am not alone! πŸ™‚

        • You forget I live in Swindon, not like Pickering where I used to live, no tourists! And the towns I went to are also ordinary towns not on the tourist trek. Also I moved house in lockdown one and in two and three was accompanying Mr E on medical appointments, had to get used to other people, masks, two metres, fresh air, hand gel, bleach, soap etc! And now I have had my two inoculations and have a box of free tests! I am so ready for OUT.

    • There are some aspects of lockdown I definitely liked.

  17. Looks like somewhere to go back to later. What are those rainbow coloured, long stick-like things?

  18. That sounds and looks(!) like a fantastic outing!! (The elephant is so so cute, honestly.)

  19. claire93 said:

    yes Cathy, I think “stale” is the word. I’ve been saying “blah” but “stale” is the feeling, exactly!
    Lovely to see photos from your little trip out, and that you were able to get some retail therapy. That always lifts the spirits! I think I’ve got that Simplicity soft toy pattern in my stash ^^

    • I have made the cat and giraffe before, really nice pattern. I may even have done the elephant before, but the new Papa loves elephants so that’s what it will be. In the last fortnight I have been to four different towns, three yarny fabric shops, umpteen garden centres and two nice walks. Better now!

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