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April Books-2021

Four really good books this month. Please let me know if you have read them and what you thought.

Stephen Fry -Mythos. Highly enjoyable retelling of the Greek myths. His use of language is engaging and very accessible, with a delicious touch of humour.

Robert Harris – The Second Sleep. Robert Harris is one of my favourite authors. He writes well, the books are skillfully researched and plotted. He is also hard to pigeonhole. I’d describe this as a “What If ” mystery. It begins as a fairly standard historical novel, but a couple of chapters in there is one almighty big twist, which sends you back to re-evaluate what you have just read. It’s a good read, and should you be lucky enough to find yourself on a beach this Summer, perfect holiday reading.

Andrea Levy- Small Island- Really enjoyed this book. It tells the story of the Windrush generation. The people who came from Jamaica to England in the 1940’s, their dreams and the reality of life in a run down post war country. There are five narrators. They each tell their own story of their war, and of their current life in 1948. One for my top 100 good reads. I can quite understand why this one was included in Channel 5’s 30 best British novels.

Jenny Blackhurst-Before I let you in. Well what can I say? Simply one of the best psychological thrillers I have ever read. Masterly plotted. Pure mind games. Choose a time when you can spend all day reading, sit back and watch your mind tie itself in knots!

So do you know any of these books? Love to know if you have read any really good books this month.

Now where’s my book? It’s cold and wet today, perfect time to curl up on the sofa….

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  1. Oooh Before I let you in sounds good! X

  2. I liked the Jenny Blackhurst Before I Let You In – love a psychological thriller. Have you read Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson? It’s a good one. Also just finished on kindle Playing Nice by J P Delaney – recommend that.

    • I notice there is another book by Jenny Blackhurst and I shall certainly look for Before I go to sleep. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. What a great month of reading! The only book I’ve read here is Small Island… I remember really enjoying it! Before I Let You In sounds fun – thank you for the recommendation!!

  4. I’ve not heard of any of these and they all sound great!

  5. Small Island has been on my list but I have not heard of the other books. I just reread The Color Purple and a newer book, Writers and Lovers. Both we wonderful

  6. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    I have read Small island a whike back and I have heard of the other three. I would like to give Richard Harris a go again, it is a good while since I read any of his. I have returned to James Herriot’s All creatures great and small collection, after about thirty years since I first read his books, for some nice light reading.

  7. I had ‘Mythos’ read to me by the man himself as an Audible book. I really enjoyed it apart from one section where he introduced all of the gods and it came over as a long, tedious list. If I’d been reading it myself I might have scrolled through that bit,
    I’ve only read one Robert Harris book – and recently as it happens – and that was ‘Pompeii’. I wanted to try one of his books but had a feeling it wouldn’t be my sort of thing so chose a fairly short one. I can definitely understand his popularity though,
    ‘Small Island’ is an excellent book, Did you ever catch the BBC adaptation? I think it was 2009. Really well done,
    As for the last one – I’m quite intrigued so might seek it out.

    I’m reading the new one by Sue Monk-Kidd at the moment – ‘The Book of Longings’ which is shaping up nicely and I loved her earlier ones which I think you might also have mentioned reading and enjoying ( ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ and ‘The Invention of Wings’)

    • I think I did skip the list in Mythos! I loved Pompeii, one of my favourite books. I missed Small Island on TV, shame, it must have been good. I must hunt out The Book of Longings, now the library is running again locally.

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