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Bit of a Squeeze !

So whilst the second hand greenhouse is under construction our entrance porch is , well a bit full.

To the left.
To the right

So coming back from the supermarket it’s a bit of squeeze to get the bags through the doorway to the hall.

Tight fit!

I am however super thrilled that my free sunflowers have germinated!

Seeds are Mr E’s province, so am rather ridiculously proud

Do you have this problem at this time of year?

Comments on: "Bit of a Squeeze !" (23)

  1. Currently have 5 boxes of bulbs in my garage, but no car. Yes, I have this problem!

  2. All your plants are off to a great start!

  3. I do, my back porch is currently a make do greenhouse, I’ve taken a pic for my Sunday sevens.
    Wonder if your sunflowers are gonna be whoppers…. are they the talk variety? I’ve got some dwarf ones I need to get round to sowing. 🌸

  4. We don’t have a porch as such, just an undercover patio area for the front door and a garage entrance for the side door. The garage is slowly but surely being filled with Stuff by the Husband and the walk-through space is getting narrower and narrower. Not with plant life, it’s too dark in there, but with bits of motorbike. My front door patio is always better, but at this time of year (ie, pruning season) it starts to get a bit tangled with stuff looking for space to spread into. Time for the loppers and secateurs…

  5. I just got my porch cleaned up after the winter of sheltering plants. Progress is slow in so many areas but it’s progressing. It will all sort itself out soon.

  6. Looking good! I had germination issues with our cantaloupe seeds; I think I have finally convinced DH that they must be very ripe and not sent through the dehydrator! We are hardening cabbage, chard and broccoli today, they will get planted tomorrow! Still too early to put any seeds but spinach and lettuce in the ground, but maybe next week.

    • I find your vegetable garden to be a thing of marvel, such a wonderful array !

      • We are learning every year. We have found that in South Dakota with its unpredictable weather, you never know what will do well, so we try to plant enough for a 2 year supply. The problem of course, is not knowing what will do well in a given year!

  7. congratulations on the seedlings!! We still have to buy a new rosemary and sage plant, as well as a new thyme … we’ll see how that goes. I could do with a new lavender as well. 😉

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Yes it can be frustrating when seeds don’t germinate. I must sow some sunflowers tomorrow.

  9. Yes! Your front porch looks like mine but, luckily we have a back one too. 🤣 It was a necessity when house hunting because of having dogs that have to be ‘harnessed up’ going out and ‘towelled down’ on their return if it’s been a muddy walk.
    The seedlings are all cosy in the greenhouse and some hardier ones being put in the garden already but, like you, seeds are not my province.

  10. claire93 said:

    if you mean, do we have seedlings in pots waiting to go outside, the answer is yes ^^
    It’s always the way!

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