Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Lockdown in England has eased a little this week, and I find I want to do everything straightaway, yesterday in fact, and it’s the little things that seem to matter most. By sheer fluke I was offered a hair appointment Monday at 9am. It was so good just to sit in a chair with admitedly a screen between me and the next lady, and chat about the sort of things you chat about in the hairdressers, and my hair was cut too!

Next destination a nearby town with a newly opened wool shop. Oh the delight to be in a shop , with only one other permitted customer and to talk yarn and buttons. And as it was a newly opened, that morning was her first day of business, I was gifted a little thank you bag containing a tea bag and a little packet of biscuits. Back home to consume them, and sew on some toggles

Finally finished the waistcoat for Miss F


the buttons on here.

I found it very hard to knit anything when I couldn’t get buttons to finish off a garment. I know you can do online shopping but I need to see the buttons to choose them. Buttons are a serious business to me. The cardigan is actually purple not blue btw.

Following day we went plant shopping, we have been able to do this for a while but the sun was shining and how better to spend a morning than with plants. Back home and time to get busy.

I hope to get a pot on every step before I have finished.
I have even managed to grow a few of these from bulbs I was given.
Can’t believe how excited I get over such things.
Bits of greenhouse still on the grass, but the garden is certainly the less forlorn patch these days.
Indoors these still look lovely- my Easter flowers.

This morning- little supermarket trip, bought some lavender another pot for my steps, and was gifted a tiny pack of sunflower seeds at the supermarket- entitled seeds of hope, for all their customers to plant together this year.

This afternoon- a walk is on the cards. Life is getting better. Hope is with us. Tell me what little things are giving you hope this week please.

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  1. I am so happy to hear that things are looking up in your part of the world! The sweater and vest are just as cute as can be, and the buttons are perfect! Your back yard is shaping up nicely, once the greenhouse is complete you will be able to set up your herb garden and enjoy this lovely space even more!

  2. Cathy – I’m so happy to read that things are starting to get better. I love the pictures of your garden and your flowers. The greenery really helps, doesn’t it??!

  3. That all sounds just wonderful! Your flowers are so beautiful, and so is the vest 🙂

  4. The onset of Autumn here is giving me hope. It’s cooler at night so we can sleep better, it’s cooler at dog walking time now that I am able to hobble a short distance again with a stick, and the insane speed at which weeds and grass grow in the summer has slowed so we may be able to catch up with weeding and pruning at some stage.

  5. I’ve been enjoying a windowsill of potted white hyacinths, grape hyacinths and a couple of orchids – small pleasures that make this apartment dweller immensely happy. Best of all, my husband and I are eagerly awaiting our first vaccine appointments this weekend!

  6. Your flowers are lovely. What are the white ones in the vase? I really like the buttons you chose for the sweaters. I think seeing and feeling is so much better when it comes to picking out yarn or buttons or fabric.

  7. Your buttons reminded me that I need to get some buttons for my cardigan. I was feeling happy to see more people on Monday but then I went for a walk with my walking group friends on Tuesday and about fourteen people turned up and I tried to only be near six of them but then other people I knew came up to say hello and got much too close, so I am thinking of becoming a hermit again!

    • I am sure you will be fine especially if you were outside or wearing a mask. I bet it was lovely being with your friends again.

  8. So glad things are getting better these days. Here is wishing for a little more opening and lots less illness. Your plants are beautiful. What are the flowers in the 4th and 5th plant photos? Just beutiful.

  9. I’m so happy that you could get your hair cut and go to the yarn shop!! The buttons are so cute, seriously, and I love the colours of the vest!
    Also – congratulations on the flowers! We haven’t bought anything for the balcony yet, but then, the weather has been quite cold here with a bit of rain and snow mixed together every once in a while, so I think we’re gonna be okay. 😉 Soon though!

    • I am surprised at how much these little things have meant to me this week. I was counting down the sleeps till hair cut day. Be lovely when you can get your balcony going.

      • It really becomes so important, right? I haven’t been getting my hair cut in ages (I think it’s possible right now though), but small things become so important! I try to be extra friendly with the people I’m interacting with outside, e.g. in the shops, it really counts.

        • Yes I was excited for the hair cut, but it was the chat I really enjoyed. Same in the yarn shop. I would have stayed there longer but another customer was waiting outside.

  10. Lucky! I couldn’t get a hair appointment until the 27th as I’m new to the area and haven’t got a regular hairdresser.
    Your garden is coming on well and you can no longer realistically call it the forlorn patch 😁
    I haven’t been out anywhere yet although I do want to go to the picture framers that opened on Monday as I’ve been wanting to get a print re-mounted. Also, my SIL lives just over the border in Devon and we will probably meet up soon in one of the NT properties or similar this weekend, weather permitting.
    I need to get out and about as I’m feeling as if I’ve got a touch of agoraphobia which, coupled with my dislike of driving on the very narrow country lanes we now live on, hasn’t made me as keen to re-join the world at large as I thought I would be. It must be nipped in the bud before I become a hoarder or something.

    • Oh yes those roads with the High hedges are hair raising ! How wonderful to see extended family. It takes ages to find all the people and places when you move. I am still hunting for a butcher I really rate. Virtually given up red meat until I find one I like.

  11. so pleased to hear things are easing up ^^
    I too went for a haircut last week and feel so much better for it!
    And coincidence, I also bought myself a little Saxifragia the other week ^^ Like yours, mine is in a large pot but I plan on planting it in a rcokery area of our garden later in the year (we’re waiting on work to be done to renovate veranda so I can’t plant in that area yet or workmen will trample on things.

    • I think I will probably move a lot of the plants . Trying to build a herb garden but it will be where all that greenhouse stuff is . Feel glad to have rosemary , oregano and sage in pots, nice and near the kitchen. Your rockery will be lovely.

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