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Classic editor

Did it, only not sure I will ever be able to do it again! I was in New fangled editor and went to the add a block bit, then in the search space wrote classic, and here I am, with the super old editor.Will it be here tomorrow or will I have to start again? Time alone will tell..

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  1. I discovered I can use the Classic Editor as a “block” choice in WordPress. I am not sure why they messed with perfection and screwed up WordPress!

  2. I can still get Classic editor, though I don’t mind writing the posts on the block one, I’ve got used to it. HOWEVER…I cancan no longer get on to media with Classic! nooooo, that means I can’t search the media by selecting a month, I have to scroll all the way down, which with my computer takes hours!!! Not impressed!!

  3. Good Luck! I find new editor a pain but it is supposed to let you add things like tables easily I believe. In the past when I wanted a table I just went to the text view and typed in the HTML but presumably this would mean you don’t need to do that.

  4. I have figured out how to do the very basic stuff In the block editor, but no fancy stuff!

  5. I come and go – old and new…..but still prefer the old.

  6. I bit the bullet and spent most of yesterday learning enough of the new system to get off the old classic editor but like you I will probably resort to using the classic block when I can.

  7. Well done! But I do urge you to try the instructions in my last post but one, especially the red bit at the end. It’s just a few button presses and you go straight back to Classic, hurray! And there are beginner tutorials for the Block Editor on YouTube, which you can stop and start and replay till you get what they’re talking about.

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