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My life has been beset with holes. First this one

Tile off in the wind last week.

This one to be precise- it missed the back of my car by milli wotsits- there was mud on the car, well mossy bits, but no damage.

Anyway cue major panic mode from me. Mr E far too busy sorting out the fetching of a second hand greenhouse to help find a roofer, like STRAIGHT AWAY- over night rain predicted, me headless chicken impersonation. Son sends me a mobile phone for one Wayne who patched his roof the week previously from a mice infestation, does Wayne respond to my urgent panic stricken phone call- Wayne does not.

I try deep breathing- it doesn’t seem to help find a roofer NOW. I google roofers- up pops and ad with a phone number. Phone call answered straightaway, by a very nice lady who will speak to George, who may not be able to come out today as his wife just gave birth- that seems like a reasonable reason. George via the nice lady will send someone out the next day, and the felt will keep any rain off the inside of the house- not sure I believe this, but decide it’s best to try to pretend I do and calm down. Indeed following day George does send round two very nice chaps who fit a new tile and do a quick skeg of the rest of the roof and say it looks ok. The tile has been up a week, and all seems well- I check every day, and park my car further from the roof, but it sticks out a bit and I worry my neighbour will bosh it, so I check that every day too.

More worrying was looking out of the window later, Mr E said he was going to re seed/turf this patchy bit of grass.

My Goodness I thought as a large hole started to appear- he’s digging my grave. I investigate.

Just in case I need to start another panic

Someone has only buried a wall out there, at least its not a grave …. That will be to go with the decking which we already know was buried under that hump of soil and turf , which is apparently needed to level the greenhouse. You have to feel a bit sorry for the forlorn patch.

As to the greenhouse, that was collected at the weekend and is now lying all over the grass, awaiting re-construction this weekend.

Thank goodness I planted some bulbs.

Comments on: "Holes!" (36)

  1. Aww Cathy, I know how you feel. I hate leaking roofs! x

  2. Glad the hole was sorted in the end. Pots of bulbs are the best remedy to anything this time of year. 😊

  3. Oh my, sorry about your roof tile situation. Thanks for the laugh about Mr. E’s digging (and I do not think he was digging your grave – ha!). Someday all will be a vague memory when you have your house just as you want it and your lovely garden is in bloom!

  4. Happiness is a roof with all its tiles, well I know it (though mine was actually holey asphalt until we put metal on it.) Those daffodils make me smile, glad you planted something lovely for me to look at this spring! Mr. E out digging your grave gave me a good laugh!

  5. Goodness! With all you have to worry about you still managed to give me a good giggle. I remember digging the last husbands grave in the back yard. It was definitely big enough and days I really wanted to put him there. 😉 Glad the roof tile didn’t hit the car or you. Better to let the tiles hit the car then the neighbor. Glad you planted bulbs too. They are a bright spot.

  6. Your flowers are looking lovely! So glad the roof was fixed pretty quickly and that the damage was not worse 🙂

  7. I can imagine your panic – glad you were able to get a new tile fitted quickly! And thank goodness no damage was done to your car.

  8. Glad you had your tile fixed, albeit the next day. I do suggest you have all tiles checked, recap edges etc. Not to be a dooms dayer as we had similar issue, seversl yesrs ago, once one went….

  9. Oh dear, what a worrying time you’ve had! On the upside, if that is indeed a grave being dug, it’ll be nice and peaceful, and no need to worry about leaks or holes, falling tiles, impending rain, or indeed the chances of that greenhouse being reassembled before the end of the year… I’d be lurching eagerly towards it in hopes of a nice long snooze, myself!

  10. Your grave comment cracked me up. First good laugh I’ve had today, thank you 🙂

  11. oh dear on the hole in the roof, but pleased George sent 2 bods round!
    I can remember our first 12 months here were plagued with leaks: discovered leaking roof in attic, leaking roof in veranda, one radiator leaked, and so did the mains water tap into the house! And they say these things come in threes, but for us it was four!

  12. If Mr. E. approaches you with a tape measure, I’d definitely start to get concerned.

  13. Oh dear! I hope you are finding ways to settle your whirling mind now and I hope that roof tile holds tight.

  14. I prescribe a dose of Slow Stitching to recover from all that adrenalin pumping drama!
    What a beautiful show of bulbs.
    And breathe! ❤

  15. It sounds like you’ve had quite a time of it over the last week. When you mentioned the hole appearing I thought you were going to say a sinkhole was opening up.

  16. Delighted you got your tile replaced so quickly, although it must have seemed like ages.
    I’ve been reading about mounds, in conjunction with the new movie, “The Dig,” which I haven’t seen yet but hope to soon. So my thought was, Oh, is she going to be immortalised with a nice mound???? 😱
    That dear backyard patch sure is needing a lot of loving attention. Thank goodness for your glorious bulbs!
    Meanwhile, a weekend greenhouse project sounds lovely!

  17. All’s well that ends well. More than anything, that hole in the roof gave me concern. I am pleased you have it fixed, now save George’s number in your phone in case you need him in the future. Good help is hard to find.

    • The firm were wonderful. and yes the first thing I did was put the number in my phone and wrote it down in several places too just for good measure!

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