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Some more of this and that

The problem when you do too much at once is that nothing gets finished or rates a post of its own, however, there has been quite a bit of this

filling the house with Spring flowers, and then there was

nearly finishing Miss F’s waistcoat- I just need a button shop to open its doors.

the back is simpler- I like the honeycomb effect, but this pattern was so riddled with errors I’m not going to give it blog room.

then there was another pizza made from scratch- mushrooms and peppers. I can’t eat a whole one though.

I have stitched another four tags- they are such good fun to make.

And finally there is that

enormous quilt that I abandoned two years ago when the going got tough.

It shall be done!

Do you have lots going on? Any finishes in sight? As to the needlefelted hare- it looks more like a T Rex at the moment.

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  1. Very busy but wouldn’t life be boring if we didn’t have all these bits to do. Of course my eye went straight to the Pointer dog on your windowsill!!! Unusual to see anything Pointerish.

    • My Dad had spaniels but my step Mum favoured pointers- these were her ornaments , and I rescued them when we cleared their house a few years back- I just couldn’t leave the dogs, don’t think they would have forgiven me.

  2. You are busy with all manner of happy things, Cathy! Good luck with your toggle search, so you can finish that delightful bit of knitting! I think your quilt is quite wonderful, doesn’t look like a first timer at all, and your tags are wonderfully creative.

  3. The daffodils sure brighten up the view on this gloomy morning. Nothing but rain and more rain but I won’t complain because it’s not ice or snow. πŸ˜‰

    I love how the knitted vest turned out. It’s beautiful! I’ve never seen a well written pattern for anything. Instructions are always missing parts.

    I love those button covered “tags”! Not sure what you are doing with them since I don’t understand what “tags” means to you but they look so fun.

    The quilt turned out spectacular! You will be quite good at the quilting if you decide to do more. I have as yet to make a bed quilt. It’s on my list but most of mine are smaller. I’m doing a lot of this and that too and not much is getting finished…yet. Too many interruptions.

    • You have been through the mill with your weather this last 12 months.Rain must almost be a welcome relief.
      The tags- well they are another word for labels. A lady called Anne is demonstrating via You Tube a tag a week. The back is blank which you can use a weekly journal- they are held together with a ring binder. At the end of the year I will have 52 pretty tags which hold a record for 2021- a way to get through Covid19 etc. I have another blog- https://avoicethroughstitch.wordpress.com which has more details of each tag.
      Hope you have a good weekend filled with lots of this and that.

      • Thanks for all the great information. The weekend has gone so quickly with only chores to account for it. I’ll be having a quick look at your other blog. Sounds very interesting.

  4. I know what you mean about being busy with a lot of things and not feeling like you have much to show for it… but this post is FULL of yummy things!

    Your quilt! You’ve done so much work on it! And I love the colors and pattern. I love having fresh flowers in the house, but I have to be careful where I keep them thanks to little hands who love to pluck the petals.

    Enjoy your weekend, Cathy!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment- I love the quilt but it’s the second one I attempted in a class, and I couldn’t do the last session, and in anycase found the whole day exhausting- it rather scared me. But I think I can manage it..

  5. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous Cathy! Love the colours. Could happily have that on my bed…

  6. My gosh – you are getting a lot done! The pizza looks delicious, and the vest and quilt both look wonderful πŸ™‚

  7. You have been busy! That pizza looked very yummy as it is late here and I am hungry but I will stop thinking about the pizza now! I like the yarn on the waistcoat!

  8. Love the watermelon waistcoat – not so much the defective pattern as the colours. As for my To Do list: Hand quilt the Anemone quilt, more Parterre blocks, finish Floribunda, make another quilt for my brother’s 4th daughter, make the caravan rug with the jelly rolls sitting in the cupboard, well, it just goes on!

  9. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Busy as always. Love the colours not the waistcoat

  10. I do have lots going on and on a few, the end is definitely near.

  11. This is life around here too. Doing all sorts of fun and creative things but not getting myself to actually post about them. Think I just needed a little blog break. Love your collection on the windowsill

    • Yes a break can be a good thing from blogging- it’s supposed to be fun after all. Look forard to seeing your creative fun in the fullness of time.

  12. I have definitely accumlated a lot of half finished / half started projects. Your finished projects are really lovely – giving me some much needed motivation just need some time to go with it!

  13. Lovely collage of works, Cathy! Especially glad you’re filling your home with Spring flowers, which I’m missing over here. Your pizza looks delicious! (Is that a pizza/bread stone I spy underneath?)

    • Under the pizza- the bread board- no fancy pants stones for me, yet.. I bought some more daffs today as the vase above had all wilted- getting to be my Friday treat.

      • Yeah for Friday flowers! Everyone deserves a Friday treat. 😘

        On a different subject, I did see the 45-min. documentary on making the Pembrokeshire Murders and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for mentioning it, as that alerted me to something besides the short clip I’d thought was what you meant.

  14. Lovely texture for the cardigan, shame about the pattern. My cardigan (remember my cardigan!) is waiting for button shops to open too, so I can finish it. Though local Hardware shop sells buttons so maybe I should try there. Pizza looks good too!

  15. Your last sentence just made me laugh, though I’m sure the hare will look good once finished πŸ™‚

  16. lots of lovely projects and colours there, Cathy!
    Yes I too, seem to be having a bit of a “this & that” month, flitting from one thing to another . . . but then, who said crafting had to be about the finishes? Can’t it just be about the fun along the way? lol

    • That’s very true- it is about fun- but I don’t want it to seem as if I have fallen off the planet. maybe I shall just make my this and thats a regular feature this year!

  17. I like the design on the knitting – shame it was a bad pattern.
    I have also just finished a top that needs buttons and, as ever, despite having a vast button stash, I have none that will quite do.

    • I need toggles and although i could get them online, I need to check they are the right size as the yarn is chunky. I’ve yet to find a good button shop too.

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