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Lydiard Park

I searched the internet for the best place locally to see snowdrops and Lydiard Park came highly recommended. I have visited in the past, when we used to come down to visit our son- indeed we have even stayed in the hotel in the house here, and brought my Mum from Wales to see the family, and youngest son to help when we were left in charge of grandchildren. So this walk held many special memories for me, even though I strolled by myself I felt I had company.

You can see why we needed help back then.

https://www.lydiardpark.org.uk/ link for more history of the park.

A wonderful house as you can see, open to the public… one day.

Rather nice lake- once upon a time there was a mill under there, now gone in the interests of beauty.

I was quite taken with this structure which was a cold bath , once much the rage, like sea bathing.

Don’t think I would fancy this myself- couldn’t have a decent swim for a start and I bet it was none too hygenic.

Rather nice views- somewhere in the distance is our house.

The snowdrops didn’t disappoint.
nor did the corcuses which I hadn’t expected.
The little church is within walking distance of the house- now that’s power for you. Sadly the gate was padlocked so I couldn’t explore the churchyard.
Nice chat with the wildlife.
A thoroughly nice outing- I noted that the two cafes were open for takeaway refreshment- next time I shall take my pennies.

Where is the best place for you to see the first flowers of Spring?

Comments on: "Lydiard Park" (19)

  1. The garden looks beautiful with a sprinkle of these raindrops. In early spring the view becomes much more alluring.

  2. I think I would pass on that “bath” – ha! Lovely photos looks like a great stroll!

  3. I’m not sure about the cold bath either!
    Lovely to see snowdrops and crocuses. Have seen quite a few recently and also yesterday I saw celendines and colts foot. So Spring is springing. 🙂

    • It was a very strange idea- I wonder how they stopped it getting stagnant. Spring is indeed on its way- I’ve not seen celendines yet.

  4. Looks a lovely house and park. Thanks for sharing your walk with us xx

  5. How great to have a place like that within easy reach. I am sure you will get to visit the church and churchyard one day.

    • I am sure I will, but as you know I love my church visits, so it is very frustrating- ok to go to a DIY shop but not a church for a private time.

  6. That is a lovely park – what a great place for a walk!

  7. This looks like a wonderful place to visit, multiple times each year!🙂

  8. That house is crying out for a Jane Austen movie to be shot there, don’t you feel? My favourite place to see Spring in bloom is Grafton, where they hold an annual Jacaranda Festival to celebrate all the jacaranda trees in town coming into gorgeous purple bloom at once. (https://www.jacarandafestival.com/) It’s spectacular, but sadly rather far away and in the wrong state now!

    • Wow that purple looks incredible- knocks lilac into a tin hat! Yes I can see a Jane Austin being filmed there. Can’t wait to see inside this one.

  9. What a beautiful property. I am most impressed with the abundance of snow drops! There is a beautiful Victorian home down the road from me. In the early spring, their lawn is covered in a sea of Scilla Siberica (spring beauty). It is stunning!!

  10. What a lovely place – and much anticipation for a future visit.
    Until we can go further afield, I am happy with the snowdrops in my garden which are bulking up nicely, but usually there is a mini-pilgrimage to one or more of the places listed on this website: https://www.westdorsetcottages.com/snowdrops-in-dorset/

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