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Scrap Happy _ February 2021

I am very, very pleased with myself for this little project. Not because it is fantastically novel , but because for once I am really proud of the final outcome. Go back to 2019 when I enrolled on a quilting course and was thrown in at the deep end with a full sized quilt over three 6 hour sessions which totally exhausted and confused me. I ended up with a quilt and embarked on quilt two, but couldn’t attend the last workshop as youngest son got married on that day. Since then I have made two smaller quilts for grandchildren, but they have been a bit of a cobbled together botched job. The truth is I still didn’t really know what I was about, and the second big quilt lingers on the to be finished pile.

This month I took the sensible decision and decided to go back to basics- start with something really small and do it properly. Find a book and some fabric scraps which don’t scare me, and breathe.

Something nice and small and manageable.

Ok so I have made coasters before, cobbled together botched jobs. These I will do slowly, properly and neatly. Breathe.

Small squares, carefully measured and stitched together- press open the seams and breathe..

Looking good

As it happens I have always fancied using strawberry fabric for a garden project, but then I used the fabric for other things but there was enough left over.

Loving the seams meeting.
And then some proper quilting, taking my time, breathing
so nearly perfect

I am so pleased with myself. I can’t wait to use these for the first garden mug of coffee. And the moral of the story is start small, oh and don’t forget to breathe.

I shall tackle the unfinished quilt- it will be far from perfect, but I shall also try somthing a bit bigger than coasters and learn slowly.

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Comments on: "Scrap Happy _ February 2021" (49)

  1. What a good idea! Those are adorable!

  2. Great project – turned out wonderful!

  3. These turned out quite lovely. Coasters are not always as easy as it would appear. Good plan to go back to basics. I’d like to be making anything right now.

  4. How fun! I have been thinking about making some mug rugs with scraps.

  5. These look so pretty! Good for you tackling something that was bugging you. Starting small and taking it easy is a wonderful approach!

  6. well done, very pretty! And so smart to go back and start with the basics where you had control. Breathing is so important.

  7. Well look at you, quilting like a champion. It’s all that breathing that does it. Matching seams and everything. Another time, you won’t be scared of coasters, and you could scale them up to a set of place mats, maybe. And from place mats it’s not much of a reach to a table runner. Well, you get the idea. Beautiful work, Cathy.

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Very nice. And you should be proud

  9. Very neat and quite delightful!

  10. You did great! The coasters are adorable, and I love that strawberry fabric. So summery and cheerful!

  11. Lovely work, Cathy! Particularly enjoy your choice of fabrics.

  12. I learned, early on, that it’s all about cutting precisely and pressing those seams so things line up. And what a great job you’ve made on these coasters! Not only is your piecing neat, but your quilting is lovely too!

  13. Breathing is always good and I don’t see any imperfection, only sewing by a human…I love your little coasters, and I’m with you in anticipation of the first lovely cup of anything out in the garden, and maybe a bit later, a strawberry or two!

  14. Lovely! I love the fabric too.

  15. Yay!!! These are so sweet, Cathy! You should be pleased with your self.

  16. These look great Cathy, the stitching is beautifully done! On to another small project, if you sew. But every week, soon it will be fun!

  17. Congratulations!! I LOVE the fabric, they look beautiful!

  18. I think you have done the right thing Cathy. A large quilt is a huge undertaking and needs working up to if you want to be perfectly happy with the results. Your coasters look beautiful and bode well for all your future patchwork projects. All that breathing obviously worked wonders.

  19. It’s beautiful! 🀍

  20. Well done!!! Looking fabulous.

  21. I absolutely love these, you did a brilliant job, and no-one can ever have enough coasters. Also love your use of scraps πŸ™‚
    On the subject of coasters: Andrew put his glass of wine on the dark wooden arm of a beautiful sofa in a guesthouse we were staying in two weeks ago in Kleinmond. The ring it left behind was unbelievable, I should have taken a pic. I googled remedies and one was to smear vaseline over the ring and leave it for 8 hours/overnight before wiping it off. I always pack vaseline because I tend to have dry elbows, but even if I hadn’t we would have shot off to the nearest shop and bought some. The result was like magic, the vaseline worked perfectly and it was as if the solid whitish ring on the dark wood had never really happened.

  22. Lovely. My mum made me a patchwork quilt when I was little, it’s threadbare and torn in places now but I can’t bear to part with it.

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