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Snowdrops keep falling

Well of course they don’t but when I looked at my photos from my Saturday walk all I could think of was the song from Butch Cassidy- you know “Raindrops keep falling on my head”- it works nicely with snowdrops, except it makes no sense.

Anyway it’s finally snowdrop season here , and after weeks of hunting for them locally I was rewarded for my efforts.

Along the top of St Andrew’s Ridge, with the birds singing and dogs enjoying their outings- two cocker spaniels and a springer spaniel all chasing, well whatever, nice chats to the owners, smiles on everyone’s faces, children on bikes, parents relaxed, nothing like knowing you are wearing the children out. Amazing what sunshine will do for the mood- Spring may not yet be here but it’s in the air, even the birds know it, singing and cawing ( the crows or rooks). And to the church where there surely must be snowdrops- it’s the rule in England- churchyards have snowdrops.

and indeed it did.

One day I will go inside here, one day it will be open again.

snowdrops over the wall.

snowdrops nestling in moss

Just gorgeous

There is a reason for this quest- several people suggested I should try wet felting- well confession I have tried wet felting in the past, and I still have lots of well roving and equipment, so in due course I will try wet felting and it occured to me that snowdrops would be a perfect subject- probably be March before I am ready to begin, but I just had to check the real things before making plans.

Has anyone tried wet felting? Like snow drops? Or what about a guilty pleasure- that would be the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid- after all these years I still love it.

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  1. First I have tried wet felting and it was sort of a disaster and I did not like how my strange little piece came out. But I’m gonna try felting again someday. Second your photos were so wonderful! I can’t wait to visit the UK someday. I love all that history and it is so beautiful. At least in the countryside.

  2. Will be lovely to see your wet felting of anything, but snowdrops especially! Guilty pleasure(s)? Hmmm . . . a raisin spice cake with extra ginger pieces would be nice. . . . and a huge bunch of daffs to brighten this rainy week!

  3. Wet felting sounds tricky and messy. You are very enterprising to try it. Makes me feel boring. I am never sure about ‘guilty pleasures’ since if something made me feel guilty it wouldn’t give me any pleasure. I am enjoying my meals and daily walks in the fresh air though. Keeps me sane.

    • Think of it as guilt to admit something- like scrunching through leaves in your late 60s(me) when no-one is watching! I was contemplating potato printing the other day- I think I have entered my second childhood, and it is precisely the splashing water and mess I love about wet felting, but then I get a buzz when I can put an empty bottle in washing up water and make bubbles!

      • In my old age I think that if something I do is thought in some way reprehensible by someone else that is their problem not mine. So I’ll admit to anything! Only time I would hide my thoughts or actions would be if I thought it would unsettle the other person.

  4. When I was a child I used to sing ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head’ as I skipped along the road’.

    Wet felting isn’t something I have tried. You must be talented to make snowdrops.

  5. If it wasn’t summer here and 100 degrees and so humid you might as well put your shirt on straight out of the washing machine, I’d be pining for spring bulbs. Potted hyacinths and paper whites were my indulgence, but no chance in this climate, they don’t get the chill they need.

  6. It is so green and pretty there! It is -15 C with a low of -24 tonight. With wind-chill it is even colder. I don’t mind being stuck inside with a broken ankle when it is that cold out.

  7. How lovely! I adore snowdrops but rarely get to see them, having no garden myself or nearby. I did find some in the garden at a favourite park/nature conservancy a couple of years ago, but they won’t be out until April. I got some nice photos to remember them by, though.

  8. Oh lovely, you have found a pretty snowdrop walk there. 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing your scenery, as always! The snowdrops are just lovely 🙂 We have many months here before we will see anything other than snow, so it’s nice to see flowers elsewhere 🙂

  10. I love snowdrops. I dislike closed churches. :
    My mom’s snowdrops are peeking through. She gets some nice strong afternoon sun and they are in a little corner near her front steps protected from the elements.

  11. I’ve never seen snowdrops here in the US, but maybe they have them on the east coast? I am wishing for a pot of daffodils, I should have got some last fall! My guilty pleasure is a box of Whitman chocolates in my piano bench; I have been rationing them out, 2-3 a week since January!

  12. So much prettiness 🙂 🙂 – snowdrops are so optimistic and they form crowds and drifts – something we can’t do at the moment.
    I have tried wet felting – I did a two day course a while back (on my blog) – got very enthusiastic and bought lots of roving and never did it again!
    I loved the course though – so maybe I will do another one one day.
    Guilty pleasure – I hardly dare admit to it, but I am completely hooked on the Car-Crash TV that is Married at First Sight, Australia E4 – I hate the way the Producers manipulate the situation to make ‘good’ TV, I think most of the participants are awful and so full of Botox, they can hardly speak, and some with the morals of alley cats – BUT, I’m still hooked – sad I know! HaHa!!!

    • Sorry but you have just given me a huge laugh- i would never in a million years have predicted you would be watching this- which is of course wrong of me to say because all I know of the programme is the trailers. I was a big fan of Dog the bounty hunter, which is on a par with your programme I guess. maybe you will be moved to wet felt again, something will prompt you. I did an evening class, back in the day when there were evening classes.

  13. I’m glad you finally got your snowdrops – strange that we have had ours for a few weeks now but are not that far from you really. We did have snowdrops in France but no bluebells so I’m really looking forward to bluebell season.
    I tried wet felting but wasn’t keen – too messy for me and I don’t like the feel of the squidgy felt under my fingers. You should give it a go though as it might well be your ‘thing’. Have you tried 2D felting yet? If not, that might use up some of your roving – a field of snowdrops would look great.
    Guilty pleasures? At the moment it’s ‘Bridgerton’ – a piece of highly entertaining yet slightly preposterous Netflix fluff. I watch it when it’s Mr. T.’s turn to cook dinner (again 🤣) as it definitely wouldn’t be his thing at all.

    • We used to have snowdrops in January in North Yorkshire, so I really don’t know what’s been happening here, excpet we are quite high up.. I have discovered where there is a bluebell wood in Swindon , so am quite excited to see it- in between where my son lives and the M4.
      We don’t have Netflix, so miss out on all manner of things M E wouldn’t watch, saves arguements.

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