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Bees Wax Wraps

Beemindfulbuzziness. What I hear you ask?

This I answer- my Christmas present from my lovely daughter-in-law and son. Link for you all here-https://www.facebook.com/beemindfulsansior/

Created as a business venture by a teacher and her pupils in Wales. The little bracelet comes with a poem. It reads

When you’re feeling rather sad,

And want to feel happy and glad,

Wear this bracelet every day.

And happiness will come your way.

Do look at their Facebook page- they give their profits away, and it is really heart warming to see.

Inside my re-usable cup is a tea bag and a packet of cookies.

So to the wraps. They are to replace cling film or tin foil you may be using to wrap sandwiches or leftover nosh you pop in the fridge.

Inside the box these pretty blocks of wax, almost too pretty to melt.
And really pretty fabric.
Almost too pretty to melt wax onto.

I gave myself a good talking too- well several because as always it took me several readings of the instructions and a few sleeps, until yesterday when I was mostly grating wax.

Me grating wax with the cheese grater.
Sprinkling wax prior to melting it in the oven.
Followed by brushing wax, re- melting wax, wafting fabric around to harden wax
Until I had four small wraps
And one big wrap

It was great fun- the smell of the wax was delicious, and the only downside was cleaning the grater afterwards- chipped off with a knife and wiped down with boiling water, and the fact that’s too cold for a picnic and we are not allowed one anyway.

So I have wrapped up the wraps till a warmer day, and I have of course got tea and biscuits to enjoy now. I really enjoyed this present.

Has anyone else made bees wax wraps? How did you get on? Now what shall I scare myself with next?

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  1. Oh those little wax bars are so precious! I wouldn’t want to melt them myself! That is a really wonderful and thoughtful gift!

  2. I’ve seen ready made wax wraps for sale here, but not a kit like you were given. It would be fun to try! Good for you for getting them made!

    Wet felting – I’ve been reading up on that since my sister’s gift, and have been collecting references for different youtube sites my sister uses. Want me to email the list to you? Be happy to share. 😉

    • Thanks for offering the youtube list- that would be great. I have the supplies and did a short evening class on wet felting but that was a while ago, so a refresher is in order. You are very kind indeed.
      It’s rather nice to have all these interests to turn too now.

      • Right-o! Will get it to you before 6.00/1800 hr your time. Just waking up to a frigid morning over here – black ice & very low temps, but no snow.

  3. So good to help save the environment. I bought myself some wax wraps last year – and loved using them. When the wax rubbed off and they no longer clung I did consider getting more wax and doing exactly what you did. However, I read up about it and couldn’t decide how much wax I’d need so I bought new wax wraps ready made instead. I consider I am still helping save the planet and this time I am also supporting someone’s little cottage industry. Maybe next time I will grate and cook like you did. As for an idea for your next ‘scare’ – how about wet felting? It’s messy but tactile and fun!

  4. ohhhh you have some, too!! I got one in my advent calendar this year – I haven’t prepared it yet, because somehow, we never use a lot of clingfilm anyway, but I am REALLY looking forward to trying it out! (I wholeheartedly agree with you on the beeswax smell, I think I’ll be trying to get my hands on some candles this year)

  5. I use a different method with the wax which does away with the grating, but is probably more long-winded. I have a special small ‘wax-only’ saucepan which I use for melting over a tealight (I have one of those old-fashioned kettle trivets with a little cup for a tealight). I use a brush and build up layers. Very long-winded, but no grated knuckles or wasted wax – and no cleaning graters!

    • Cleaning the grater was the biggest issue as the handle was plastic, but just scraping off most of the wax and boiling water did the trick.

  6. Looks like an interesting and fun thing to do and very useful too 🙂

  7. Very cool gift! I have not made wax wraps yet, but they are such a great idea. And yours really is such a pretty set, too!

  8. That looks a fantastic gift. I had no idea you can make your own wraps. Well done. X

  9. Sounds amazing, what a lovely gift! I need to try it out sometime.

  10. I’ve been wanting to make these. You may have inspired me to give it a shot.

  11. The fabrics they sent are so sweet! What a fun project this was, and so useful. Scare yourself again, Cathy! 😉

  12. If you get into a groove with this, it may pay to purchase an inexpensive grater just for wax. I love this idea and the kit looks adorable. It does make me sad that you are not allowed a picnic. 😦

  13. What a fun gift and project. I have seen these beeswax wraps in the store but never used them. I didn’t know you could make your own.

  14. This looks like fun, and I think the kit is an excellent idea. Hmmm, what next, I wonder…?

  15. That was a really thoughtful gift and looks a lovely kit.
    I have made some and still have lots of beeswax and other paraphernalia but lost the enthusiasm a bit after I made a mess of my ironing board cover – I used a different method to you – and my husband not liking to use them as you can’t see what’s inside. I will get back to it though as I don’t want it to be another craft I got carried away with and bought loads of supplies only to abandon it.

  16. What a fabulous gift!
    I think this could be converted to a Home Schooling exercise which all my children are struggling with at the moment. Thank you Cathy.
    Thank you for scaring yourself in all these wonderfully creative ways – you are an inspiration!

    • It probably could- the oven temperature was only 85C, and you just keep popping it back in till you are happy, and it does smell good.

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