Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

First walk of the Year

All by myself- Lockdown Three cometh.

Taking in a river

A bridge

A lake- Mouldon Hill, Swindon

A field

Wonderfully shaped trees

Some survivors.

My favourite Silver Birches and

Whatever this is. Any ideas?

And Lockdown three has come……………………….

Comments on: "First walk of the Year" (38)

  1. I enjoyed those photos and virtually going on your walk with you – see you were not alone you had all of us in attendance πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely photos, hope you are managing to get out and about even in lock-down? x

  3. Lovely winter landscape in the sun… That green structure; hard to tell without some idea of scale, but it looks as if it might originally have carried a wooden walkway – that could be a handrail on one side. Is it in a boggy bit or over a river? If it were here, I’d say it was part of our narrow gauge cane railway, delivering bins of cut cane to the sugar mill, but, well… Swindon.

    • Swindon is of course known for railways but this thing is quite a distance from the old track. It was in a hedge near the car park.

  4. What lovely winter weather. Pretty photos. Not sure what the green fence/bridge might be. Nice to go for a walk then nice to get back home in the warm again. Hope it made you feel good. x

  5. I am definitely glad we can still take walks. They are essential to my well being I think. X

  6. I’m so glad you have some lovely walks to enjoy.
    The last picture does not look agricultural, so my guess is that it is something to do with the railway. Do let us know if you find out.

  7. Possibly too industrial looking for farming so I’d think it much more likely to be something to do with the railway. Shame the old Pathfinder maps aren’t made any more otherwise you’d probably be able to see what it was.

  8. I’m also left wondering about that last picture. What a mystery! Birches are my favorite — we’re lucky to have quite a few in our yard.

    Your walk looks lovely. I’m sorry that you’re in Lockdown Number Three. I’m glad you’re staying safe!!

    • Birches are so attractive especially in the Winter when the earth is bare. We are hardly venturing near people so should be safe. Take care, x

  9. Looks like a lovely walk – thanks for sharing your views!

  10. Looks like you had a bit of sunshine for your walk – that helps

  11. I do envy you all the lovely changes of scenery you can find on your walks. Around here it’s either carefully manicured sameness or 4-lane roads.

  12. Fresh air always helps, even if it has t9 be the back yard, but I do hope you can wander further afield!

  13. It’s so good that you can still go for walks! (We went, too, today, and it was COLD and GREY, but at least we got some exercise and some fresh air) As to the last picture … could it be some sort of transportation trail? Did you have coal mining in your area maybe? So, where trains or lorries could have gone?

    • Going out when we can is so important. No coal mining but an old railway line not too far away, or maybe for livestock?

      • CATTLE trails!! Yes! Maybe? If only the library were open then you could check … but maybe your town has a history centre that has a website? Or the tourist office or something?

  14. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Here too we are in lockdown three. Glad you enjoyed your walk.

  15. No idea what the lat pic is. Silver birches are my favourite too πŸ™‚

  16. You must have had a lovely walk. Will you still be allowed to go for walks after today (last night?) or are you meant to stay indoors? For five weeks, when we weren’t allowed to leave our homes for walks, I did pilates exercises that I found on youtube. Not much fun 😦 Good luck, and stay safe xx

    • Yes still allowed to go for walks, and I could meet up with my son, but they were awaiting a Covid test, which has come back negative.

  17. That last image has really piqued my curiosity. Were you in an orchard?

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