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First Finish- 2021

One upshot from doing morning pages is that I have been tackling a reluctance on my part to make progress on projects. When you move house, or rather when I moved house, I was slightly, no incredibly, shocked by the number of stalled and not yet started projects I had hidden away in boxes and bags.

75 days of morning pages, and some heart seaching has led me to know that if things look a bit difficult I panic, big time, that is why constructing the spice rack a nut at a time was such a big deal. So after the success of that- and it is still up, I moved onto thinking about the quilt I promised my oldest grandson a year ago featuring the Oxford Utd football mascot- namely the Ox.

One Ox

And the part I had stalled at for nigh on nine months- cutting the binding- not stitching the binding, but cutting it. Cutting four strips of fabric threw me into turmoil- when it comes to measuring my mind goes blank. It’s hard to describe to anyone just how hard for me it is- but it is. So I decided to take baby steps, and summonsed up courage to bind the coasters I had started for my last Scrap Happy post.

Not so hard after all.

Deep breathes then, and one morning later I had the yellow binding strips cut out. And on the following day, I had them sewn on.

Needs a good press.

But there we are, one finish! What next I wonder?

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  1. Awesome! One down – now you can conquer the rest 🙂

  2. And doesn’t it feel great when you have that little job done? Well done.

  3. Good job tackling the bit that was holding you back!! What a lovely quilt 🙂

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is exactly why I love morning pages – not only because you realise stuff that is flowing “behind the scenes”, but because you have a little space to finally take a deep breath and then ask: “WHY.” The quilt is great! And I’m looking forward to the next project! 🙂

    • Juila you are so right. I went to sleep with a problem and woke up with a solution to something today, and I put it all down to monring pages.

      • That is something I discovered, too, and fairly quickly once I started writing them! (Another thing I realised was that I talked to myself a lot in a drill-seargent style, and I have been a lot kinder to me ever since. 😉 ) I’m glad you came up with a solution for not another thing!! WOOT!

  5. Your grandson will love that quilt. It’s Oxceptional!

  6. Huge congratulations for facing the ceative block and leaping on over it.
    I can really relate to how a little blip can halt things for years. I have far too many works in progress to count them! You are not alone!
    Also – be kind to yourself – you have moved house – to a whole new area – it takes time to find your own centre again. xx

  7. The coasters and the quilt look great! Good for you tackling something that gives you trouble 🙂

  8. Oh well done! You will be tackling all sorts of UFO’s at this rate!

  9. I love your progress! Well done!
    I too set things aside that cause anxiety in me. I like to do things fast and easy. That’s why I enjoy painting so much. Add color, add doo dads or stencil on, looks bad? Wipe down, start over. :o)

    But throw in numbers- length-yards-inches, instructions!!?? help, I freeze. Start it, stop it- tense up- set aside. I may try to put it the way I think it should go- but that doesn’t always work!

    My soon to turn 17 yr old son needs pants. Mens pants. I bought 2 newer patterns with 2 different? style bag pockets. Seriously- there’s not 1 kind? The teen boy’s (from the 90’s) pattern I previously used, did not have front pockets. I’ve sewn a million girl/womens pockets in many configurations, but never a bag pocket.
    So first pockets sewn last night- it was ugly. I was in knots. I fought temptation to set aside. (thank goodness everyone was sleeping- I had run out of patience) I even e-mailed the pattern maker after googling and finding no help. 3 hours later- I got it- I did it. Looks fine. But I hate making them, even tho the next one should only take 20 minutes (counting pressing) rather than 3 hours.

    Sorry I’ve highjacked the comments! ;o) But I can so relate.
    And Math with English were my best subjects in school, go figure!

    • Oh well done you, I feel your pain. Some things make no sense whatsoever, and yes panic and freeze, and hide things away. Delighted with your comment, thank you. Here’s to the next one being easier for you.

  10. There, that wasn’t so bad, was it? And he’s going to be so pleased!

    • Kate you are so right. It was bad, but doable if I took time… I think after a conversation with my husband that I have an unknown condition called number blindness, same as word blindness , but with me it’s numbers, only no-one has discovered it yet!

      • PS He sounds pleased already!

      • Number terror is a thing! I get round it by drawing diagrams and attaching measurements. Somehow, the picture of a strip with dimensions is much friendlier than bald numbers on a piece of paper. Same with block layouts. You just need to remember to add seam allowances…

  11. I don’t like cutting either. Nor do I like finishing either unless it is a book I’m reading. Anyway, well done.

  12. ‘Half finished’ – a well known phrase in my house! Good on ya for ‘finishing’ the quilt!
    And good on ya for sticking with morning pages…..After you wrote about it last year I read the book, began in earnest but fizzled out. Just couldn’t do it, loads of reasons why (read that as excuses) it seemed to take up too much of my time, I couldn’t find the words to fill all those ages etc etc. so I’ve gone back to scribbling a few words here and there (not pages) whenever I felt the need whatever the time of day.
    Your quilt reminds me of cushions I gave grandsons one Christmas……gosh I wish I’d taken photographs

    • I will be honest I was sceptical of the merit of morning pages and have attempted them two or three times before usually ending up like you writing at any time of day. This time I have kept going in the morning- I started with an A5 book now onto A4 that way not so daunting, and some days it has only been a few lines, usually because we had to get husband to a medical appointment, but used in conjunction with the Artists way in retirement, something different is happening, and I really feel I am changing, and getting less fearful of making a mess of things, as well as sorting out other issues….I am just completing week 7 of the book, but have not done a week in a week- sometimes life happens. It’s a good tool for reflection, is all I can say.

  13. Well done. Sounds like the sewers equivalent of fear of the blank page, but an excellent idea to break yourself in/boost confidence with a smaller project first. Look forward to seeing the next project you tackle.

  14. claire93 said:

    so pleased you jumped in with both feet and got that binding on ^^ I also feel apprehensive each time I tackle something new, but if we never try, we’ll never learn!

    • In the end it really was a question of did he want the quilt I made or find it in years to come half made? I had a nice chat with him this week on the hone and he plans on using it in the car on the way to football matches to snuggle under while he takes a nap. It will fit that bill!

  15. One project at a time (she says, having hardly ever followed her own advice).
    I still haven’t found enough of my stuff to take on a real project. My daughter wanted me to teach her how to use the sewing machine and to make her weird doll a pair of trousers and a top and I couldn’t function because my rotary cutter and unpicker were somewhere deep in a packing box. I just can’t imagine sitting down and making an item of clothing or decent crafty piece at the moment as the room is still not sorted. I’m worried that by the time it is everything will seem too hard.
    Grandson will be chuffed to bits with what you’ve done 🤗

    • I am still searching for things- would you believe I couldn’t find parcel tape yesterday! With all the reels leftover we must have!

  16. I’ve just cast off my snuggly cowl. I’ll wait to darn in the ends when the light is natural. Feels good to have something done, especially as they’re gifts, this early in the year. Well done us both.

  17. Yeah, Cathy!
    Delighted that morning pages are working for you, and you’ve got two items completed already this year! Double Hurrah!! 💕

  18. Well done. You are doing better than me – lots of procrastinating – after Boris told us to ‘stay home’ even more for the next six weeks I don’t feel I have any kind of timetable!

  19. Always good to learn new things about ourselves. Here’s wishing you lots of self confidence and courage to tackle the rest of your outstanding projects.

  20. Good for you! Small steps can make such a big difference over time. The coasters are gorgeous, and I’m sure you have many more satisfying “finishes” ahead this year!

    • Such a lot of choice too. Its embarrassing just how many things I have stuck in this way. I told myself my grandson would much prefer finished to waiting for perfection.

  21. Good for you!! Isn’t it amazing how we can convince ourselves that we can’t do something even before we try! I am guilty of that too.

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