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2020, A Year in Photos

Well, no doubt about it, it’s been a rum old year, and yet by making the most of what one could do, I for one have some wonderful memories.

January- began with early snowdrops

and Winter Walks.

The millenium wood and lake in Pickering, North Yorkshire

We also put in an offer on our new home, and began for the third attempt, a house purchase- would this be the one that went through?

I optimistically compiled a list of 20 things I planned to do in 2020, and got off to a flying start with a visit to the Scarborough Art Gallery to an exhibition of embroideries/ art works to celebrtae the 200th Anniversary for Anne Bronte.

Pages from The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

February- all was going well with the proposed house move

A Garden Visitor.
Walks on the North Yorks Moors- Skelton Tower.
First of four vintage fabric boxes made.

March- Covid 19 and the threat of Lockdown looms- our house move progresses and we start to fill boxes left by the removal firm.

First daffodil of the year gracing the kitchen window
Quilt for Grandson underway

April- Move on hold, caught between exchange of contracts and completion. Our life is in boxes.

My knitted creatures in lockdown.
Family quiz by zoom- photo by my son
Rivers and trees lift our spirits

May- and the move is on again.

Packing resumes
Sad farewells
New beginings
New walks

June- Lockdown eases further and unpacking continues.

How long before we can entertain here?
Family walks

July- Getting to know the new area

Exploring- Barbary Castle- Wiltshire Hill Fort on the Ridgeway
The lane to the local church- sadly locked.

August- finding a wider community

Making a blanket for a local care home
Trying my hand at pottery .
The black cat bird takes up residence .

September -Settling down

Finding my local connection
Tackling the forlorn patch
Avebury ring, and the last chance for coffee outside for us
Scarecrow trail in a nearby village

October- Autumn Colours

Bibury the prettiest village in England according to William Morris
Finally an open Church for quiet contemplation and prayer
Halloween on the Ridge

November- Lockdown 2

Last family walk before Lockdown two
Solo explorations again.

December- Christmas as we have never know it.

Sunset over the Ridge

2020 has been a year like no other- a year to appreciate what you have and making the most of life, and learning to adapt. Maybe we will be nicer people and the world a better place.

Happy New Year,

Cathy x

Comments on: "2020, A Year in Photos" (40)

  1. What a wonderful recap with photos. Great photos and my favorite is North Yorks Moors- Skelton Tower!

  2. I love taking pictures of paths in the woods too! And this was definitely a year for walks in the woods. My favorite picture is the daffodil. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Avebury and Bibury places I know and love well, I hope you get to enjoy them in a freer 2021

  4. I think we have all found things to appreciate this year. I’m glad yours has got better too with a move closer to family and a lovely new house.Phew that worked out! xx

  5. A great photo journal of the year. In spite of the challenges you found many positives, I love your spirit, Cathy. Wishing you the very best in 2021!

  6. Lovely pictures! You got a lot done this year in spite of all that 202 threw at you ๐Ÿ™‚ Best wishes for a much happier 2021!

  7. Your photos show no trace of Covid; you’ve done very well shutting the menace out of the record of your year. Speaking of which, I hope the New Year will rapidly improve after a poor start with more lockdowns. Fingers crossed your vaccine becomes widely and quickly available. Virtual hugs, xxx

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Well you certainly packed a lot into 2020. Here is to a brighter 2021. Happy new year Cathy.

  9. Happy New Year, Cathy. You are right. It has been a year like no other and we have survived it. I loved the photo of Pages from The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. Bunny in the yard was fun. You have accomplished much more than you realize in this unprecedented year. Congratulate yourself for it. That was a LOT of work. May the next one bring some relief.

  10. All the best for the new year. 2020 was definitely a year to be appreciative of what we had. xx

  11. Happy new year Cathy, lovely to see all your photos

  12. Happy New Year, Cathy! I hope it wonโ€™t be long before you can entertain in your new home and do more things in your new community.

  13. Happy New Year. You have had a very eventful year. I expect you are looking for a smoother one with more family and lots of outings.

  14. Some lovely photos despite everything 2020 threw at us. โ˜บ๏ธ Not all bad though, just very different and definitely a year of appreciating all the little things many of us took for granted before. X

  15. Wonderful photo reflections. I would love to visit your lovely kitchen and share a cup of tea. Happy New Year

  16. It’s certainly been a wild ride these past 12 months, but I found this review of your exploits uplifting and an excellent reminder that it wasn’t all bad. There were good bits and we do well when remembering those! Wishing you and yours a MUUUUUCH Happier 2021, dear Cathy! xx ๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿฅ‚ ๐ŸŽ‰

    • Thanks and Happy New Year. I am such a believer in bleach and hand washing, and so many other things were going on for us, that I just got on with life.

      • Well done you for getting on with life!

        (BTW, what was the name of that monthly craft project you, Sandra, & others were doing last year?)

        • Thanks -it was The Stitchbook by Untangled Threads. I still have to join the pages and add covers, and keep putting it off, because it looks a bit complicated and well a bit boring- the fun was the stitching!

          • Thanks so much, Cathy!
            Maybe try finishing it off whilst watching or listening to something you enjoy would “sweeten the task” for you?

  17. it certainly has been a strange year! I love your 2020 in review.

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