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Knit and Natter Sunday#3

Three Sundays on the trot- nearly getting to be a regular occurance, these knit and natter posts. Please do join in the comments and tell me what you may be knitting, crocheting or crafting at the moment.

The back of grandson’s jumper is coming on apace now with the raglan sleeves taking shape.

This is the crochet blanket- single bed size I am making for a care home. It started life on a Scrap Happy project as I was using up leftover yarn- trouble is I need so many blocks and I was running out of different colours, so I have actually paid out some hard cash for some acryllic yarn- I’m using the left over bits of yarn to join four blocks at a time- the idea was that no two rows or blocks of four were the same , just to add some interest. Think I may deal with some ends too before it becomes too big a task. It’s a nice project for those evenings when I am too tired to concentrate on anything.

How are your Christmas plans going? I have started to write cards but every year it takes me longer than I expect, as I do like to write a little note or letter with each one. I received some too, way back in mid- November, which is most efficient of some people. And I have given in to internet shopping- can’t face the crowds and they must be bigger than ever this year as we were locked down for a month. I would much sooner do it in a proper shop, but what can you do?

Sometimes I just feel I might be getting a bit old, tired and crotchety- a grumpy old woman perchance.

Anyway have a good week and stay safe,

Cathy x

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  1. Love the jumper, bright and cheerful 🙂 I’ve been organised this year and got all my cards written and sent, though I usually do a newsy letter with many of them but I didn’t do one this year as there was little positive stuff to write about!! I think it’s sad that the younger generation in particular don’t do Christmas cards any more, it’s a way of touching base with friends you don’t have chance to see.

  2. A couple of lovely cheerful makes from the heart.
    If you are grumpy, goodness knows what that makes me – Grinchy and Bah Humbuggy!
    No Christmas shinnanigans for me nowadays – I’m off to a caravan by the sea this year.
    But like ‘Nice piece of work’ I am happy to see how others enjoy the festivities.
    Ho Ho Ho! 🙂

  3. No, you are far from old and crotchety. Youthful and plucky is more like it. I have yet to start decorating, except for the creche and advent wreath. 😦

  4. You are probably a lot less grumpy than you think you are!! *winks*
    I am not a Christmas person, although happy to watch others doing whatever they and their families enjoy. So, for me, no cards, no baking, just an ordinary public holiday. It will be a hot summers’ day, and we will have lunch at a wonderful seafood restaurant on the beach in Simonstown. I realise that might sound boring to some people but it works for us.

  5. The jumper is looking awesome and that is so wonderful you are making a charity blanket! I’ve written and sent a couple Christmas cards but then resigned myself to just sending cards to whoever sends me one. It gets so tedious to just sit around and work on cards.

    • I have got into a rythmn with the cards- I do a pack f 10 at a time. I guess with social media people stay in touch nowadays and the annual card at Christmas is an irrelevance, but I like the pictures all round the house with the cards I receive.

  6. You aren’t crochety at all! The jumper is flying off your needles, and it is so much brightness and light, very happy. We don’t do cards anymore, so I have baking and gifts to deal with. I’m going to make some cookie plates for the near neighbors, several have had tough years and I need to be more friendly to a couple. I haven’t touched the Greek socks this week, but I have three little hats done and hope to knock off a couple more during “knit night” with my sister.

    • Those Greek socks of yours are fabulous I really like them. I love the idea of taking a plate of biscuits to neighbours- what a nice surprise for them.

  7. Your grandson’s sweater looks great – it will be a bright spot for sure!
    I am writing Christmas cards for the first time this year – we’ll see if I do as many next year!

    • Thank you for your kind words. The best thing about sending cards is knowing that someone is getting lovely mail through their letter box.

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Definitely not old, tired and crotchety Cathy. I think, to be honest, at this time of year, and especially this year we are all a bit tired and crotchety. I have done nearly all my shopping online. I have yet to start my cards!

    • Oh bless you, thank you. It’s hard to judge how one comes across in posts- I try to be honest and truthful, but there is always a spin even when you don’t mean too. I have a satisfying pile of card to post now, already stamped and ready for the postbox. And a few parcels to be delivered to me from my online activities.

  9. I don’t think you sound grumpy at all. We have all had to adapt and change our long-established ways for a very good reason. It’s now a bit much to expect us to keep adapting, keep changing endlessly. It’s tiring, and contrary to human nature. I don’t like internet shopping much. I like to see/feel/smell or otherwise physically experience what I’m purchasing…

    • Exactly Kate, the need to see and touch things before buying- it’s why I can’t do food shopping on line- how do I know if I want to buy something till I have seen it. Slightly easier with books and clothes although the quality can vary so.

      • I’ve never bought clothes online – I want to feel the fabric, look at the cut and try it on before I lay out the cash. And you’re so right about food – add smell it to seeing it…

  10. Your grandson’s jumper and the afghan look great! I am doing most of my shopping online this year too. In person shopping would be really tough for most things.

  11. Internet shopping has made life so much easier this year, as I’m still recovering from spinal surgery – it would be too tiring to do the shops. I’ve also knitted a little Santa bag for my granddaughter and put some flash hair ties and clips in it; a cardigan for her doll (and trousers, if I find the right pattern); a ‘Baby Yoda’ for my six-month-old niece – her father is Star Wars-mad – and an elephant for her four-year-old brother. Smallish things, but achievable!

  12. The sweater looks wonderful. I’m working on socks for my husband. I need to find a photo for our card and order them. I’m late with most things this year.

  13. Well I bought stamps and I have the cards we didn’t sent last year. I also like to add a note. The cards I am getting are just photos of families with no text – not a fan of that. I am purchasing gift cards for local business to give this year for Christmas. Want to support the local places that we hope will survive this pandemic. And finally, my knitting is a bit stalled – a vest for grandson and a sweater for me on the needles but I have lost my momentum. Neither are gifts so no worry. I think I need to cast on a hat for some head clearing knitting.

    • Although I hope this will be done in time for Christmas, it’s not a must- I give things when they are ready, so from time to time there a little presents. I think there is something a bit big headed by those family portrait cards- nice for grandparents, but not the rest of your circle.

  14. claire93 said:

    the colours of this sweater make me so happy ^^
    I’ve managed to fit in some knitting over recent days . . . soon to be revealed ^^

  15. Now I know what I’m doing I’m continuing with the little red cardigan I mentioned in today’s blog.
    As for chrissie cards……we don’t and I don’t know anyone who sends them these days. Lots of electronic stuff makes it’s way to other homes.
    That has to be the jolliest jumper I’ve seen for a long while. Is there someone growing up behind this young lad who will be there to wear it after he’s grown too big?

    • There are good couple of children who should get some wear from it- so far he’s squeezing into ones that he should have out grown and passed on ages ago. A red cardigan sounds just the job, looking forward to seeing it.

  16. I used to spend ages writing cards but, when we moved to France, the cards we received dropped off dramatically which of course gave us the excuse to weed out some of the people we wondered why we were still keeping in contact with anyway. This year I’m having to be careful to include people who would have no idea we’ve moved but who we still like to say hello to at least once a year by way of a Christmas card otherwise my previous neighbour in France will feel obliged to forward stuff on to us.
    Your colourful work is cheerful as always and I think you could call yourself crochety and not mean miserable but somebody who likes to crochet 😁

    • Oh bless you- I must admit that my cards are going early to include the new address, although I have paid good money to have our mail forwarded for a year.

  17. I’m knitting socks, carding alpaca and generally procrastinating about Christmas cards. Most of the shopping is done. I have done a lot online shopping this year , but tried to avoid Amazon and support small businesses where I can. That’s meant some click and collect purchases from local shops and ordering through Etsy and directly from local makers. We’ll get there!

    • You sound very well organised indeed. I was just reading of a Christmas market that had to be closed because there were too many people- so much has been cancelled it’s no wonder that everything else gets over crowded.

  18. Don’t worry about the internet shopping this year – we did the same, most of our local businesses did have an option to buy online from, and this is what we did. I still have to write cards – originally, we thinned out the number of people who got cards (because some didn’t appreciate them, which is okay, of course, but then we don’t have to sit down and write a card), but we upped it this year again, so this is happening today and over the course of the week. And I still need to bake! Aargh! 😉

    • Proper mail is wonderful, and I love Christmas cards- I don’t mind people donating cash to charities but I feel a bit upset when that means I have to do without my little dash of Christmas cheer, I do feel ignored- after all they could make one and send me a letter.

      • I totally get that! (oh, by the way, I just had a look at my addresses, and I still haven’t got yours for the Postcard thing!! I wanted to write the cards this week, so if you could drop me a line with your address (it’s in the blog post for this) that would be great! 🙂

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