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Swan Lake

A couple of weeks ago whilst exploring the neighbourhood, I drove about five minutes from our house to follow a sign to somewhere called Mouldon Hill, which was a short way down a track. I was really happy to find my very own Swan Lake.

Swan Lake
So peaceful
Not such an ugly duckling.
I’m a swan.
It’s actually a fishing lake for which you have to pay to use, these platforms are all round the lake for the fishermen.
I am begining to think that poor old Swindon is a maligned town, not so ugly after all.

And the excellent news is that from December we are allowed to go on family walks again. I have continued to go for mid week walks with my son in which we set the world to rights, and these have been a real boon, but I do miss the children.

Obligatory sky and tree picture. I do hope everyone knows the Danny Kaye song, or the references will mean nothing- showing my age for sure. And why do I automatically say fishermen, they could be women, should I be saying fisher people?

Have a great weekend, stay safe,


Comments on: "Swan Lake" (24)

  1. Oh that looks like a lovely stroll – I enjoyed your photos! Congratulations that soon you can go on family walks again!

  2. Beautiful photos! Thank you for taking me along on your gorgeous walk ❤

  3. I love swans. They mate for life! I don’t know what I would do without my walks. My son accompanies me on many. There is something about these walks that are so therapeutic.

  4. You are finding some really nice places in your new town. That lake is so still, just lovely! So glad that you’ll be walking with the grands again soon!

  5. What a beautiful lake! You are finding so many lovely locations in your new home town 🙂 So glad you will be able to see the whole family again very soon!

  6. I like the idea of fly fishing, it was good enough for the Queen Mother, and those swans are gorgeous. More nature is required.

  7. As a fisherperson I always liked the places we fished more than the actual art of fishing. I used to make John laugh that he’d pay a lot of money for us to go on a river or loch and I’d stop fishing after a bit and just sit or sketch or take photos. And why not! I don’t even eat fish! There is still something magical about fly fishing though, a gentle skill.

  8. What a gorgeous spot to sit and enjoy nature! We use to have a duck pond down the road but they let it dry up and now there is just weeds. So sad.

  9. Looks like a lovely place for a wander. And good news about that extended family walks. That will make life cheerier.

  10. What a tranquil discovery. I love swans. Hoping some might appear in the new nature reserve that is being created in Clitheroe. X

    • The other thing I discovered here was that a millenium wood has been planted, but it invloves a five mile walk, which sounds great fun, but needs a bit of a preplan- maybe post Christmas nosh.

  11. I suppose you could call them anglers instead of fisher-whatever! And not only do I know the song, I still know all the words!

  12. I’ve never been into fishing but it looks a nice place for doing it. I love the first photo, it looks really pretty. I remember the Danny Kaye song from my early childhood, and even back then the words didn’t make sense – ugly ducklings don’t grow into swans, they just grow into bigger ducks! 🙂 🙂

    • That is very true- I suppose that’s why the signet was deemed to be an ugly duckling- he was a signet. There were actually five in this brood on the lake , but they wouldn’t all line up nicely for a selfie.

  13. Wonderfully serene.
    A friend of mine is often saying about her children and now grandchildren “all our ducks are swans”.
    Happy Walking. 🙂

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