Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!


A lot of us are still enduring the Covid restrictions in some way or another. I was reading my book the Artist’s Way for retirement, and one of the sections deals with touchstones. It occured to me that nearly all of us have lost our normal routines and daily touchstones, especially people whose working (paid and unpaid)life has been impacted- the chats around the water dispenser or coffee mchine, the daily journey to work, the shops we pop into to while away some time, the libraries, maybe your church. All these things change when you retire but also now, and maybe the task my book suggested can help, or maybe is just a bit of fun.

We are asked to list 25 things that bring us joy- ordinary things, and maybe you can find one of them that you can do today which will bring happiness.

We are dividing them between the five senses, and off I go,

1 Taste- Cinnamon, mulled apple juice, ginger, carrot cake and bacon sandwiches.

2 Touch- Stroking a dog, hugs, clean sheets, rain when you get really really soaked or when there is a gentle rain on your face and that heat you feel when you go on holiday and climb down the airplane steps.

3 Smell- Line dried washing, bacon, the earthy smell in a wood, real Christmas trees and heather.

4 Sound- a brass band outside, crickets, the hum of bees, lawn mowers, and family chatter.

5 Sight- Sunsets, Greek seaside vilages, city/town lights, heather moors, old photographs.

Now some of those I can do nothing about experiencing at the moment- but I reckon I can have a bacon sandwich for lunch and make an apple crumble with lots of cinnamon tonight. Longer term there is the Christmas tree to think about- we currently have a very big artificial tree, and I really did want to go smaller this year, and I think I have the stand for a real one somewhere, probably in the garage somewhere….

Please do tell me some of your favourite things, and is there one something you could do today?

Heather Moors- old photo 2017- two of my favourite things in one.

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  1. […] Lastly I read a post by Cathy which I particularly enjoyed and set me thinking about how I could include more cheery-uppy things in my life. You can read it at https://nanacathydotcom.wordpress.com/2020/11/26/touchstones/ […]

  2. What a great idea! I have to think on this.

  3. I love this idea – so here we go.
    Sight – waves crashing on a shingle shore
    – horses running around a field feeling free
    – autumnal colours
    – spectacular sunsets
    – fresh fallen snow, deep and untouched
    Taste – First cup of tea in morning
    – Fish and chips (out of paper)
    – Salty Sea Air
    – Alpro Soya Almond and Salted Caramel Ice Cream
    – Cider (a memory taste – now i only have apple juice)
    Sound – Jazz music
    – Waves crashing on shoreline
    – Wind amongst the trees
    – A bubbling brook.
    – Letters through the letter box (not the brown envelopes)
    Touch – New material for your stash
    – Cuddles from husband
    – Rain, snow not hailstones though
    – Heat from a real fire
    – Sand in your toes
    Smell – Freshly mown grass
    – Cornfields being harvested
    – Freshly cooked bread
    – Fish and chips
    – Newly laundered bedclothes
    Has anyone noticed that the five senses are all five letters.

    • Karen Dodgson said:

      Great choices, and yes fish and chips are always best eaten out of the

    • Not noticed the five letters before, and I love that fish and chips comes twice. Oh yes to warm sand underfoot- but not hot sand that’s not nice, and wind in the trees- a truly wonderful list, thank you.

  4. Sights

    Birds in any sort of flock
    A city by the sea

    Raven wings
    Red kites calling
    Falling water : rain, waterfalls fountains,streams.

    Grilled octopus
    Hot buttered toast

    The petals of a rose about to fall
    My husband’s hand
    The fur under a cat’s chin.

    Irisés that smell of sherbet on a cool morning
    Cockles at the seaside
    Lavender flowers crushed between your fingers .

    I am just off to scratch the cat’s chin!

    • And I bet the cat loves me for her extra stroke- never eaten octopus or cockles, and don’t think I will, but I too love the other things here- especially the falling water. thank you so much for sharing here.

  5. Ooh I loved this challenge and have just spent a happy hour making my own list! Here it is, thank you for sharing such a good idea x
    25 things that bring joy to my senses

    1 Vanilla slice
    2 Fish & chips
    3 First early morning cup of tea
    4 Friday night’s G&T
    5 Hot fresh donuts at the seaside


    1 Hugs
    2 The heat you feel as you climb down the airplane steps on holiday
    3 Walking along the Leeds Liverpool canal and feeling leaves crunch underfoot
    4 Snuggling as spoons in bed
    5 Crunching through snow as it falls gently on your face


    1 The Yankee Candle shop in a Florida mall
    2 Bread just out of the oven
    3 The salty tang of the seaside
    4 Clean line dried washing
    5 Freshly brewed coffee


    1 Seagulls
    2 Hymns, especially sung by male voice choirs
    3 Children laughing and playing
    4 Waves lapping on the shore
    5 Brass bands


    1 First early morning look at new surroundings on a cruise
    2 Christmas lights
    3 Lights of Halifax at night from the M62
    4 The seaside, and watching dogs play on it
    5 Bethesda Fountain

    • Oh wow what a super list, and I love them all, although I never been to Florida but I can imagine that smeel, and it’s years since I went on a cruise, but my brother and I loved them. Thank you for taking part.

  6. What a fun challenge! Taste: apple cinnamon tea on a cold night, warm, buttery popcorn 🍿, Smell: lavender, sheets dried on the line, Touch: a baby’s bottom, a warm extra squishy towel, Sound: Girl #2 playing a Bach on the cello, the opening strains of the Korngold violin concerto, Sights: baby calves sleeping in the sun, new fallen snow just before dawn

    • Ooo! what a lovely selection Kathy, and those last two …………. sent me off in a reverie ❤

    • Wonderful list, and I love a babies podgy leg… Cello music is so atmospheric isn’t it- love that one, and yes new fallen snow when you can be first one in it to leave your foot print.

  7. You had me until you said ‘brass band’.

  8. What a lovely task. I am thinking a lot about taste today as we get ready to prepare our turkey dinner but now I also want a bacon sandwich! And this reminds me that I need to finish cutting back my lavender plants. They have gotten quite leggy.

  9. Taste: spiced apple mug-cake with a dollop of vanilla icecream on top, or fresh, sun-warmed mango. That’s today’s favourite, anyway…. Smell: the last of the native gardenia blossoms, wafting sweetly at night, or the smell of crushed sugarcane when I pass the sugar mill, like brown sugar mixed with cut grass. Touch: the warm, silky satin of Mouse’s ears, blending into his minky blanky. Sound: the cicadas, and the sound of neighbours laughing and talking on their verandah as they hang up Christmas decorations. Sights: from the lookout, the sight of the city’s flowering trees, splashes of scarlet, pink, purple, yellow and white. And beyond the city, the turquoise water of the Coral Sea before it turns inky blue beyond the reef. Summer is well on its way in the tropics

    • I can feel the warmth of your tropical paradise through your fabulous senses- what a contrast to mine! Thank you for invoking this sensoryy experience.

      • It’s lovely… but sometimes I wish for the sharp blue smell of snow, the warm ‘hug’ of a favourite woollen jumper, the sight of the first snowdrops or a bluebell wood… Well, you get the idea!

  10. What a good idea. Taste: I bought myself some soya vanilla icecream yesterday as a complete out-of-the-blue taste treat. Touch: pottering in the garden and getting my hands on plants and the earth works for me. Smell: I have some dried lavender harvested from the garden, it needs sorting through …. mmmm. Sight: looking out of my window at the changing light always lifts my spirits – that low sunlight in the afternoons, beaming into the orangy autumn trees, fleeting and beautiful.
    Thank you Cathy, just thinking of those things have brought a smile to my face.

    • Thank you Sandra for sharing them with me too- yes pottering in the garden is wonderful- I am still dead heading pansies every day and they keep on blooming. Can’t imagine what soya ice cream tastes like, but am assuming it’s very nice and I hope you enjoy every scoop. I love lavender too- I bought some this year and made lavender sachets which are divine. Have a lovely sensory day.

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