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Knit and Natter- Sunday

It’s ages and ages and ages since I did a knit and natter post- they used to be on a Friday, but here we are it’s a Sunday, maybe a new norm for me, we’ll see. In the UK we have locked down again, and today’s joyous news is that it will continue after the predicted end of December 2nd, region by region and in tiers according to risk. I just feel so sorry for everyone who’s livelihood is effected by it all. Hard to shop local when local is shut, the big boys must be thrilled to bits by it all.

Moving on swiftly, here’s what’s on my knitting needles at the moment, a glorious rainbow of colours, by special request from Master T for the V neck jumper in his favourite of all my multi coloured knits. The yarn is called Partytime, by James Brett and is chunky weight.

We worked out last weekend that people from two different households could meet up on a one to one basis outside- suddenly occured to me that I could meet up with my son for a walk during the week, when he is working from home and the children are in school, and we have done so twice. And it does feel like exercise and not a stroll, we go at a fair lick I can tell you- no time for photos, he’s on his lunch break, but so far from his house we have walked along an old canal and the route of an old railway line, now a footpath and a cycle route, and we can go further than when we have children with us, and I am seeing even more of my new town.

Amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it.

An added bonus this week is that the sun sets earlier and earlier and as the sun has moved in the sky I have sunsets I can see from the house. If you could only have the sun setting near you at certain times of the year, wouldn’t the end of autumn and Winter be the best time of all.

View from just outside the house.

Knitting, walks with my son and sunsets have kept me going this week- how about you ,what everyday joy has kept you going? Do please join in, we all need to chat….

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  1. Lovely and bright the knitting! My golf buddy and I have been trying to keep up with our weekly 8km but without the balls and clubs of course. At least we had that freedom this time.

  2. Partytime! That is the perfect name for that yarn as it looked like a party! What amazing knitting – look at those twisted cables I am in awes! Knitting, walks and lovely sunsets sound like a way to keep going. I’ve been working on crafts and walking πŸ™‚

  3. I agree with what others say here – a lovely cheery, uplifting post – wish I’d read it earlier today. The yarn is pretty – will it be a jumper and will you match the stripes on the front and the back? I love multi coloured yarn but am a stickler for matching it up – which usually means I waste some yarn when I dive into a ball to find the starting part for the second side.

    • You can’t match the front to the back and the sleeves as they don’t have cabls so the yarn goes further- but I do like a matching V neck which this will have, and I’ll try to match the sleeves. I agree matching is better. So glad this post cheered you up.

      • True, can’t match a plain back to a cabled front. Years ago I started a variegated yarn child’s cardigan – couldn’t get the fronts to match – so I undid it all and made a cushion!

  4. What a grand collection of colours your grandson has chosen! (So much nicer just now than greys or any other neutral. πŸ˜†) It’s seesaw temps over here just now, varying 20 or 30 degrees from night to morning, so am sewing up whatever takes my fancy. One day or t’other it will get worn. Haven’t gotten out my blue patch quilt to put those giant patches together, and need to get a move on there. In between weather won’t be too hot for fingers to stick to the yarn. Holiday sales are starting up now over here, including some pattern companies. I open emails warily these days… he-hee! But I do wish I could sort some good rug yarn. I’d like to get something soft, washable & crocheted with preferably large-gauged yarns. Anyone have any suggestions? So delightful you can walk with your son now. Enjoy all your gorgeous walks! Hoping your Mr. and DIL get feeling better soon, too. Stay well!

  5. The jumper is so cheerful and so lovely! So nice that you are able to meet up with your son for walks – nice way to get to spend time together and also see more of your new town πŸ™‚

  6. That yarn is just splendid! I’m glad you have the opportunity to enjoy brisk walks with your sone on regular basis, hope that can continue. We have had true fall days this past week, quite brisk, but lots of sunshine. I found a new recliner for DH, and bought for his birthday/Christmas present, and just in time, as the springs on his 30 year recliner fell out the day I bought it! We had a good laugh about that.πŸ™‚

  7. oooh love the way Partytime is knitting up! Just a rainbow of colours there and it must be a joy to knit!
    I’ve been keeping myself amused on my computer: chatting with our grown up kids on Skype, a few phone calls with friends, and lots of browsing (and buying) of xmas prΓ©sents. Trying my hardest to buy from French on-line shops or French marketplace sellers so I help support French businesses, what with all non-essential shops being closed at the moment.

    • I think a lot of people are throwing themsleves into Christmas early and with great relish, just because they can and it does so lift the spirits.

  8. Sewing, always, plus walking Mouse in the early mornings while it’s still cool, and watching the summer flowers turning their faces up to the sun one by one. Christmas decorations are appearing everywhere too. It seems insanely early, but I do admire everyone’s hopeful enjoyment of the season in what has been a pretty black year.

    • I have actually had two Christmas cards in the last week- people seem desperate to focus on the good times. I think walking Mouse in the morning sounds just wonderful

  9. I am so glad that you can still meet with your sun and go out! We have a similar situation here, although I for my part am just annoyed that they won’t go ahead and do the REAL THING for now, all this back and forth is a lot worse. We are awaiting tighter restrictions next week, and I’m not seeing us all celebrating Christmas and New Year’s with large groups of people either.

    I totally love the yarn. Party indeed! That is a perfect dosis of colour to have. πŸ™‚

    • The yarn is super bright, and I like doing the little bit of cabling too, which is only on the front, thereafter the going is very fast. So glad I suggested to my son that we could walk during his lunch break- his wife needs a wheelchair and Mr E is not so good at the moment and isn’t going for walks, so it was a perfect solution for us both.

      • It sounds like it – I hope Mr E is better soon, seriously. And I hope you get a few sunny days as well, so you can sit in the garden at noon, maybe with a blankt? (I had to run errands on Friday, and was out while the sun was shining and it DOES make such a difference!)

  10. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Love your colourful knitting, definitely cheer up a dull November day. So glad you can at least meet your son for a walk despite lockdown. Stay safe

  11. What a cheery uplifting post! That jumper for starters – so joyful!
    Yes, the glory of sunsets (and/or sunrises) at this time of year is especially welcome in this part of the world.
    Crochet as ever brings me immense comfort – that repetitve soothing action, playing with colours and seeing something grow.
    I like the sound of your exercise walks – ticking several boxes at once.
    Oh and I have to admit ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ is always a joy at this time of year – all those smiley happy faces and glittery costumes. πŸ™‚

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