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Scrap Happy- November 2020

Once again it’s a scrap happy day hosted by https://talltalesfromchiconia.wordpress.com/2020/11/15/scraphappy-november-5/

So please do pop over there to read lots of posts with ideas on how to use up scraps. I am revisiting ideas for scraps which I have used before, so it may seem a bit familiar.

constructing a fabric box

And being on familiar territory this should have been a synch. However what you see before you is version two. Version one used much smaller fabric pieces in all sorts of odd shapes and sizes and drove me potty. I went back to my fabric boxes and had a moment thinking, then I needed a lie down- too much thinking-just kidding.

When we were tidying our last house prior to putting it on the market I did part with some tiny pieces of fabric, and again when we packed up I sort of rationalised the stash- probably just pushed it down in the box a bit more. It was only when I unpacked everything that I realised just how many projects I had in the pipeline with fabric all assigned that the full extent of the fabric supply became apparent. And the huge quantity of fabric scraps too. So what on earth was I doing trying to squeeze that which could not be squeezed from such tiny amounts of very odd shaped scraps, and making myself miserable into the bargain.

I binned all the tiny bits and started again, and as you can see what I actually used can hardly be called big bits of fabric, can they?

Fabric box for a pal for Christmas

I love the top of the box and the section I used for the front.

I have used scraps of this before and I love the fabric.
this will be her favourite side I think, as she has a little dog just like this.

As you may know I have started to write Morning Pages and to work my way slowly through Julia Cameron’s book on the artist’s way in retirement. De-cluttering has come up many times- letting go of your past- I divested myself of my working life sometime ago- my “office clothes” have gone, certificates for strange workshops/courses that you get sent on- gone- but what of craft supplies? What about the vast array of them? The horror, especially in Lockdown that I may run out of things to do. I mean, REALLY? Is that remotely likely?

Can I actually bear to go through my fabric and throw away the bits that really are too small to be usable, can I give myself permission to use bigger scraps- do I have to start with the smallest piece and have a fight? How does everyone else cope, can you throw away the smallest piece of leftover fabric or anything come to think of it?

Meantime whilst hunting through the supplies I found

leftover hexies from the unfinished hexie quilt

And I as I did get in a panic over not having enough to do in Lockdown the Second, I went to Hobbycraft stocked up with more stuff and two fabric bags.

Pretty shopping bags for me

I made some like these last year as presents and always meant to make myself some, and now I have.

They will be perfect for returning and collecting library books.

Now what shall I make for next month’s scrap happy day and will I sort out the fabric box? Place your bets.

Comments on: "Scrap Happy- November 2020" (30)

  1. Contact your charity shop by email (if they’re still checking accounts), or call in December when they reopen maybe? I know my faves send bobbly clothes, or those fabrics which aren’t good enough to sell etc, to the rag collection. They might be able to reuse or repurpose scraps too?

  2. What a fun box. I no longer save scraps. I used to save them and sort them and then not use them so I stopped. I only save them if they are long strips or at least a 5” square. I do love a fun challenge.

  3. What a lovely gift!

  4. That box is so darling. I love how it’s coming together. And your hexies! I think you know how much I love THOSE! I also struggle with deciding what to do with all of those scraps! I’ve made A Decision that I won’t keep anything smaller than 1.5″ square. And I bought lots of $1 bins in which I sort all of my sizes. I’ve found this YouTube video very helpful for organizing my scrappy stash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U18UhACMRL4&t=1s

    Good luck!!

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement- I love your hexie quilt. I shall go straight away to watch the video- something needs to be done for sure.

  5. Love the box so much 💝

  6. I do like the pretty boxes! what a great idea for using up scraps!

  7. I did throw away my last batch of little triangle cut offs, and I was so proud! I made all those potholders with last year’s, and I found those teeny HST’s very tedious to work with. I have set a size limit, so I can toss without guilt!

  8. The thing about leftover hexies is that they’re hard to throw out. You’ve already invested time and effort in them… The bags really are the perfect solution. And your little fabric boxes are gorgeous, especially when you’re able to choose fabrics that are so well suited to the person they’re intended for.

    • Thanks Kate, yes hexies are too good to waste, I have a feeling that I came across a pile of them in need of a use when I was having a rummage for something else.

  9. love the box, great choice of pretty scraps. Not being a quilter I had never heard of hexies before and now they seem to be taking over my life – gotta watch out for them!

  10. The box and the shopping bags are both beautiful! It can be hard to sort through scraps like that and figure out what it makes sense to keep and what really should be gotten rid of. Doubly so right now! Good for you for tackling the task 🙂

  11. a really great use of scraps, and everyone loves a hexie!

  12. Love the box, very pretty. Glad you managed to increase your stash ready for lockdown 🙂

  13. These are beautiful! Did you sew them by hand? Wow.

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